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Richard 21:39

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:02 on August 8, 2018  

Nice bullish view charts.

The great Clive Maund on gold

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:39 on August 8, 2018  

Taking all of the above into account it is thus very interesting to observe gold’s latest 10-year chart on which we see that its price has dropped down to arrive at the support of a giant Bowl pattern, so, again, this is a very point for it to turn up. The pattern in gold since early – mid 2013 may also be described as a complex Head-and-Shoulders bottom which is not shown here as it would make the chart rather messy, and the Bowl pattern suffices to define what is going on, at least for now.


The 10-year chart for GDX continues to show it seemingly working on completing the Right Shoulder of a giant Head-and-Shoulders bottom. If this is what it is then we are clearly at a very good entry point for many stocks now.



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:56 on August 8, 2018  

Yeah send the rain our way. The whole west needs it. Kinda a miracle it’s all around me but not here.. yet. Guess it’s what you say keeping your enemies close. They’ll only care about anything near them. Which ever way the wind blows we’re gonna get the ash. My car looks like it was used for a ash tray, literally.
If you send the hurricane make the direct hit to 37.7749° N, 122.4194° W , SF.

treefrog @ 10:33

Posted by Maya @ 18:10 on August 8, 2018  

As the storm passes, I see yellow rain bands at the extreme edge of the South Point Radar that are still far offshore.  Here on the eastern tip we are overcast with drizzle… maybe 0.25 inch since last night.  No wind to speak of.   It’s a ‘nothing-burger’ here.  In testing out the (long stored) generator, I find it wouldn’t keep running.  Fuel starvation… I’m guessing a clogged carburetor.  So it is going in to the dealer service this afternoon as I ‘brave the storm’… what little there is.  Hopefully the genny will be working for the NEXT storm coming down the bowling alley here in the central pacific.

Wish I could send some hurricane water to Goldi there in golden-burnt California.  That’s the REAL disaster.

I don’t like the fact that JNUG is up 2 cents with gold up $3.30–that tells me the brick wall has been thrown up–the rally’s a Fugaze…maybe I’m wrong but I’m out-I’ll reevaluate tomorrow-sometimes rallies start ragged…

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:47 on August 8, 2018  
08/08/2018  12:35:19 Bought 100 JNUG Aug 17 2018 12.0 Call @ .09

08/08/2018  15:40:23 Sold 30 JNUG Aug 17 2018 12.0 Call @ 0.15            
08/08/2018  15:40:23 Sold 70 JNUG Aug 17 2018 12.0 Call @ 0.15


Would be a nice change

Posted by Buygold @ 15:15 on August 8, 2018  

if everything pm didn’t selloff in the last hour, especially the shares. This is 2008-09 without the volume

Who needs volcanos addendum we need Hurricanes.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:29 on August 8, 2018  



Posted by goldielocks @ 13:37 on August 8, 2018  

I think Rosenstein Mueller affecting the markets negatively. They should be investigated yesterday. Instead they’re going after anyone who backed Trump.
However someone already found Comey using personal phones too so wouldn’t have a problem with Hillary without getting caught himself.
Now Trumps atty wants this wrapped but before the elections. A savvy lawyer came on saying Mueller could care less, he would want interference with the elections. If there were more demos they’d have more backing. Meanwhile the RINOS go on acting like nothing is going on. Mueller still bent on making up a charge like he’s done to others because he has none by wanting to interview Trump. He wants to take him out so he can play hero to the swamp. He won’t quit till he’s made to quit.
People can see right through that along with the Demos wanting majority so they can move to impeach. They want to keep the swamp so they can bail them out of all there criminal activities like they’ve done.

DEERE-my nibbling is very low cost-low risk–I am NOT buying $15,000 to $20,000 DEC 2018 or JAN 2019 near the money calls & complacently

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:08 on August 8, 2018  

sitting back, thinking I got a “can’t lose” trade–my budget is 800 to 1200 a trade–and i only hold em for a day or two unless they show their stuff–so far my losses are really minimal–and I don’t have a trade on every day— I can’t be sure but I don’t see any $20/$30==3 days down in a row–Hold on! Did I just luck out? Gold is suddenly up 2.70…it was just down a buck when I bought it…will the fire brigade arrive soon and set up a brick wall?

Filled Buy to Open 100 JNUG Aug 17 2018 12.0 Call –Limit –0.09– 12:35:19—08/08/18


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:45 on August 8, 2018  

You get to travel a lot, that’s good. It’s worse than that here. Reminds me of the London Fog syndrome. Can’t wish the wind would pick up cuz that would just make the fires worse. Hope they have citizens around not affected giving the firefighters home cooked food or Kentucky Fried or something and power drinks with electrolytes and maybe massages. They’re busy probably exhausted and it’s hot. The ash is actually dropping the temp here a bit because it’s blocking the sun, but not where the fires are emitting all that heat. The fires are hitting more conservative people’s areas. So people who think good burn it down it’s hitting the wrong areas for that.


