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Mexican Smuggling Straws

Posted by commish @ 19:54 on August 6, 2018  


We’re RICH !!!

Posted by Floridagold @ 19:51 on August 6, 2018  

So where does this put gold? At some point, hyperinflation gets so ludicrously out of control that discussing exchange rates becomes pointless. But as of July 30, an ounce of the yellow metal would have gone for 211 million bolivars—an increase of more than 3.1 million percent from just the beginning of the year.


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:09 on August 6, 2018  

Well you brought it up lol Good points, just pure evil. Did you hear about Google? Google Helping China over us, all about money. Those are the people who hate Trump and could care less about us or this country. They only love America when it has something in it for them.
They think money will make them safe where ever they go. That is until where ever they go takes their property like they do, have done and will continue to do because we’ve had so many push overs so long that’s how they think of us now.

As far as property it may be next in the slow take down” unlike the fast one last time. Armstrongs chart of housing going down from 2015 to 2032 bottom comes to mind.

The zombie apocalypse is real.

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:59 on August 6, 2018  

Survivors have to be careful. Zombie left, actually disrespectful unstable mental midgets having a tantrum” walking the streets.
Don’t get to close to their safe space or they’ll bite.
Candice a black conservative getting run out of a restaurant while the zombies screaming white privledge to a black woman. Can’t fix stupid.

goldielocks @ 12:46

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:08 on August 6, 2018  

re your: ” If China devalues its currency to create unfair competition while the dollar strong here, with new tariffs it’s gonna cost them. No more welfare for all these countries at our expense. ”

There is no way to off load “China” or big global business, from US “welfare.” Any fluctuations in the Yuan Dollar exchange rate is microscopic in value, only symbolic. Will NOT make Chinese population buy from USA.

Those big businesses are LOCKED in. Long ago. Who would move or create entire factories over there without a guarantee? Like a 45 year lease so far. “China” I’m sure is told what to do and say by big business. Just like here in the USA.

Don’t forget, Global Banks are also big business Trump Haters that hate borders. So raising the dollar imo was to override tariffs. When the Global Banks and other big businesses decide the USA needs help, they will LOWER their global US Dollar value to pump us up. Like when it was down to 72 instead of 95 area.

They have a few rate hike points built up for us as dry powder when if the real estate or stock market collapses, they can drop the dollar with lower rates.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:51 on August 6, 2018  

The MSM cameras don’t do justice to the home videos cuz they won’t get that close. One shows a fire tornado standing just two houses away from his swirling red and orange next to the house next door. Others driving down streets of houses burnt to the ground while tree line trees untouched even close to the house. I’m glad the trees survived having enough moisture left in this heat but looked really unusual.in this heat wave and think it hit 116 there the other day everything is a flammable risk.

The “Magnitsky Trio” Pushes For War With Russia With New Sanctions

Posted by Maddog @ 14:49 on August 6, 2018  


and remember Edmund Saffra head of Republic National bank was killed in a fire in Monaco, in a supposed ultra safe penthouse, guarded by ex Mossad people ..

Even more dirt about Browder…..the Panama papers are involved !!!!!

The Man Behind the Magnitsky Act: Did Bill Browder’s Tax Troubles in Russia Color Push for Sanctions?

goldielocks @ 13:05

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:04 on August 6, 2018  

Houses burn more easily than living trees … that’s very common to see trees still alive while the houses are burnt.

Richard640 @ 12:32

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:00 on August 6, 2018  

I noticed that earlier today. I don’t think Trump likes being attacked personally. It’s a foolish move by the Chinese IMO and it’s going to cost them … probably us too.

Long read..but truly shocking…Why is Mueller a free man ????

Posted by Maddog @ 13:39 on August 6, 2018  


Plus is the Rig run by the Deep State/Swamp……

From a zH reader regarding stocks selling off/crashing….

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:29 on August 6, 2018  

if they follow the “template” of 2008, it should start breaking down this month. Few still remember that, even with the Wall St. disarray in progress, John McCain held a 5-6 point lead on Obola as late as the first week in September.  They want to make sure that the soccer moms get at least one bad 401k “print” before the elections.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:16 on August 6, 2018  

Too busy to watch that too. It breached 1220 so now new general supports at 1150 then 1050. Can’t always depend on past trends that don’t always last year after year without watching support levels. Just something to keep a eye on.

