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Pakistan’s Imran Khan declares victory as rivals cry foul

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:58 on July 26, 2018  

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistani cricket legend Imran Khan declared victory on Thursday in a divisive general election, and said he was ready to lead the nuclear-armed nation despite a long delay in ballot counting and allegations of vote-rigging from his main opponents.



Posted by ipso facto @ 20:54 on July 26, 2018  

Yeah most likely it’s just a negotiating ploy. Trump plays rough! If there was war with Iran that would probably bring down all the economies of the world.

Pretty poor action today in our market. Fairly ridiculous.

From Murph tonight

Posted by Richard640 @ 20:07 on July 26, 2018  

Dave from Denver sees it this way…

We’re heading into 2008 x 3. Regardless of what Trump wants to say or Powell wants to say about the economy, it’s starting to collapse. The middle class is getting crushed under the weight of debt, stagnant income and inflation. The housing market is slipping away quickly and I’m not the only one who recognizes this now. Even CNBC is publishing candid assessments of housing. They know this and, just like 2008, they are preventing gold from signaling the impending problems that will hit.

I would bet my last silver eagle I’m right.




Posted by Captain Hook @ 18:27 on July 26, 2018  

That’s for sure…that crap is all for public consumption.

The idea is to get the idiot funds / speculators / whoever to hurry out and buy more puts on stocks (and calls on PMs) so the lunacy can continue…like AMZN getting squeezed higher after hours on shitty numbers.

That’s why the metals can’t catch a bid…the ETF players have never been more bullish…especially in GLD, SLV, and GDX…the ones that matter.


Commish 16:00

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:26 on July 26, 2018  

Do you get the feeling Sessions as well as some others think so much of themselves that they think Pres. Trump is irrelevant? Session wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t for Trump. Ryan pulling the same thing on the subject. What have they accomplished compared to Trump and what would they accomplish without him?


Posted by Buygold @ 18:07 on July 26, 2018  

I think it’s Kabuki just like North Korea. We are gaining momentum on trade, Vlad is coming to D.C.

Why would Trump screw it up by attacking Iran?

I guess it could all be too good to be true, 🙂

Then again, after todays’ drubbing in the pm sector I haven’t seen anything thats been too good to be true in years. 🙁

I sure hope this isn’t true! I hope it’s a bluff

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:23 on July 26, 2018  

US Preparing To Bomb Iran’s Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report

As the White House convenes a policy meeting on Iran Thursday involving senior Pentagon officials and cabinet advisers under national security adviser John Bolton, and after a week of intense saber-rattling by President Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani, a new bombshell report by Australia’s ABC says the White House is drawing up plans to strike Iran’s alleged nuclear facilities as early as next month.



Posted by deer79 @ 16:33 on July 26, 2018  

FWIW the HUI hit a new 52 week low today. It almost feels like capitulation is getting closer. One more big swoop downward?

larry p had another astro guy on today Tim ?Boss.. on eclipse with history

Posted by overton @ 16:30 on July 26, 2018  

larry persavento 7/26/2018    31 mins in




Posted by goldielocks @ 16:20 on July 26, 2018  

There is both Christian and a Jewish beliefs that come to play.
The one I don’t like is the sacrifice of the Red Hefer. I can’t see how sacrifing a innocent cow can purify or undo the sins of a human he already made. Only the human doing good and the grace God can do that.

Significance of Four Blood Moons coinciding with Jewish feasts; Passover and Sukkot

astro guy norm winksi on lunar eclipse ….markets

Posted by overton @ 16:04 on July 26, 2018  

norm winski says there is a pretty good correlation between tomorrows  lunar eclipse if it happens when the market is open…winski 24 mins in

larry persavento 7/25/18   24 mins in



goldielocks – Protecting The Swamp

Posted by commish @ 16:00 on July 26, 2018  


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:36 on July 26, 2018  

When I used to travel more I met people who been to China and this was before they were so wealthy with our jobs but working on it. People would say then that they were building cities that were nothing but factories. Factory cities.
They were also forcing rural people into these cities. A sort of their own agenda 21. Kinda like a Alien nest forming.
I could see the beginning then while factories were closing here.
Back in the 70 s nurses from there would tell me how they were forcing women to have abortions and how it disturbed them to see these late term babies aborted.
Now they have a shortage of women because of it.
Yes people here had something to do with that, for a price.
I could kinda see it like someone giving blood to another but of giving a pint they just kept drawing near killing it until the host started fighting back.
But hey that’s what they did to the American Indians. They were starving to negotiated with a tribe to help feed them. Then they started asking for more and more even though the tribe could barely feed its own children plus they immigrants were using their hunting grounds. The result in helping them was it wiped out the whole tribe as they conspired with another tribe to take their land next. Ingrate bastages.
As we learned to try to become one with this land which has its own spirit or some sort of order same thing going on, different times and coming from a lot of different tribes this time.
Bad representation to the people then bad now.

Wow !! Okay Treefrog this is going from bad to worse. Maybe Trump will have a excuse to replace him now.

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:16 on July 26, 2018  

Sessions defends deputy Rosenstein after impeachment move.

goldielocks @ 14:20 re CIA: China is waging a ‘quiet kind of cold war’ against US

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:54 on July 26, 2018  

Here’s what I think. And thought. There are influences ABOVE China. China did not wake up one morning and say…”We are going to be the vendor of the world”. They were created, they are along for the ride. Just like Japan before them and all the other countries sporting profits from the USA.