Posted by treefrog @ 12:17 on August 8, 2018  

i was in the rockies last summer and the skies were grey and smoggy.  i understand that it was from the grass/brush fires in washington state and british colombia.  the country was beautiful as always, but the views were less than they could have been.


lochsa river with increasingly smoky mountains in backgroun.

idaho, july ’17


are the good times really over for good??

Posted by Floridagold @ 11:18 on August 8, 2018  



Posted by goldielocks @ 10:44 on August 8, 2018  

I see that here too. Generators on sale.
Problem here is air quality, sky’s are grey with all the ash. Not a little grey but a lot grey. There having a free car wash thing with some super wash with wax. Then car covered with ash again. Might have to do it again but now that so many know about it the cars are lined up.


Posted by treefrog @ 10:33 on August 8, 2018  

passage 150 miles south,   sounds like a lot of WET blustery wind, but not a killer storm.  so far, hurricane season has been relatively mild over on this side, and the ads are full of clearances on generators.  🙂


Posted by deer79 @ 10:02 on August 8, 2018  

I like your approach to nibbling here. Just wish I had some funds to follow your lead…..

The $ index is up .120 yet gold has gone green–up $1.40 and holding-like in Dec. 2015 chartists are again

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:30 on August 8, 2018  

scaring the  pants off gold investors with possible targets for gold of 700-800-900…sentiment must be at an historic low…I intend to keep nibbling…surfing…hoping to catch the “big wave”….SOME OF THESE DAYS….



Posted by Captain Hook @ 9:14 on August 8, 2018  

Funny stuff…better late than never…no?


I got this from the great Mike Ballinger:

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:03 on August 8, 2018  
I’m done with PM’S until this trade war ends – Chinese have pegged gold to their currency and Chinese mandarin regime cannot win if U.S. market is shut off to cheap Chinese products. Miners are doomed by the algobots and the bullion banks have a government-sanctioned license to steal our money.
Why invest?

JNUG up a whole penny in pre-mkt. trade It had been up 20 cent despite gold being down…how thrilling! [Zzzzzzzzzzzz….]

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:57 on August 8, 2018  


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:47 on August 8, 2018  


With a photographer hanging out of every door,
we’re heading out to find mountains to climb.


Sucking Wind

Posted by Maya @ 1:35 on August 8, 2018  

Skies clouding up and tradewinds from the NE intensify tonight as hurricane Hector approaches.  This is a major hurricane, Cat 4, and tropical storm warnings are posted for the entire Big Island of Hawaii.  We expect passage about 150 miles south in about 18 hours from this post…. 2pm Wed. local time.


We expect wind and lots of rain from the north quadrant of the storm as it passes.  This island has a couple 14,000 ft tall ‘mauna’ barricades that scrape waterfalls out of passing tropical storms.  But we’ve been through this before.  Cleaned out the gutters today and will shelter at the ranch.  Drainage is good.

Dark skies tonight.  I miss my red volcano clouds.

Mr Copper 19:23

Posted by goldielocks @ 1:08 on August 8, 2018  

We all have a genetic predisposition to survival built into our DNA. All life has abilities to adapt to the environment they were born. If you think about it man has the least abilities except for a few places on earth where the temperature is warm and constant, food and water is plentiful and we don’t have too many predators. Man developed a brain to compensate then spread out to otherwise uninhabitable areas that are either too hot, too cold and not enough natural resources for our slow moving species.
Man has the biggest potential to depend on others of the same species for their survival that is ever growing like in third world countries and not be able to recover to self sufficiency even when given the resources and help.
We are the most vulnerable and most incapable of most species.
We can’t outrun a wolf or bear like a rabbit. Most of us can’t outfight them.
We can’t fly away to find food or water and fly back when the weather changes.
Being a human requires a lot of work.
That work creates artificial things and toxins that threaten other species just to live. These things are something other species can’t adapt to anymore than we could if we were in that environment. It’s just making their environment that much harder to survive so we should have some consideration for that instead of thinking inherently that they are better survivors than us so we’re not gonna worry about it. Yes they are, in their natural habitat not the sewer man created, not the deforestation of their habitat, not the pollution of their water, not the over fishing or needless killing for fur or superstition or sport or fin soup.
Now there saying we can’t plant enough trees to offset all the Co2 in the atmosphere. Armstrong brought up volcanos. Maybe it won’t affect weather that much with that but what is will do eventually is snuff out all life that depends on oxygen to live. Adding sulfur won’t help. Lol

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