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Why Trump is the right guy for this era

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:00 on September 8, 2018  

The debt explosion is going to get much worse as interest rises ..WE are bankrupt all of us….as a Country ,Trump has been their before several times and he has extricated himself from it successfully  !  NO other President or candidate  has that kind of experience that successfully got himself out of debt on such a large scale .NO ONE living has that kind of experience …I suspect Elon MUSK will be tested to see if he measures up ….Experience in that arena is invaluable .

I have been there as a CREDITOR  years ago and a group of NY TAX ATTORNEYS working out of the Empire State Building hired to represent the Creditors and Bankrupt-ee worked out a plan as I listened very intently to see how I was going to get PAID the thousands I was owed…I learned how it was done and I got paid even though two years later the Bankrupt-ee went out of business .ALL the creditors got paid by keeping them in business with a tight reign on their ability to spend money .Creditors went to the front of the line after current bills got paid along with 10 % of past bills and management was watched like a hawk.Been there done that in 1968….Small creditors got paid before the big guys 100 %.

It s the biggest creditors that had to wait the longest because even the smallest creditor could have demanded they be denied any more credit and everybody would have gone bust …It wasent because there was fraud or anything like that..it was we entered a recession and the biggest retail Department stores started taking 30 then 60 ,then 90 days to pay their bills and caused a ripple effect all the way down the line…Everybody knew it was a time factor and nobody panicked and as the economy got better we demanded more payment…WE were all manufacturers of clothing …..in the end manufacturers went out of business or went off shore .I left the business from the sewing end  500,000 jobs lost  in NY-NJ area alone and in N.Carolina the cloth mills went off shore,the cotton growers grew off shore  …the loss of American jobs was about 1  million ..Thats how China grew as we traded labor intensive work in exchange for entry in to their Banking and Insurance business ..Thats how this all happened !  NOW 50 years later  Trumps trying to rebalance that horrable mistake  the DEAL that the BANKSTERS made that gave our jobs away and they got entry into Asian Banks .

I cant tell you how many WIDOWS lost their only means earning a good living and went on welfare…I had 150 employees 99 % women…


eeos @ 16:51 on September 8, 2018

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:09 on September 8, 2018  

I am aware of all that ,but for the sake of brevity I didnt elaborate….

New Poll New Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:07 on September 8, 2018  

Vote! Vote!

It’s September–get prepared for the big scary drop in stocks [LOL!] Gee! A whole .5%-!

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:04 on September 8, 2018  

[Lets face it gang, there will never be any more crashes–worst case=a 5 or 10 percent decline just to keep up the appearance of a legit market]

As CNBC further notes, September is usually the worst month for stocks, possibly explaining why corporate executives sold so much stock last month.

Data from the “Stock Trader’s Almanac” show the S&P 500 and Nasdaq both fall an average of 0.5% in September. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, meanwhile, averages a loss of 0.7% in September.

From Kimble Charting…

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:47 on September 8, 2018  

Ororeef Brazil

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:21 on September 8, 2018  

Hope they increase security on him as well as maybe wear a vest that stops knives too.
Maybe when Calif Gov. race Conservative Cox will have to watch out too. Newsome will be a economic nightmare and we have enough tax problems now. We have too many illegals voting plus second gen non assimilating new voters. Funny how it about coincided with increase debt, increasing taxes and economic downturn.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:00 on September 8, 2018  

1. Average hourly earnings growth continues to rise, albeit at a leisurely pace. Average hourly earnings for all employees in the private sector grew at 2.92% over the last 12 months, while production and nonsupervisory employee earnings grew at 2.80% over the same period. The Fed is likely to adopt a more restrictive stance if hourly earnings growth, representing underlying inflationary pressures, exceeds 3.0%. So far the message from Fed Chair Jerome Powell has been business as usual, with rate hikes at a measured pace.
2. Rising wage rates to-date have been unable, up to Q2 2018, to make a dent in corporate profits. Corporate profits are near record highs at 13.4%, while employee compensation is historically low at 69.5% of net value added. Past recessions have been heralded by rising employee compensation and falling corporate profits. What we are witnessing this time is unusual, with compensation rising, admittedly from record low levels, while profits rebounded after a low in Q4 2016. There is no indication that this will end anytime soon.
3. Weaker values (1.17%) on the Leading Index from the Philadelphia Fed reflect a flatter yield curve. A fall below 1.0% would be cause for concern.
4. Our surrogate for real GDP, Total Payrolls x Average Weekly Hours Worked, is lagging behind recent GDP growth (1.9% compared to 2.9%) but both are rising.
5. Another good sign is that personal consumption expenditure, one of the key drivers of economic growth, is on the mend. Services turned up in Q2 2018 after a three-year decline. Durable goods remain strong. Nondurables are weaker but this may reflect a reclassification issue. New products such as Apple Music and Netflix are classified as sevices but replace sales of goods such as CDs and videos.