When USSR collapsed, and the fake arms race ended, I figured China would be “wealthied up” by US dollars so they can be a fake rival, the next arms race.  I don’t believe anything in the news, or from the alleged CIA. It has to be the “corporations” harbored there that are talking, speaking for “China”.

And the AUTHORS??? They want people to read their crap, so they have to make it sound exiting, or nobody will read it. I have to assume nobody here remembers anything I said the past 10 years. 🙂


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:49 on July 26, 2018  

A person would have to be loony to trust the big banks!

NOVAGOLD Enters Agreement to Sell Its 50% Stake in Galore Creek to Newmont for up to $275 Million

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:47 on July 26, 2018  



Posted by goldielocks @ 14:32 on July 26, 2018  

Re: It is said that ‘what turns a recession into a depression is a drought’!
Not sure anymore. Hindsite is 2020 and I believe in the saying What you did yesterday is where you are today. What you do today is where you’ll be tomorrow.
So maybe stock up on some supplies BUT…
during the depression many owned or were employed in agriculture. These days not so much in comparison to then.
It might put the migrant workers on food stamps but many are on it anyways however many are dependent on that income to make ends meet and may try to move into other jobs temporarily. Most can make more money on these farms than a minimum wage job depending on how fast they work like piece work. Think they average 20 hr.
Supposed to be 107 today like yesterday. Feel bad for Texas too with the humidity. Arizona got to 116.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:20 on July 26, 2018  

CIA: China is waging a ‘quiet kind of cold war’ against US

Jul. 21, 2018
https://apnews.com/fd5f4fbaf7de4256b9974db432b7459b Link copied!
ASPEN, Colo. (AP) — China is waging a “quiet kind of cold war” against the United States, using all its resources to try to replace America as the leading power in the world, a top CIA expert on Asia said Friday.

Beijing doesn’t want to go to war, he said, but the current communist government, under President Xi Jingping, is subtly working on multiple fronts to undermine the U.S. in ways that are different than the more well-publicized activities being employed by Russia.

Buygold Portugeezer

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:48 on July 26, 2018  

Yep he’s too wishy washy. He talks a good talk but does nothing. Establishment window dressing or he doesn’t know how to act. Who is he worried about offending?
The lone soldier who was active including investigating the swamp was Nunes. He should be the next speaker who not only would stand up to the left and corruption but move to get things done.

Why are lawyers groups funding as donors the left Mendoza NJ? Another swamp that needs to go. The Judge just let him off on corruption charges with one of his donors but look at the groups backing him. Then he harasses Sec of Treasury the other day in trying to make public private conversations.

Gold bears pressing bets

Posted by Buygold @ 13:40 on July 26, 2018  

yes Mish, and they will continue to bank profits


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:28 on July 26, 2018  

I has a safe deposit they gave you free with a certain amount of money in their bank back in around 2000 close to Orangvale near Folsom Ca. I closed my account there which included my free safe disposit box. Around 13 years later I got a bill from them to either pay for the box for all those years or lose it. I’m thinking what? Okay lose it. I guess it was still intact but empty and don’t keep track who’s is active and who’s isn’t or closed. Maybe they have a key to them who knows or use some means to know which ones to break into. Also are they using the same keys people may turn in?

@U.S. Dollar, Hurry Up And Die Before We Pull The Plug. :)

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:22 on July 26, 2018  

The USA has a $20 Trillion debt, because TPTB never raised the taxes to avoid the debt or pay id down. Why did they not raise taxes? The little guy can’t afford higher income taxes, and the big guys don’t WANT to pay more taxes, and THEY have influence via campaign contributions.

The Dopey/Dollar is obviously on artificial life support, and TPTB are going for double or nothing with all the booming economy hoopla. All I see around here is tax money going into infrastructure jobs all over the place.

Real jobs, are the ones that people go to every day for YEARS, and are in a BUILDING. In that building, they are creating consumer products for fellow Americans. No US taxpayer money involved.

The OTHER Real jobs, are the ones that people in CHINA go to every day for YEARS, and are in a BUILDING. In that building, they are creating consumer products for sold out Americans. And US taxpayer money is involved.

Bon apatite America, the stores are still full of China made stuff.

Sorry, Mr. Mish Shedlock, for the reasons mentioned in my 9:24 am post, contrary opinion will not help gold-[ as always, I hope I’m wrong]

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:06 on July 26, 2018  

Gold Bears Press Bets In Record Numbers

Gold shorts are near a record high as saturating bearishness sets in.

The Wall Street Journal reports Gold Market’s Slide Brings Out the Bears.

Investors are placing a record number of bets that a protracted slump in gold prices will continue as the metal is punished by a strengthening U.S. dollar and rising interest rates.

Hedge funds and other speculative investors have increased wagers that gold prices will fall over the past five consecutive weeks, pushing them to their highest level ever during the week ended July 17, according to Commodity Futures Trading Commission Data going back to 2006.

As speculative investors have turned bearish, money managers began pulling money from gold-backed exchange traded funds. Investors yanked more than $2 billion out of gold-backed ETFs in June, the largest monthly outflow since July 2017, World Gold Council estimates show. Demand for American Eagle gold coins, a proxy for physical demand, has also been weak.

I guess this is good …

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:34 on July 26, 2018  

Gold Bears Press Bets In Record Numbers

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

Gold shorts are near a record high as saturating bearishness sets in.



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