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Posted by commish @ 23:51 on August 3, 2018  

maya… steam!

Posted by treefrog @ 22:42 on August 3, 2018  

hurricanes usually mean lots and lots of rain.  add in a volcano and rivers of lava, and you get steam.  not likely to have any large or lasting effect on the volcano, but i can see clouds of steam in your future.

Maya – I hope Hector swings a hard right and passes EAST of Hawaii

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 18:44 on August 3, 2018  

You’ll get rain but little wind damage that way .

‘Tis the season…

Posted by Maya @ 17:16 on August 3, 2018  

…Hurricane season.  Here comes HECTOR.  I’m out on the ‘tip of the spear’ in east Hawaii.  While this one looks like it will continue past to the south, these are the most dangerous ones.  Historically they can hook northward into the islands as they pass.  Gotta test out the generator and check the hookup wiring.



Fried foods, especially overcooked potatoes, dramatically increase cancer risk

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:12 on August 3, 2018  


Bitcoin Futures Market blows up

Posted by Maya @ 17:02 on August 3, 2018  

I’ve always said that the futures market could not be ‘connected’ to an independent Bitcoin trading system.  Some dolts still think they can ‘influence’ the underlying BTC market with large directional bets on the futures exchanges… which are largely unregulated.   Not like the ‘tricks’ that they can play on the CME or COMEX.  Anyway… one ‘whale’ did a lot of damage on an exchange, and caused the exchange to ‘bail-In’ unrealized profits from other traders to keep the system afloat when the underlying BTC price took a sharp turn.       Paper….  it burns….

I think I have the equivalent of about $62 left in my BTC wallet.  Don’t ask how many ounces I squeezed out previously.




Posted by goldielocks @ 16:47 on August 3, 2018  

Right, humanitarianism doesn’t mean you put yourself at a disadvantage or let it enslave you or become your burden. It’s something you consider the cost.
The cost will come in their children. No different than saving food for a drought and handing some beans and rice to someone who didn’t work to prepare themselves s, but giving it all to these marauders while your own children starve. What you don’t give they’ll just take.
That’s what they appear to be aside from some real refugee family’s including Christians being killed. Sure these mauraders will call you every name in the book to do it if it works.
It won’t work with Putin, China, Japan or Trump so they don’t bother trying.

It seems pretty apparent it’s worse than that. There appears to be a agenda of genocide. They want to eliminate the whole race of each country and replace it Africans and Muslims with them leaving only a small minority IF that to run the more complicated things until they can be replaced too. That way like here the left will get their one party leftist votes and cheap labor. This is not humanitarian this is a genocide. They want a dumbed down work force.
Putin will be taking them “Europeans”next then he will just wait it out then invade and take over the new dummed down third world order and expand his empire.

COT Report

Posted by Buygold @ 16:01 on August 3, 2018  

Gold looks pretty interesting. Other than that, the usual last hour smash.


Long gold, short usdx

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 15:32 on August 3, 2018  

Looks like the cycle analyst may be onto something. Gold had a reversal up today if it holds and the USDX appears to be reversing down from a strong resistance area.The $1220, gold may be good for a while.




Posted by Ororeef @ 14:50 on August 3, 2018  

People are Humanitarians until it costs them their living and ruins their standard of living then they realize why their standards were higher then others who didnt sacrifice to get there….Then they get shocked when it happens to them and it becomes a zero sum game ….Question is have they become so weak because of their “Humantarianism” that they are willing to let the poor drag them down to their level ,have they lost the fight that got them there or did someone else do it for them ..easy come easy go….!Overpopulation in the third world will over run them if they continue to be weak minded.

Its all over for Europe before the US ….Putin dosent take in third world blacks or Hispanics,but welcomes whites from S.Africa …..He knows his history ….He dosent give a rats ass about political correctness ,he’s a survivor…Russia will grow ,the west will decline because they let it happen.The Roman army s drove the Muslims out of Spain and Italy and Southern Europe when they had enough ,its getting to that point again …Who will do it this time TRUMP ?  I doubt it,he’s too old for a long war..Maybe PUTIN might save Europe …they are his biggest customer and source of income.

