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This pot stock has revenue of $28 million and a market cap of $11 billion. I shit you not…

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:27 on September 13, 2018  

“No one saw it coming”


Storm Surge. Neat Graphic

Posted by commish @ 21:32 on September 13, 2018  

Sorry meant Ipso 14:58

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:20 on September 13, 2018  

It is getting out of hand. They are attacking humanity just like a typical socialist many people misunderstand it’s meaning and think it will stop at a certain point but never does unless it’s stopped. St that point it brings casualties. A lot of philosophy of life and the persuit of happiness ” freedom and autonomy. They are attacking humanity making someone the bad guy in their greed for money and power. How can you find autonomy or make any plans for the future when they’re in the background looking for some way to tax the air you breath. They claim they worry about the environment but yet deforestation goes on as well as open borders that don’t just affect the carbon emissions but ecosystem and wildlife. So which is it? It’s all scare tactics for profit. Just like the swine flu and vaccines. Taxing us isn’t going to stop carbon and just stress other resources. As far as I know be reactors or solar they require water. California already has a water problem.

Ororeef 13:43 They don’t get it. You can’t just put a person that does not have the potential or interest in something just because.

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:53 on September 13, 2018  

The problem with blacks not reaching their potential goes deeper than just getting enrollments up.
It starts in the home and their neighborhoods and now Identity Politics.
It starts with parents at least showing interest in their education. It starts with getting violence in the home and neighborhoods and the criminal elements off their streets that intimidate the kids who want to learn instead of joining a gang.
Sports is good but only sports is not going to teach them to read or write they will need in any job.
Sports can also set them up for failure.
Not everyone is going to get into the NBA when they stop growing at 5 feet, even 6 ft or can get injured so you better have a back up plan. They could also lose interest and need other skills they missed.
The other important things are talent and IQ which equals potential.
A doctor should have at least 120 IQ 20 points over the average and preferably and usually higher. Even a nurse.
They should give all students IQ tests as they can cheat on entrance exams so should do both starting in elementary all the way up.
To find a job or carrear that they can do and not waist their time on what they can’t.
In times of recessions or depressions people were and still are called over qualified because of their IQ and potential.
They know they won’t be satisfied with being there for any length of time and will have the potential to move on.
Where you take a person who say has Down syndrome and give him a job watering plants. He or she will be happy to just do that.
In short it starts in the home and other factors like IQ and or the willingness to study needs to come into play.
You can’t just not study, fail a test then scream racist. But I have seen black teachers downgrading whites and was proven. On the other end some black professors were even stricter on blacks in the higher classes like science and higher math If they didn’t study , you’d fail. They could call him Uncle Tom but he would fail you anyways. They need more teachers like this to challenge the young and stop the excuses that hold them back.
They should have another kinda tests, skill tests that show potential and interest in certain areas as well as areas they need to strengthen which is usually subjects they don’t like that they need to spend more time on.
For instance if I were to take a test that revolved around mechanics I’d fail miserably and if it was revolved around IQ I’d be probably in the retarded curve.
So that would say maybe not your field. I had the potential once but was turned off by the temperament of mechanics so personality has something to do with it too which indeed can revolve around gender.
Fairness also includes culture as far as potential. Most black women for instance would score high in how to make chitterlings but while woman would mostly fail having no clue.
In short don’t just put people in something when they don’t have the potential. Recognize there potentials and interest when young and nurture them instead of expecting them to do something their not interested in or don’t have the potential. It’s setting them up for unhappiness and failure.
Because you don’t have the potential doesn’t mean they don’t , you can still encourage them just don’t try to teach them and trip them up or confuse them. If they only can draw a stick person don’t put them in ART unless they REALLY want to learn. There is different forms of art too. It depends on interest.
In short Identity politics is just a distraction.
In real equality they need to focus or potential and study practices.

Hey Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 15:49 on September 13, 2018  

You didn’t miss nuttin’ – get one decent up day every couple of weeks and then right back down into the crapper.

USD action doesn’t make a bit of difference.

G’day all……see I ain’t missed much…AU $ 1200 + looks like a clear no no….and the SM only goes up .

Posted by Maddog @ 15:28 on September 13, 2018  

Oh ! Yeah….Sod the scum.


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:58 on September 13, 2018  

Washington State is doing it’s best to be like California. At this rate I’m gonna have to start looking for a new state to live in!


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:42 on September 13, 2018  

If we could be a fly on the wall in these mettimgs everytime these politicians and Gov create taxes or blockages like coal through the west cost states yours and mine that threaten jobs in other states.
We’d probably see how they are negotiating extorting money from these businesses trying to negotiate to survive and us they may shift the cost for their back pocket deals.


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:32 on September 13, 2018  

Trivia…Ford, who made the first pick-up trucks, shipped

them to dealers in crates that the new owners had to
assemble using the crates as the beds of the trucks.
The new owners had to go to the dealers to get them,
thus they had to “pick-up” the trucks.