There is no cause for concern yet, but we will need to keep a weather-eye on the yield curve.





Go read up on Lidar again ororeef

Posted by eeos @ 16:51 on September 8, 2018  

Good cameras cost much more than $3,000 right now. It takes at least 6 lidar cameras on a driving car facing forward. You’re off by a factor of 600% and you’re not even thinking about the computational power it’s going to take to sort through all of this data.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:45 on September 8, 2018  

Kunstler who I don’t read but what you put out seems to be more worried about his stocks than our economy and debt where there will probably be some pain in changes that stop putting us at a disadvantage while others now think it’s a entitlement. There entitled to a easier life on our backs.
Those worried about having to get a real job but will begrudge others who have to. Perhaps he’s okay with our taxes going up in smoke like a treadmill not only going no where for us but faster and faster pushing is backwards for welfare to other countries troubles they brought on themselves with there own mismanagement. We have enough problems here with that as is and their pay for play back pocket deals making a shell out of our country. They don’t care about considering the costs to their own economy. There like the kid who started st the top who never worked for anything, don’t appreciate anything or understand those who did but feel entitled. It’s beyond losing touch, they never were in touch.

Mr Copper 9:15

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:15 on September 8, 2018  

Thousands of lost jobs were that of the gov. Obama was famous for creating tax depended jobs. Trump focuses on the private sector plus put wage freeze on government jobs. Also ther is a lot of jobs that needs to be filled but guessing due to wages many are still open. The hurricane was also speculated to affect it. The unimployment rate only increased a bit of the ” lowest” in years. I wonder too with a increasing senior group as those over 80 one of the fastest how many boomers retired this year. A problem with the younger generation during Obama was the older more experienced generations couldn’t retire to open jobs for the younger.
However if this younger generation or some are so catered too they will get pushed out by immigrants. You see it in places like factory’s of the past and be fast foods and why they can keep wages down even though proves have went way up anyways. But kids want to start out at the top including wages. It doesn’t work that way.

Kunstler on Trump=he is perfectly situated to be blamed when the honey-wagon of algo trading robots turns south and whatever remains of the world’s hot money

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:00 on September 8, 2018  
He can’t shut up about the economic miracles that he has wrought with his mighty “stable genius” brain.
Perhaps he has not noticed that the money system is crumbling all around the world at the margins. If he does not understand that this rot eventually must reach the center, then he has washed down too many cheeseburgers with his own Kool Aid. Having taken ownership of all this lock, stock, and barrel, then ==, including the US dollar, goes up in smoke.
If it coincides even bluntly with the mid-term election, then we will find ourselves living through Civil War Two.

CRAZY Socialists at Work

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:51 on September 8, 2018  


Brazil’s Conservative Frontrunner Gives Thumbs-Up from Hospital After Stabbing

Brazilian conservative presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro gives supporters a thumbs-up from a hospital in Sao Paulo after being stabbed at a rally, September 6, 2018
Twitter/Flavio Bolsonaro

7 Sep 2018508

Brazilian conservative lawmaker Jair Bolsonaro, currently leading the polls in October’s presidential election, gave supporters a thumbs-up from the hospital and thanked them and the medical staff aiding him in a video posted shortly after a socialist attacker stabbed him during a campaign rally.

