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Re The New NAFTA Sounds To Me Like Ongoing Progress On The Amero

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:26 on October 1, 2018  

Remember? The old news? Joining the USA with Canada and Mexico? And why does the USA want foreign excess demand and higher costs on our food and dairy products? Plastic toys tools can openers and cars makes more sense.

If they want to make the USA great again, its for their own good. Nobody ever did anything FOR the USA unless its better for them, later on. We may very possibly have the same ole gov’t but with a totally different agenda and very different spokesperson. An old friend of mine once said…

“No matter who you vote for, it’s always the same government”


Posted by Alex Valdor @ 10:42 on October 1, 2018  

Last minute deal agreed , apparently .

US, Canada Beat Deadline to Rework NAFTA With Late-Night Deal

US, Canada Beat Deadline to Rework NAFTA With Late-Night Deal

Maddog – Me too !

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 10:18 on October 1, 2018  

I am predicting that this will be a gangbuster stock when it goes public .
Berners-Lee could become rich in spite of himself . I hope so .

Right now the minimum for early supporters is $10 000 .

Because it worked so well in Zimbabwe … I wonder what miners are there?

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:17 on October 1, 2018  

Namibian president wants land expropriated to boost black ownership


B2Gold is one.

Maddog @ 9:34

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:05 on October 1, 2018  

Sign me up!

Barrick’s Randgold Acquisition May Spur More Gold Mining Deals

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:01 on October 1, 2018  


This could be and I think is…Huge news..Father Of World Wide Web Launches Platform Which Aims To Radically Decentralize The Internet

Posted by Maddog @ 9:34 on October 1, 2018  


Later this fall, Berners-Lee plans to start looking for more venture funding and grow his team. The aim, for now, is not to make billions of dollars. The man who gave the web away for free has never been motivated by money. Still, his plans could impact billion-dollar business models that profit off of control over data. It’s not likely that the big powers of the web will give up control without a fight.

When asked about this, Berners-Lee says flatly: “We are not talking to Facebook and Google about whether or not to introduce a complete change where all their business models are completely upended overnight. We are not asking their permission.”

Game on.

Italy and Salvini heading straight for major clash with EU over budget….telling Brussels to rotate !!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 9:30 on October 1, 2018  

Not that it means anything in a world where the S&P is up 17 full points over the weekend on nothing but scum buying.


Gold is 3.50 off its low but is going nowhere to the upside what with silver just making a new low=down 28 cents.

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:29 on October 1, 2018  

Silver’s “correcting” the “mistake” of a strong upside day last week…



Posted by ipso facto @ 8:54 on October 1, 2018  

I decline to answer on the grounds I might incriminate myself. 🙂

Interesting stuff going on with psychedelic drugs these days … Mushrooms (psilocybin) being used to treat depression and and high tech dudes using micro doses of LSD to enhance creativity at work.

FDA Approves Magic Mushrooms For Treating Depression

Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 5:21 on October 1, 2018  


The Silver Zephyr awaits departure at the ‘Blue Hour’.



Posted by treefrog @ 0:14 on October 1, 2018  

the only smokable pharmaceutical i know of is dmt – dimethyl tryptamine – the businessman’s trip, strong as acid, but only lasted thirty minutes.  just right for a one hour lunch.

i haven’t heard of it being around in years.  last time i encountered it was late ’60s.  heap strong medicine!!



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