Trump and Putin could save the West if Trump survives his enemies at home……

silj bottom

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:19 on August 3, 2018  


Ororeef this isn’t a boat this is a cruise chip type vessel coming in. They’re doubling down thanks to Merkel and Soros.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:10 on August 3, 2018  

Jews are leaving Europe. White people are leaving Europe lol or hidden locked down in their homes as they are being replaced by other races that will vote left while they use race to stop them from stopping the invasion and attack on their country and customs into a third world hell hole. At least Italy is fighting back the invasion which has now moved to Spain. PMs will be the least of our problems if the Demos get away with getting rid of Trump.
Next it will be like the Boers, take their homes and land.


Posted by Buygold @ 13:27 on August 3, 2018  

Yep. Eternal suckitude.

I made lunch money-glad I sold em-typical G&S action-now the brick wall’s been thrown up-I wait & watch.

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:57 on August 3, 2018  

FilledSell to Close49JNUG Aug 10 2018 13.0 CallLimit0.13—-10:43 08/03/18

FilledSell to Close51JNUG Aug 10 2018 13.0 CallLimit0.13—-10:42: 08/03/18

Today still could be some kind of good bottom for a bounce of a few weeks or more–but with a weekly call option, I can’t wait around to find out–monday could be down 5 or 10 bucks…but if i were holding PM shares bought at the lows of the past few weeks, I’d probably stand pat.


Posted by deer79 @ 12:52 on August 3, 2018  

up 6.3%!

jnug leading the way !

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:10 on August 3, 2018  


Communist to the core..

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:00 on August 3, 2018  


Should not even be a surprise;


Angela Merkel, Ziocommunist
Eli James Nov 20, 2015 Angela Merkel, Ziocommunist2015-11-20T15:00:01+00:00 Edomites

The Zionist/Communist Jew World Order at the podium. Elie the Weasel, holohoax propagandist, being admired by other Ziocommunists.

Merkel herself is a Polish Jewess, named KAZMIERCZAK, later Kasner. She became a STASI operative in Communist East Germany.

Her father, Kasner, is one of the few “Germans” who went from West to East Germany, where the Jews have always been in total control.

You should know that Angela Merkel is a product of Soviet communism. She was an apparatchuk of the East German communist regime. The stated goal of communism is to destroy the Christian West by any means possible. Promoting and financing multiculturalism and deracination have been their tactics since the Bolshevik coup against the Russian people.

Angela Merkel is still an apparatchik for Jewish communism. She Germany’s worst enemy. Her championing of the “rights” of “refugees” is just part of the Jewish Race War against the White Race and Judeo-communism’s ongoing occupation of Germany.


Morris Hubbart

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:59 on August 3, 2018  

Silver Holds It’s Low & Novo Gets Interesting


Mr. Copper … That would be a great development if Syria and Israel can get along … like Israel and Jordan.

Re Fed Raising Rates

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:41 on August 3, 2018  

This morning on TV they were discussing rates and the economy. One of them suggested the fed building up some dry powder. That was my guess too. Getting ready for the next 2008 swan dive.

ipso facto @ 10:02

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:37 on August 3, 2018  

‘Butcher’ no more? Assad in charge of Syria good for our security, says Israeli defense minister.

That looks like another reversal of the past. 🙂

lode bottom “LO”

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:33 on August 3, 2018  


another bottoming stock, lode …one at a time the bottoms showing up

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:27 on August 3, 2018  


ngd washout bottom

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:17 on August 3, 2018  


Individual stocks bottoming ,,washouts NGD ,JNUG

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:11 on August 3, 2018  


jnug leading the way !

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:58 on August 3, 2018  


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