Jackie Mason: Obama Taking Credit for Economic Recovery Proves He’s the Crazy One

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:44 on September 8, 2018  


jackie mason

7 Sep 2018194

NEW YORK — Amid unhinged smears about President Trump’s mental stability, comic legend Jackie Mason on Friday jested that it is actually former President Barack Obama who exhibited “crazy” and “maniacal” symptoms by taking credit for the economic recovery.

“You got to be not only crazy. You’ve got to be out of your mind,” said Mason of Obama’s comments.

Continued Mason: “They talk about Trump being a maniac. He’s out of control. Have you ever heard of a more maniacal statement than Obama taking the credit for the economy? I mine as well take the credit for it because I was sitting in the bathroom at the time and the economy went up. I’m responsible.”

“He can’t real with reality,” he added, speaking about Obama. “I can’t believe it. This guy is so desperate for attention that he will make up anything to make an impression. He is a fiction writer. He should be writing novels.”

Mason was speaking in a prerecorded interview set to air Sunday on this reporter’s weekend talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM.

In a speech at the University of Illinois on Friday, Obama made the remarks about the recovery.

He said:

By the time I left office, household income was near its all-time high, and the uninsured rate had hit an all-time low, and wages were rising, and poverty rates were falling. I mention all this just so when you hear how great the economy is doing right now, let’s just remember when this recovery started.

When you hear about this economic miracle that’s been going on – when the job numbers come out … and suddenly Republicans are saying, ‘It’s a miracle!’ I have to kind of remind them: actually, those job numbers are the same as they were in 2015 and 2016.

Also on Friday, CNBC.com published a lengthy piece by its finance editor, Jeff Cox, documenting how Trump’s policies “set economic growth on fire.”

Cox opined that numerous controversies may be overshadowing Trump’s “tremendous achievement, namely an economic boom uniquely his.”

Richard640 @ 9:18 on September 8, 2018

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:20 on September 8, 2018  

Pension FUNDS both Government and Private need to MARK to MARKET the investment Returns needed to Fund them ,the 7 % investment return currently assumed is a Fantasy  ….and raises expectations to dangerous levels that are UNFAIR to Taxpayers who will be expected to make up the shortfall UNFAIRLY by Union demands and strikes …

TAXPAYER need to revolt against Public Employees demands that their Pensions be subsidized by Taxpayers …who work for less and dont get Pensions  paid for by someone else.

Buygold @ 9:41 on September 8, 2018

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:10 on September 8, 2018  

I dont need a “JOBS REPORT” all I need to see is “HELP WANTED ” signs at fast food joints …THATS ALL I NEED TO KNOW !    Government Reports depend on who prints them , just like JOE Stalin said ..Its not how you vote ,its WHO counts them that matters ….I hope TRUMP pays attention to that RUSSIAN in the next election….

Richard 640…I get the feeling your over 30 because you understand math

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:03 on September 8, 2018  

and those under 30 only process WORDS …yet their vote is equal to your vote !

Richard640 @ 8:54 on September 8, 2018

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:54 on September 8, 2018  

yes you are exactly right because of the Math …when interest rates go up from 1 to 2 % you double the interest payments needed.When Bill CLinton and his Treasury sec FINANCED all the US debt from LONG TERM to SHORT TERM HE created a MONSTER ….instead of having 5 % of your debt come due in a YEAR ,NOW 100 % of the debt comes due in 3 months..YEAA  !!!for Bill Clinton he balanced the budget …Are the DEMS still cheering ?

This is the trickery theDemocrats use to get elected….and then when he’s long gone YOU PAY  !

Clinton created this MONSTER..When interest rates come down from 10 % to 9% its only effects 10 % of whats due,but when rates go from1 to 2 %  it effects 100 % of whats due  yet both are only a 1 % difference  …..Going down is easy ..going up is HELL to pay….and thats something the FED needs to keep in mind  !   THEY DONT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THAT !  and they are “ECONOMISTS” ,,,,really !…they must have gone to Harvard where only words matter instead of NUMBERS ,maybe they should have gone to Wharton instead…

2018 Bullion American Silver Eagles Temporarily Sell Out

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:51 on September 8, 2018  

“This is to inform you that due to recent increased demand, the United States Mint has temporarily sold out of its inventories of 2018 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins.

All orders received prior to this communication shall be honored.