Ipso Climate change is preventing a ice age. Remember the ice age scare. Climate change news to Demos won’t matter. It’s now their gravy train and scare tactics to do it platform,

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:32 on September 13, 2018  

People there need to eductate through social media to vote it down, Its another tax that shifts the responsibility to tax payers for their mismanagement of money.
Remember when they were trying to find ways to tax us because of more fuel efficient cars. Just pure money play no reason.
How is taxes going to change climate change when it’s not just from one thing?
Are they going to penalize farms next? They will if people remain passive.

Global warming may have prevented a ice age. Started with farming.
* The last ice age was 12,000 years ago
* At that time the sea level was 120m lower than today
* The onset of an ice age is related to changes in the Earth’s tilt and orbit
* The Earth is due for another ice age now but climate change makes it very unlikely

“There is actually a hypothesis that it’s not just industrial society but ever since humans began practicing large scale farming at least 5,000 years ago, such as methane emissions from rice paddies,” Dr Phipps said.
“So it’s possibly not just greenhouse gas emissions over the last 200 years that’s stopped us going into an ice age, but it’s actually greenhouse gas emissions for the last 5,000 years that have collectively helped to steer us away from the next ice age.”
The article shows
The whole dispersal of humans around the world during the last 100,000 years was made entirely possible by the fact we were in an ice age at the time.

Contrived by a US PR Company more phony Racist shit, Despicable ! US MEDIA

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:43 on September 13, 2018  

Students made to look black in French art school photo

 Undoctored École Émile-Cohl image
Image copyright École Émile-Cohl

Image caption The original, undoctored image as posted on the college’s website

A French private art college has apologised after one of its promotional images was doctored to include more black students.

The photo of a class trip to an art gallery was posted on a US promotional website for Lyon’s Émile-Cohl art school.

Students noticed it was altered to darken the skin of white students, with black students digitally inserted.

The school has apologised, and blamed the doctored image on a US PR company.

Social media users posted comparisons of the original image and the altered version on Twitter.

L’école Émile-Cohl accusée de « blackwashing » : la retouche photo au secours de la diversité !

The Original Picture with NO Blacks ,then they hired an American PR company who Black washed existing faces and inserted other s to portray a phony diversity…


silverngold @ 13:28

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:31 on September 13, 2018  

I think I’ll forward that to him! 🙂

At least some of the deforestation is being compensated for …

ipso facto @ 11:34 . Maybe your governor needs to read and watch the following before displaying his stupidity

Posted by silverngold @ 13:28 on September 13, 2018  


Our leftist governor is trying to grab more taxes and make living in Washington State more expensive for everyone

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:34 on September 13, 2018  

With carbon fee measure now on Washington’s November ballot, campaign money is rolling in

“The ballot measure’s carbon fee would start at $15 a metric ton of carbon, which would add an estimated 14 cents to the cost of a gallon of gasoline. The fee would rise annually by $2 per ton of carbon emission, plus the rate of inflation.”

I’d just like to comment on this proposal: BASTARDS!


From Moriarty

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:50 on September 13, 2018  

Shawn Ryan Conquers Both the East and the West of Canada



Posted by Buygold @ 10:49 on September 13, 2018  

The usual gap n’ crap after an up day.

It just never ends…

Makes MUX worth less, among others

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:53 on September 13, 2018  

Yamana warns Argentina’s looming tax on exports could hit bottom line

Canada’s Yamana Gold (TSX: YRI) (NYSE: AUY) said Wednesday that Argentina’s surprise decision to impose a new tax on all exports could hurt its cash flow, even as the miner is mulling ways to mitigate the impact.

Earlier this month, Argentine President Mauricio Macri and economy minister Nicolás Dujovne announced temporary austerity measures to strengthen the country’s ailing economy.

Among the actions, there is a proposal to impose an export duty of 3 Argentine Pesos per each $1 in exports of goods and services until the end of 2020. With US dollar worth about 37.8 pesos as of Wednesday, companies are looking at a 7.5% tax, which applies to revenues, not earnings, so the impact can be significant.

Yamana warns Argentina’s looming tax on exports could hit bottom line

Nice hit for ATAC

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:45 on September 13, 2018  

ATAC Resources extends Sunrise Zone with 26.70 metres of 12.95 g/t gold


Nothing Is A Coincidence in my opinion

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 9:44 on September 13, 2018  

TPTB might be starting a “manual” adjustment of some kind. They can make  or create any numbers they want.

Consumer price index report less than expected

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 9:37 on September 13, 2018  


Mario Draghi talking on Bloomberg

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 9:23 on September 13, 2018  

Driving Euro up dollar down and Gold up. I’ve seen currency rotations in the past when he announces something.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:03 on September 13, 2018  


The Milwaukee Road 261 charges out of Minneapolis


treefrog @ 22:34 – Maybe I can get a bunch of Hawaii Dems to ‘help out’.

Posted by Maya @ 0:00 on September 13, 2018  

Watching the weather radar this morning and the vortex bounced off the north side of 10,000 ft Mt. Haleakala on Maui before rolling westward over Molokai also.  It dragged plenty rain along that got dumped on the Maui mountain slopes, so lots of localized flooding and trees down across some roads.   Honolulu also got some good heavy rains, but it has all passed now.

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