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Alex Valdor Greenhouse gas

Posted by Warren @ 16:01 on September 14, 2018  

I do not believe there are any greenhouse gases, never mind just co2. If there were, we would have a greenhouse, but we don’t. The guys that climb Mt. Everest, 29000 feet, close to 6 miles up do not go up in Bermuda shorts and flip flops til they climb through the ceiling and then switch to the snowmobile suits. You can’t have a greenhouse without a ceiling. Ask them where the ceiling is. Airline pilots that fly even higher than Everest know what the temperature is outside the cockpit at any point in their flight. They should be able to verify a ceiling, but they don’t. As long as there has been telemetry, we have had weather balloons going up to measure various data points including temperature at various altitudes. No ceiling. Temperature inversions are a weather event, not a climate event, and they right themselves quickly because they are not sustainable.

The temperature at the ceiling of the greenhouse is the highest it gets in there and diminishes the closer you get to the ground. It is still hot at the ground but that is only because it is hotter than Hades at the ceiling, the hottest level. The Earth is not in a greenhouse of any kind, never mind one of our making. I am not a climate denier, I know it is getting warmer just based on my own observations over quite a few years. Maybe God is just dialing up the sun a little, as has been the case cyclically over millenia.

I believe this isĀ  the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on humankind. You can talk about climate change all you want, just don’t try to shove the greenhouse gas “theory” of global warming down my throat. It don’t fly.

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