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In a flat bed Ford in Winslow Arizona, a Flake slowed down to take a look…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:44 on October 2, 2018  

Eagles take your Country back…

metals tonight…

Posted by treefrog @ 20:38 on October 2, 2018  

…looking a little bouncy, like tigger.  silver more than gold.

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford ran mass “hypnotic inductions”

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 18:40 on October 2, 2018  

Came across this article on NaturalNews , difficult to know what is fake news and what is not these days.Part of the article below:

(Natural News) (h/t to The Gateway Pundit for the initial lead). In another stunning bombshell about the hoax accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, we’ve now learned and confirmed that Christine Blasey Ford co-authored a science paper that involves her carrying out mass “hypnotic inductions” of psychiatric subjects as part of a mind control program that cites methods to “create artificial situations.”

Internet sleuths are turning up an extraordinary collection of evidence that increasingly points to Christine Blasey Ford being involved in mind control programs at Stanford, which some claim are run by the CIA. We have confirmed that Stanford University, where Ford works, runs a “CIA undergraduate internship program” which is described in full at this Stanford.edu recruitment page for the CIA. The Stanford recruitment page for the CIA explains, “You will be given the opportunity to work with highly-skilled professionals and see first-hand the role the CIA plays in supporting US officials who make our country’s foreign policy.”


Alex – it all sounds good,

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 18:32 on October 2, 2018  

Thanks for the info, might have to leave the trip till next year. Like the statement ” His preference is women about half his age”,   metoo :).    You said  “Should’a sold in May , and ….”  but what if this time it’s different, that is always the dilemma.


IPSO – yes it looks like we could cross the 50 day MA soon

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 17:32 on October 2, 2018  

and it is the right time of year that we could see the 50 DMA cross the 200 DMA in the weeks between now and year end . I certainly hope so . It would be nice to see my portfolio end up in the green by year end . Should’a sold in May , and ….

BTW GT, this is short notice

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 17:26 on October 2, 2018  

but I fly Oct. 27 out of Panama Tocumen airport on COPA CM 685 to Pereira in late afternoon . On your first trip down , it is good to have someone along to walk you through the entry process . In Panama you are fine with just English . Much less so in Pereira .

That hotel site link I provided indicates room ( actually more like a one room loft/suite ) rents for roughly $60 a night if reserved a week in advance . Comments by guests indicate that it is a nice clean place .

I don’t know where you are coming from , but COPA flights originate from over a dozen major US and Canadian cities. If you are interested , and it would help to travel from Panama on the same flight , let me know and I can meet you in the departure lounge in Panama .

However , as I say , this is very short notice for arranging the flights , and if you are still working to get time off , etc.

I travel down at least twice a year , so it does not have to be this time .

Great music by Gal Holiday ! Thanks for posting that .


Posted by ipso facto @ 17:11 on October 2, 2018  

Looking at the HUI


Yes I’ll be glad when our ship has turned. Taking a darn long time!

IPSO – you must be a much better investor than I am

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 16:42 on October 2, 2018  

At end of day , my gains were almost half of what they were mid-morning .

BUT ! I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth . It is good to see the ship turning in the right direction .

Nice to see the shares close, close to their high

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:10 on October 2, 2018  

GT – The place typically rents on an annual contract

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 15:53 on October 2, 2018  

Typically tenants are multi-year . But it is totally unfurnished , four bedrooms , two full baths , and two more with toilet/sink. Floors are polished stone . Much more than a bachelor place – and more of a family with children unit .

Colombian women are beauties . But you have to be very careful not to get scammed . There are not many Americans in the country . I would advise a trial trip to a city like Pereira , where we live , just to get a feel for the culture . Pereira is large enough to have an Int’l airport without the crime and high prices of the three major cities , Bogota , Cali , and Medellin . Pereira is attracting a lot of Colombians with children for that reason . The city is growing faster than the infrastructure can keep up , so traffic is very heavy , and driving hazards are compounded by imprudent motorcyclists weaving in and out between cars . If you maim someone , be prepared to support them for the rest of their life .

Many educated people speak English , but day to day you pretty much need rudimentary Spanish , at least .

For those with an American passport , no visa is required for stays up to 60 days . Immigration and customs are pretty much Spanish only .

If you are interested in trying a hotel for a week or two , I know of one just down the street from the Condo , and a block from the Supermarket complex I mentioned , as well as the bus terminal for trips to nearby towns . For a real adventure , take a Chiva through the jungle with the country folk ( about one dollar each way , about 45 minutes ). I can check hotel prices for you and help with arrangements , should you be interested .

You can get an idea here : en.habitathotel.com.co – this is two blocks from where we live , and the one I mentioned above . I think you would be talking about less than $80 a night , but it could be more expensive if reserved from the USA ( we are all rich in their eyes ). Taxi from the airport would be $5 or less , but again , the driver might try to rip you off , as a gringo. On my last trip , I gave the taxi driver about $5 and that amounted to almost a 50% tip.