The United States Mint is in the process of producing additional 2018 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins. We will make these coins available for sale shortly.”

2018 Bullion American Silver Eagles Temporarily Sell Out

Direct govt jobs story, not counting govt vendors and fake jobs

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 9:45 on September 8, 2018  


Morning R640 @ 22:43

Posted by Buygold @ 9:41 on September 8, 2018  

I don’t pretend to know how to interpret the Jobs Report and all the manipulations contained in it, no doubt it is manufactured to meet a narrative.

All that being said, where I live business is booming, the unemployment rate is less than 2 % and in some surrounding areas around 1%. Anyone who is breathing and wants a job can get one.

PS Tesla Hurting His Own Stock

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 9:24 on September 8, 2018  

Didn’t he mention taking the company private? Cheaper share price is better.

From ZH-[this doesn’t matter either]=In 2015, the total worldwide gap in pension funding was $70 TRILLION according to the World Economic Forum.

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:18 on September 8, 2018  
In the US alone, federal, state, and local governments, pensions are about $7 TRILLION short of the funding they need to pay out all the benefits they’ve promised.
(** And that doesn’t include another $49 trillion in unfunded Social Security obligations…)
America’s private pensions are in bad shape too — a total of around 1400 corporate pensions are a combined $553 billion in the hole. Plus, 25% of those funds are expected to go broke in the next decade. But the pension problem is much bigger than just what’s happening (though the US problems are SEVERE).
In 2015, the total worldwide gap in pension funding was $70 TRILLION according to the World Economic Forum. That is larger than the twenty largest economies in the world combined.
And it’s only gotten worse since then…
The WEC said that the worldwide pension shortfall is on track to reach $400 trillion by 2050.
And what solutions did they suggest?
“Provide a ‘safety net’ pension for all.” You know, sort of like Social Security… which as we mentioned is $49 trillion in the hole. Not exactly a sound solution.

@ororeef re Tesla and subsidized fake jobs

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 9:15 on September 8, 2018  

TBTB we all know, create money out of thin air. They also create jobs out of thin air. I’ll bet more 50 percent of all jobs out there were artificially created with various laws and regulations. Millions of unnecessary tasks have been created at other people’s expense. You could call them welfare jobs. Many welfare businesses too. How else can they override the transfer of millions of US manufacturing businesses to third world nations.

Somehow this has nothing to do with the stock market or gold…

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:54 on September 8, 2018  

U.S. Government Financial Balance Sheet One Step Closer To Blowing Up

by on September 6, 2018

Let’s get started with the tremendous surge in the U.S. Government interest expense.  Well, it seems as if things are really starting to get crazy at the U.S. Treasury when its interest expense in July jumped by a whopping 41% year-over-year.  That’s correct.  The U.S. Government paid $40.5 billion in interest expense this July versus $28.7 billion for the same month last year.  That is one heck of an increase.

The interest expense the U.S. Government paid in Apil, May, and June was up 22%, 28%, and 6% respectively versus the same months in 2017.  However, July was up 41% compared to July last year.  Furthermore, total U.S. interest expense in 2017 was $458 billion while the amount paid this year is $455 billion and we still have two months remaining.

The U.S. Government paid $54 billion of interest expense in the last two months of the fiscal year last year.  So, if we assume a 20% increase of that figure, the U.S. Treasury will have to fork out another $65 billion for August and September for a total of $520 billion in 2018.

eeos @ 17:40 on September 7, 2018

Posted by Ororeef @ 3:24 on September 8, 2018  

SORRY EEOS   eeos @ 17:40 on September 7, 2018

Those Cameras cost about $3000 each  …without billions in subsidies  TESLA  is DONE….Put a Fork in it….No self driving cars on the horizon …ELECTRIC maybe ./….thats all about the battery .Who is going to buy a used TESLA without a Battery Guarantee  ?  How many recharges on a 3 year old battery ?    How about the RANGE of a used Battery ..Is it 300 miles ,200 miles 100 miles  nobody really knows !

I wouldent want to get stuck 100 miles from home with a battery that wont hold a charge even if it was near my house….its too unpredictable…!  LOTS of HYPE from a POT HEAD !

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