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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:22 on September 6, 2018  


Getting High!  The highest railroad summit
in the USA.


goldielocks @ 22:17 – It was a Mercury Head Palladium coin.

Posted by Maya @ 23:20 on September 6, 2018  

The coin was not listed, so I went to the US Mint website to find out the offering for Sept. 6.   This was for the 1-ounce Palladium coin of the  “Mercury Head” design like the old dimes..  Already the Mint website says “No Longer Available”.

Provident was soliciting people to buy the coins for them and offering a $100 reward.   Heck, If I managed to get one I would KEEP it, knowing it was now worth at least that much or more…

This is the strangest thing I ever got from Provident

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:17 on September 6, 2018  

FYI for anyone interested in making 100 dollars or more.

We will pay you $100 per coin over the U.S. Mint price, or $1,487.50 total per coin. Plus, we’ll cover the postage the US Mint charges you and the postage to get it to us! All we ask from you is a few minutes of your time.
Simply purchase the coin from the U.S. Mint here and ship it to Provident Metals (at our expense) once it arrives. We’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label. As soon as we receive the coin, we will immediately send you a check. We make it easy and cover all of your shipping/insurance costs. Here’s how:
1. Buy the coin from the U.S. Mint. You can order one (1) coin per household starting at 12PM Eastern today, September 6th. Click here to visit the U.S. Mint website. Please note that this coin will most likely sell out quickly; be sure to place your order right at 12:00 noon Eastern. Phone orders are not likely to be successful; we strongly recommend placing your online order right at 12:00 PM on 9/6.
2. Once your order has been placed, forward your U.S. Mint order confirmation email to purchasing@providentmetals.com. This locks in your $100/coin profit. We will reply back with confirmation immediately after receiving your order number.
3. Within 24 hours, we will email you a prepaid USPS shipping label for your coin. Once your coin arrives DO NOT OPEN THE BOX (as tempting as it may be!). Instead, ship it directly to Provident using the pre-paid and insured shipping label. You need not repackage the coin when it arrives from the Mint; just place our label on the original shipping box. Opening the box prior to us receiving it will void the guarantee of $100 and will significantly reduce your profit.
4. Upon receipt of the coin here at Provident, we will send you payment by check via USPS immediately.
A Few Things to Keep in Mind
• This offer is only good through the end of TODAY, September 6th 2018. You can lock in with us until 11:59 PM Central on 9/6/18.
• The U.S. Mint offers expedited shipping when checking out. We recommend choosing this option and will reimburse you for the expedited shipping if you choose to do so.
• It is critical we receive the coin in the original government packaging (OGP). This is why we recommend not opening your box from the US Mint once you receive it.
• Once you email us the confirmation order from the US Mint, this acts as a binding agreement for both parties. We expect all coins committed to us be delivered to us promptly upon receipt. We will, in return, promptly send your check for $1487.50 + shipping costs (The $100 profit included) upon receipt of the coin.
• If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our customer service specialists at 800-313-3315 or email at purchasing@providentmetals.com.


Posted by treefrog @ 21:49 on September 6, 2018  

sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a muzzle flash.

Richard640 @ 17:54

Posted by Maya @ 20:46 on September 6, 2018  

A pessimistic old friend phrased it quite differently:

“It’s always darkest just before it goes completely black!”


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:27 on September 6, 2018  

Let’s not forget this one. All the coffins in Georgia. Guess the safest place around there would probably be where the coffins were. Looks like maybe because of discovery we missed a bullet. After people investigating they said ” said” it was for a possible nuke strike but who knows what it was really for and the CDC and gov should of been questioned.

Silver finally JOINED Platinum ,Palladium and GOLD TODAY ..putting in its bottom

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:26 on September 6, 2018  


I actually heard

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:13 on September 6, 2018  

the WALL st GUYS on TV today say GOLD should be part of Every portfolio ..at least 7 % ..along with stocks ,and “select” Bonds .before the coming volatility gets here ..before year  end..


Posted by Ororeef @ 19:07 on September 6, 2018  

I have come to the conclusion that Half the Country NEEDS TRUMP and the Other HALF DESERVES  Trump ….

International flights 12 people got sick with flu like symptoms

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:06 on September 6, 2018  

I know cause but hope they checked to food too.


