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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:32 on August 20, 2018  

That might keep the life guards busy.
Ill be watching the threes report.
I was expecting some rain by now to slow these fires but all we’re getting is cloudy days so far.

Devil went down to Alabama

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:59 on August 20, 2018  

I suppose you seen the Satanic Temple they put up. I got a close up. img_2101


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:54 on August 20, 2018  

I like your town.
What these young and inner city don’t realize is the affect they feel their suffering from is the result of socialism, global socialism. Open borders, jobs gone, taxes, unfair trade, dictatorship. It’s not Capitalism doing that and the left just wants more of the same and worse. They think their having trouble now. What they would vote for would throw them off a cliff and the rest of us with them if we let them.

What conservatives need to do is get on their senators. They ” senators” need to be backing Trump or get out of the way for someone who will. We’re getting tired of the double talk, we need results. Trump can’t do it by himself. They need to stop being just the silent voter voting same Repubs in without consequence or not vote and allow Demos to get seats. If Demos get enough seats all they’ll do is try to impeach Trump and obstruct. Either the Repubs voting against Trump do their job or they should find a new home.

Hi Maya

Posted by Moggy @ 20:25 on August 20, 2018  

So happy you escaped the lava…I had been worried about you.

Rocky Mountain Blues

Hurricane Lane

Posted by Maya @ 20:14 on August 20, 2018  

Is going to miss the Big Island, so I will be OK.  But the forecast is for the dreaded ‘North Hook’ that could send it up to Oahu and the Honolulu metro area.  Glad I’m not there.


Hi Moggy!  Good to see you posting.  🙂

I’ve been dodging hurricanes and lava flows.  Never a dull moment.

Goldie @ 16:20

Posted by Moggy @ 19:00 on August 20, 2018  

This is why the only option left open to conservatives whom the mentally challenged left keeps pushing more violently each day is to be well armed for when all hell breaks loose.  Call it civil war or revolution, the result will be a massacre.  In preparation my local pharmacy has set aside one portion of the store from which to sell guns and bullets…make your selection while you wait for your prescription…I kid you not.  Go, Georgia!

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:38 on August 20, 2018  

“Despite today’s shrill discord between the parties, the political class is more united by class interest than it is divided by ideology. From left to right, this class has a permanent incentive to run enormous deficits — to charge, through taxation, current voters significantly less than the cost of the government goods and services they consume, and saddle future voters with the cost of servicing the resulting debt after the current crop of politicians has left the scene.” – George Will

Just got home-I sawr the xau is up a big .19 & the HUI up a measly .62 with gold up 13.20

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:08 on August 20, 2018  

We”ve seen this movie many times before…GDX up 8 cents?? Jeesh!


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:47 on August 20, 2018  

“We Are Not Going Bankrupt” Musk Vows As Tesla Suppliers Panic Over Stopped Payments

Less than a month after the WSJ reported first that Tesla was quietly asking suppliers for “cash back” on existing and future projects, describing the request as “essential to Tesla’s continued operation” and characterizing it as an investment in the car company, investors quickly sold off the stock sending it back under $300, amid growing fears of a liquidity crisis at the electric automaker.



Posted by goldielocks @ 16:20 on August 20, 2018  

As long as the left remains intolerant will not use reason and I think a lot of them are mentally incapable of reason and any discussion on the importance of our country economically or our constitution should go private. Speakers should no longer go to colleges but private while making it widely known why as indoctrination and poisoning of our children by special interest and have security keeping violent troublemakers out. They talk cultural but what culture is that, groupie Tyrants? They want to exclude they need to be excluded themselves no different than a group of people with weapons entering a private club of a competitor say soccer. That they will be stopped and arrested. The public needs to demand they are arrested and prosecuted. The schools won’t do it. More over crowded students more money for them. Places in Calif as you seen where police heads and Judges affiliated with LA Raza won’t do it and tell their police to stand down. Mayors or senators running on open boarders won’t do it.

I’m still amazed that conservatives that are attacked by these goons they don’t pull off their masks while someone else live streams them. Then FB would probably delete it so would have to be downloaded.
I also noticed their not so brave unless their grouped together.
Society threw up their hands said here have at your special interest and open borders like certain towns in Chicago you see the results.
They don’t even realize it only means bigger government putting money in their pockets and poorer people with rising cost of living and crime rate based on emotion instead of reality.
Since there is more poor than rich they use it for votes. That there’s nothing to show for it but importing more poverty, killing more jobs, higher taxes and doesn’t put food on their table at the end of the day. Their talk doesn’t get people out of ward of the date rut that then traps them emotionally and financially in generational poverty. They don’t even get crumbs.
Someone should draw a cartoon of Pelosi taking away a oatmeal cookie from a baby and saying you don’t need these crumbs while putting it in a bag full of other cookies with children in the background crying or something like that since I don’t even know how well these people can read or write.