Redding Ca

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:05 on August 6, 2018  

A lot of home videos coming out on FB rows of houses gone but the trees surrounding them lining the streets untouched. Talk is they suspect this was caused. They call it something but was too busy to learn what they were talking about. Like lasers from aircraft. It does seem strange though.

R640 and the SM rallies while the PM’s fall…plus Bonds fall…..

Posted by Maddog @ 12:56 on August 6, 2018  

seemingly nothing stops the Rig…


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:55 on August 6, 2018  

They have a new cartoon video of Trump as a wrestler throwing people out of the ring with Hillar in the audience. It didn’t have a name so couldn’t share it. They could make it better by throwing some of the Rinos out too.

Amals 21:32

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:51 on August 6, 2018  

Either did I, wondered where it was going, didn’t see that coming either lol

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:46 on August 6, 2018  

That is a point. If China devalues its currency to create unfair competition while the dollar strong here, with new tariffs it’s gonna cost them. No more welfare for all these countries at our expense.


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:39 on August 6, 2018  

Awesome pictures. I talked to a woman I see all the time who works at a store who’s from Hawaii. She’s been here for about four years because of jobs. We were talking about air quality here due to all the ash which is pretty bad. You could look straight at the sun but don’t because of all the ash in the air. I told her I can feel for those how bad it was caught in volcanos when the ash falls If its this bad at a distance.
She said her sons allergies would get bad with all the sulfur in the air.
If Yellowstone goes and there’s a warning people should get filter mask for their kids at least. There would have to be a lot of planning for mass evacuations hopefully including some wildlife and I bet they don’t have one.

IPSO—the trade war with China looks to go Defcom One-and the stock mkt. rallies…and, of course, gold falls….

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:32 on August 6, 2018  

China Launches Personal Attack At “Arrogant, Deceitful” Trump: “We Are Prepared To Fight To The End”

“Throughout history, the US arrogantly initiated many wars that eventually ended up hurting itself. Washington’s arrogance this time is up against a major power.”

An editorial in the nationalist Global Times on Sunday evening declared that China is prepared for a “protracted war” and doesn’t fear sacrificing short-term economic interests, “considering the unreasonable U.S. demands, a trade war is an act that aims to crush China’s economic sovereignty, trying to force China to be a U.S. economic vassal.”

Separately, in a front-page editorial on Monday, the overseas edition of People’s Daily said Trump was “starring in his own carefully orchestrated street fighter-style deceitful drama” in which diplomacy had been reduced to nothing but a “trading game in which everything should follow the rule of America first”.


Posted by ipso facto @ 12:14 on August 6, 2018  

Trump To Override Rosenstein, Declassify Remaining DOJ FISA Docs: Report


The Deep State At Work, Lifting Their Dollar

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:05 on August 6, 2018  

Re the high dollar, it pretty much over rides the Trump tariffs. So far. Trump adds the tariff to raise the cost, and the higher dollar lowers the import cost. When will Trump expose the fake adjusto-buck?


Posted by Buygold @ 11:01 on August 6, 2018  

Looks like the commercials may be doing some more stealth covering today.

Probably in cahoots with London where most of the damage was done before the Crimex open.

Good point. When the white people’s land is confiscated who’s gonna pay off the debt?

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:10 on August 6, 2018  

“So who is going to pickup the debts (mortgages) that white South African farmers have attached to their land when they get kicked off? They walk off with nothing, so there will be no way that the banks will be able to have any claim with them. I don’t think the new “owners” will take over their debts.

So either South African banks take it on the nose and have their balance sheets wiped out (i.e. the banks would collapse)… or the South African government will have to make good on the debts that are owed to the banks.

But where does that money come from? Issuing new debt (printing money).

And who will buy that and at what price? It would come at a huge price. And if South African bond yields skyrocket, what do you think will happen to the cost of capital in South Africa? Interest rates will go through the roof.”


Morning Floridagold

Posted by Buygold @ 10:06 on August 6, 2018  

No doubt. I need some tissues too. 🙂

Miss old Wanka.

Buygold @ 8:23 Unfortunately, we probably all need a large supply of these

Posted by Floridagold @ 9:54 on August 6, 2018  


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