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tagthatstock–I follow this guy on Twitter–he’s pretty sharp

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:39 on September 14, 2018  
  1.  Sep 7

    look at the chart,, major important stock,, its been telling you for a week the market has a tummy ache,, and to use caution going long, both and (my fav) have been selling off for days,,, learn to catch those rides,, enjoy the market no matter what
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    i know shorting/downside trading isn’t popular among ‘traders’,, usually i just dont post when i find a good ride,, why bother right? anyway, either learn or be the chum in the bait bucket, a market has 2 sides like coins
i bet these guys pumping for the last year are selling covered calls to their sheep.
hilarious! is no dif than Lehman-only reason the govt hasn’t shut them down is they dont want to cover the cost,, right here and now you can buy for half the price @ $20.46 and 11% divy and they are growing!

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