Why Don’t They Tell Us To Conserve Buying Houses??

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:59 on August 20, 2018  

Why drive prices higher, and make them less affordable? Then the local tax pigs raise the property tax. Then you ask for a raise and the boss gets sick.

I heard Australia is talking about banning r/e sales to foreigners because of the above.

Ten Year Bond Rate Down To 2.82%

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:54 on August 20, 2018  

Remember when all the talking heads on TV predicted higher rates when it was up to 3%??

Remember all the peak oil talk years ago??

Conserving oil is no longer an economic imperative for the US.

Growth of natural gas and other alternatives to petroleum has reduced the need for imported oil, which “in turn affects the need of the nation to conserve energy”, the US energy department said. It also cited fracking, which has unlocked shale oil reserves, for giving “the United States more flexibility than in the past to use our oil resources with less concern”.


Maya here’s a train picture for you. We should count our blessings!

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:11 on August 20, 2018  




Posted by treefrog @ 15:07 on August 20, 2018  

looks like the fever has broken.  h&s neckline in the rear view mirror.

A is for Antifa

Posted by Moggy @ 14:48 on August 20, 2018  


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 14:45 on August 20, 2018  

has bounced off an upper trend line and is now resting on a lower trend line. Odds are a breakout lower but don’t bet the farm just yet. Need confirmation. Also, it appears a reverse-point-wave down has formed in the DOW futures.

I bought an out-of-the money put with 34 days to go. I may not have enough time for it to work.



JNUG & GDX ( up 4 cents) couldn’t even match the earlier high of the day as gold made a new high

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:52 on August 20, 2018  

both are about 15 cents off their highs as gold is still near the high…the scam never ends…

Richard 12:13

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:41 on August 20, 2018  

Wow! Well I guess fishing is good therapy.
Farmboy you know better than betting the farm.

The DOW’s up a c-note-the 10 yr t-note’s UP 22/64ths-the NAZ is down 5…how come? These “divergences’ used to signal something…now they don’t

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:27 on August 20, 2018  

So I guess I won’t buy SDOW…The trannies up a big 134–the russell 2000’s up 6–the dax up 120–The U.S. stock mkt’s a self-sealing tire…old man river just keeps rolling along…silver’s up 3 cent now that’s down about 14 cents from the 5pm Friday close…silver’s signaliong that gold’s going nowhere fast…so this is what we get for all the “oversold” RSIs in the PM sector….gains that require micrometer measure and some resilience…the o.s. condition gets worked off a bit before the next leg down…not even a pitiful 50 buck bounce…


Goldi–thanks for the update==I know he had a 1000 call position in SLV that didn’t work for him

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:13 on August 20, 2018  

I thought he may have had some big losses and just loss interest…

Ipso Richard

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:01 on August 20, 2018  

That was Florida who talked to him awhile back traveling around and taking in some fishing.


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:22 on August 20, 2018  

Someone talked to him, I forget who, evidently he’s on vacation … doing some traveling and such.

I still would like to know what happened to Farmboy…

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:59 on August 20, 2018  

From a zh reader

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:55 on August 20, 2018  

gatorengineer Mon, 08/20/2018 – 09:13  Permalink

what retard writes this drivel?
1. “The debt cycle is on pause as first China and now the US have deleveraged and ‘normalised’.”


The US will monetize 1.2 T of federal debt alone, plus close to another half T of state and yocal debt.  Plus we run over a T trade deficit…  Over 2.5T a year of going in the hole, and we have Deleveraged?  Is this just some algo with a dictionary stringing buzzwords together?


Is there any “hope” in here?

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:46 on August 20, 2018  

Gold investors ‘give up hope’ as biggest short in history builds

Exchange-traded funds tracking the metal have bled assets for 13 consecutive weeks, the longest run in five years, investors have placed the biggest gold short on record, and bullion’s chief foe — a strong dollar — is extending its market grip.

Gold’s 9 percent tumble this year belies the turmoil in emerging markets and jitters over technology companies, the anchor of the U.S. equity bull market.

“The long suffering holders of ETFs have finally given up hope of the yellow metal returning to its former glories and have decided there is better protection in the dollar, the stock market and pretty much anything other than gold,” David Govett, head of precious metals at Marex Spectron, said by email. “I can only say that gold, as a safe haven, has been a massive disappointment this year.”

Hedge funds and other large speculators increased net-short bets on the precious metal in the week ending Aug. 14 to the most on record, according to data published Friday going back to 2006.

cont. http://www.mining.com/web/gold-investors-give-hope-biggest-short-history-builds/

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