Posted by Ororeef @ 19:00 on September 6, 2018  

should be a shoe-in after listening to his testimony…and I listened to hours of it…The GUY is a “BOY SCOUT”…..and anybody objecting to him is a “NUT” case and we got plenty of them…He was raised in Catholic School ,engaged in plenty of sports ,raised GOOD children with a nice wife ,his mother is a judge .His memory of case LAW is “incredible” ,nobody questioning him was able to get him on anything.absolutely nothing……MR CLEAN    .. and yet that scum Blumenthal tried his best to entrap him with craftly worded questions that could be taken out of context ..yet he gave up too.Absolute SCUM is the only word to describe him ..Blumenthal.That begs the question why wouldent you want a guy thats that clean ? Very intelligent ,and has an unblemished record of over 300 cases  that he had to answer for  ,a clear record of accomplishment and  cares about how his cases effect every individual…Theres only one answer that Blumenthal is so vile ,so corrupt and this candidate makes him look so bad by comparison ,its embarrassing ..

As Zazu Pitts said=”it’s always darkest before dawn”….( and other cliches).

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:54 on September 6, 2018  

Gold has been hammered of late, and some advisers are telling their wealthy clients to take advantage of lower prices and add to their stockpiles.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 September, 2018, 6:01pm

Advisers to Asia’s super rich think their clients should put more of their money into gold, taking advantage of price declines to buy the yellow metal amid volatile global markets and US-China trade tensions, a new report said.

A survey of these advisers found a preference for gold holdings amounting to 5 per cent to 10 per cent of total assets. That is up from an earlier recommendation of 3 per cent to 5 per cent, according the report, “Going for Gold”, which was released on Wednesday by US financial services firm INTL FCStone.

Most advisers in the survey – 62 per cent – said their clients should or maybe should increase their weighting in gold, versus 38 per cent who said they should not. The survey was of 174 private banks, family offices, wealth management advisers and other market experts in Asia.

“Not only does Asia, and especially Singapore, offer a remarkably complete and professional gold market infrastructure, but the current global economic, financial and geopolitical factors could be considered as highly supportive of the rationale to hold and grow the portions of gold in any [high net worth] portfolio,” said Martin Huxley, head of precious metals Asia at INTL FCStone.

China’s richest 2,130 people have as much money as the world’s fifth-largest economy

Investors in China and India are big gold buyers.


Zasu Pitts Picture

Zasu Pitts (I) (1894–1963)

Classic comedienne Zasu Pitts, of the timid, forlorn blue eyes and trademark woebegone vocal pattern and fidgety hands, was born to Rulandus and Nellie (Shay) Pitts, the third of four children on January 3, 1894. Her aged New York-native father, who lost a leg back in the Civil War era, had settled the family in Kansas by the time ZaSu was born … See full bio »

I guess it’s not just nut-job gold bugs interested in gold…

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:39 on September 6, 2018  

Russia buys gold from China

Russia » Economics

Russia buys gold from China. Most likely, Russia spent $80 billion of profit received from the sale of US Treasuries to purchase gold from China, Chinese news agencies report.

The Russian government has been taking measures to decrease the dependence of the Russian economy on the United States by disposing of US debt obligations and accumulating gold reserves. At the same time, Russia has become the largest buyer of gold from the Central Bank of China, the Phoenix newspaper wrote.

“The yuan share in gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank of Russia has nearly tripled and neared the Canadian dollar, while gold and currency of the PRC constitute one-fifth of all reserve assets of the Central Bank,” the newspaper said.

However, according to the Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper, sources at Russian financial circles found the allegations in Chinese media strange. According to unnamed sources, it would be strange for Russia to purchase gold for dollars when it is possible to buy gold for rubles. In addition, China has also been ranked as a major buyer of gold even though the Chinese authorities do not disclose the information about the amount of the nation’s gold reserves.


See more at http://www.pravdareport.com/news/russia/economics/06- 09-2018/141543-russia_gold-0/


India getting rid of US Treasury securities and buying gold

Published time: 6 Sep, 2018 10:38

The world’s second biggest gold consumer continues to replenish its bullion reserves, a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) report shows. At the same time, New Delhi is slowly but surely reducing its share of US debt bonds.

The annual report from the Indian financial regulator reveals that the country followed other BRICS partners in adding physical gold to its foreign exchange reserves. The RBI reportedly bought 8.46 metric tons of gold during the last fiscal year ending in March.


I am soooooo em-bare-assed! I done done it again….with 17 seconds to go…

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:02 on September 6, 2018  

FilledBuy to Open1JNUG Sep 14 2018 8.0 CallLimit0.11—-15:59:43 09/06/18

FilledBuy to Open53JNUG Sep 14 2018 8.0 CallLimit0.11—-15:59:43 09/06/18

 FilledBuy to Open26JNUG Sep 14 2018 8.0 CallLimit0.11—-15:59:43 09/06/18

deer–buygold–he makes his case so well…that gold is hopelessly supressed

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:58 on September 6, 2018  

then he says he’s super bullish and loading up on PM calls…kinda like I want to do…but try to control myself…sometimes I can…sometimes I can’t…I need an intervention….

