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Posted by Richard640 @ 17:53 on October 5, 2018  

Shotgun Economics

$38000 per second: U.S. borrows more money every two seconds than the total annual income of most Americans

With the Treasury Department announcing that the U.S. borrowed over $1.2 trillion for fiscal 2018, and interesting extrapolation can be made in just how large that number is. Because if you break down Washington’s insatiable need for debt into increments of minutes and seconds, the U.S. government is now borrowing at a rate of $38,000 per second, or more than the total income for average Americans every two ticks.


The latest data from the US Treasury Department shows America’s gross national debt ballooned by $1.2 trillion to a breathtaking $21.52 trillion on September 28, the last day of fiscal year 2018.


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