I will help you any way that I can , and can put you in touch with a retired bachelor from the Jacksonville , FL area who built a home outside of town , who can tell you about nightlife there. His preference is women about half his age . My wife and I are stogies in comparison . We eat in little local restaurants or at the food court in the shopping center . The former gets us a meal for under $5 each . In the food court , count on prices similar to KFC or McDonalds in the US. The exchange rate is between 2500 and 3000 Pesos per dollar , so get used to big numbers on bills .

Alex Valdor

Posted by Maddog @ 15:39 on October 2, 2018  

I too have heard the Sessions rumours……but seriously doubt them, when u read about such actions by him….I hope they are true…but.

I doubt many here drink lots of pop

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:58 on October 2, 2018  

Ditch the Diet Coke: Six artificial sweeteners used in a range of soft drinks and foods ‘are TOXIC to gut bacteria’


Alex Valdor @ 11:49

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 13:44 on October 2, 2018  

Alex $500/month sounds cheap , what is the maximum period  you are prepared to rent and what’s the story with availability of females under 45  😉 .



Posted by Portugeezer @ 13:36 on October 2, 2018  

But then again, there’s this


Works well. Rich

Alex Re FB

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 13:33 on October 2, 2018  

I was referring more to people using Facebook credential to log into other services, and this way Facebook collects all the info on your visits, so F..  wrong ,and the public is so oblivious to what FB is up to.

GT – I dropped out of FaceBook years ago

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:02 on October 2, 2018  

A relative was posting photos of weekend breakfast , and that told me there was too much info for the world to see , so I cancelled my account .

What my wife and I use is FaceTime – an Apple copy of Skype which allows video (or just audio ) chats free to those enrolled . However , there are probably spooks at both ends ( USA and Colombia ) who are watching .

The only time when any of us are truly safe from intrusions is when all connections to electronic devices are without power .

IPSO – I did not properly answer one of your queries…

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:12 on October 2, 2018  

I leave for Colombia later this month for an extended stay . COPA has great connections from Orlando via Panama ( about a one hour layover there ) . Less than $500 round trip if reservations are made early enough – otherwise full fare is about three times that .

Maddog – maybe not …

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:08 on October 2, 2018  

Scuttlebutt says that Sessions has hired 300 prosecutors who are in the wings , and that there are literally thousands of sealed indictments just waiting for the next move . I think that is why the Kavanaugh confirmation was fought so bitterly – because these matters will require a 5:4 SCOTUS Constitutionally weighted balance .

Gal Holiday – In My Dreams Again .

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 12:00 on October 2, 2018  

A nice country/rock song by Gal Holiday Band from the South. In July 2018 they put out their best ever album “Lost&Found”. There is a few songs from the album on youtube , really worth listening to.

Also check out the song “Let’s run away” by Gal Holiday on youtube , great song and tempo !


Proof that Sessions is deep state. He is protecting Billary, Obummmer and Mueller from colluding with the Russians

Posted by Maddog @ 11:52 on October 2, 2018  

The whole Russia election scandal, is a ruse to protect Billary, Obummmer and Mueller from the Uranium 1 scandal.

Uranium One: FBI Refuses To Release Three-Dozen Secret Memos Involving Clintons, Russia And Obama


Via John Solomon last November:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions in testimony last week and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a letter to the Senate last month tried to suggest there was no connection between Uranium One and the nuclear bribery case. Their argument was that the criminal charges weren’t filed until 2014, while the Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approval of the Uranium One sale occurred in October 2010.” -The Hill


When this scandal blows

IPSO – if you need a winter getaway …

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 11:49 on October 2, 2018  

We can rent you this for about $500 a month plus utilities . In a gated condo . The foreground is the stairwell from the underground garage . It is my wife’s second home .
Close to the university , great restaurants a half block away , two blocks for a supermarket complex , on one of the best avenues in the city . Two floors , about 2500 sq.ft. but …unfurnished , so that ends that , LOL .


Alex Valdor

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:12 on October 2, 2018  

Cool! Looks very nice.

IPSO – my wife is from there

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 11:10 on October 2, 2018  

and has property there which needs her oversight . If you are truly envious , we have a beautiful building lot that we are about to sell – about the last one not built upon in that gated condominium . You can see the airport runway from across the valley – about ten minutes away . Topsoil (RICH !) is a foot and a half deep . No seasons , sun most of the day , rain for a half hour many afternoons . Some fruit trees already bearing at the foot of the lot ( orange . lemon , avocado . mango , etc. ) . Approximately 1350 square meters of land ( less than a half acre ).

That is Matecaña International Airport runway at the top left in the photo .


I guess we’re not going to start shooting at the Turks

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:52 on October 2, 2018  

Syria spat over? US starts training Turkish troops for joint patrols in Manbij


Portugeezer @ 10:10

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 10:51 on October 2, 2018  

Hi,  I had VPN 4 years ago, but no problems until 4 months ago, when I went to few dating websites looking for a new wife or partner , related to previous relationship  ? :). maybe.  Same issues with skype that I use to communicate with the females. Never had a problem for 10 or more years prior to that , and no problem with yahoo accounts, just now MS$ related.

Just might close ms email accounts , but I need skype 🙂

Alex,I would not be using Facebook to login, just another way to collect more info about you by FB.


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