Gotta give it to Ballanger

Posted by Buygold @ 15:32 on September 6, 2018  

He calls a spade a spade and knows absolutely nothing matters to pm’s whether it’s technical, fundamentals or COT Reports.

The only thing that matters is the defense of the dominance of the US and US Dollar.


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:30 on September 6, 2018  

I left out one word. “losing” It sounds like a few emerging market countries and their currencies are having problems because the dollar is so high. Plus they keep mentioning it might spread to stronger countries.

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:01 on September 6, 2018  

Burt Reynolds just passed away.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:55 on September 6, 2018  

There’s so much underhanded swamp creatures. What Trump also accomplished was showing just how many.
Maybe there was more than one who did it who knows.
This poor Judge Kavanaugh hope his family sees just how much we the people need him after the Demo circus and their paid protestors. I like one Repub Senator who joked he’s defending the circus that it’s fun and entertaining but these Demos are neither fun or entertaining.
They call is democracy I call it slumming.
This Row vs Wade that they keep bringing up. No one ever mentions that the woman they represented in the case wound up having that baby and wanted it stopped. It was never about her. Later the one they represented in later term abortions is also wanting it stopped. They don’t bring up that one at all. It seems hypocritical they use a case where the person in the case is a activist against it.

Alex 12:36

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:34 on September 6, 2018  

You are one lucky due lol But you did have a lot of knowledge of what your were handling as far as strength and the precautions. Most lay people have to clue. It seemed they had pretty good precautions but not speaking with any knowledge on what you did.
However when as a teen I worked with explosives away from the city in multi different buildings to do something different than nursing for awhile while still a student I didn’t see a lot of life saving measures. Yes safety measures like machines, ground wires, we wore only cotton to help prevent static etc but things would still happen. It mostly revolved around getting burnt or blown up. We had to wear earplugs at all times because things were always popping in the machines. We also worked with raw forms not machine protection and corrosive chemicals.
There was no eye washes and depending who you worked with experienced people to handle injuries except a medical station but not on hand first responders No showers for more severe cases like your see in a lab. That resulted in one case where one guy got blown out of his shoes the severely burnt survivor not having a shower and first responder help wound up running quite a distance to a pond with dirty water no less and he died too. If they made any improvements since then I don’t know. Had a patient few years later with blackened fingers burn with the powder so at least they had better medical care and probably workmans comp they didn’t seem to have when I was there.


Posted by deer79 @ 14:26 on September 6, 2018  

Thank you for posting the Ballinger piece. I couldn’t agree more. The “game” has changed definitely changed to utterly CONTROL THE RIG!


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:21 on September 6, 2018  

I just hope they catch the effer!

Ipso 10:08

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:10 on September 6, 2018  

What was written was a lie and sounds like a democrat or fake Repub like Flake or Rinos at the most on the other side saying accomplishments like stopping job killings with tax reform would of happened anyways is laughable. No it wouldn’t, they can’t handle the heat from the other side or have the economic brains. Both parties were envolved with outsourcing.
It sounds just like a brainless smear campaign while trying to “take the credit ” for Trumps accomplishments.

Goldcountry 8:48

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:00 on September 6, 2018  

They did a lot of rotten things and congress had to know.
They dropped germs on subways to see how far they would travel. They created a germ fog in SF for the same reason.
Not only the virus from kidneys of monkeys in the polio vaccine but later the live monkey virus they put in the Hep B trials they gave to high risk male gays that caused HIV to ” study the effects.”
A lot of people from Utah also got cancer after those atomic tests. I met a man who while in the Army he was one of the guys in the ditches that were near the explosion and about the only one left ” that was years ago” who didn’t die of cancer. Another study.
I met a Army pilot in both WW11 and Korea which bothered me because I had a great uncle who was a Army pilot in WW11 who had already passed away” plus a life long friend and neighbors father in mid west was also, who told me that they put radiation in their noses as a experiment for their moc flying and vertigo. That his fellow pilots already died.
They also let poor children die from vitamin deficiency during depression times.
No tests on absesos and putting it everywhere.
Fluoride was a toxic byproduct who lobbiest made money off of by pay for play bribes they put in the water.
Many things and we have them going on now.

IPSO – that Einstein quote is a classic !

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:17 on September 6, 2018  

Thanks for reminding me of it . A definite keeper !

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