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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:52 on October 6, 2018  

Also noticed that young men although appear more responsible as the majority don’t have much to do with voting. Even if they wanted Trump they didn’t register.
Also forgot to mention as far as single moms there would of been a lot more single moms in your parents era if women worked then and had a choice, it was more about survival then but women after could survive on their own. Another thing that started turning the tables lol However welfare although it’s needed IMO for the kids sake but not to be abused caused like as a motivation for illegals caused some problems, I met a woman with 5 kids who knew how much each state paid for welfare.

Bonds,Dow ,Util,Trans all made TOPS whats left to invest IN ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:32 on October 6, 2018  

Bonds dropping like a ROCK

Dow making Tops

Util making tops

Trans making Tops


Posted by goldielocks @ 23:08 on October 6, 2018  

You might be right about emotion concerning guns. Most these mass shooting were on emotion. It wouldn’t matter with them if it were guns,cars or any form they could dream up.
The rest is a theory. Most younger people in general might start out on the left only because of the BS coming from that party. In short they care. No they don’t. Neither side as you know really does except maybe a few but they get the people particularly the young and certain groups to believe it to get their vote.

It’s kinda like NIKE and be like Mike. Nike attaches themselves to sports and sports players so as the alter ego goes people want to buy them for that reason, almost like buying a Jacket or hat with your team LOGO.
That’s what these politicians do. Attach themselves to the concerns of the people but never deliver or giving a little but taking a lot.
Trumps the only one who has worked on his promises and revived the Republican Party but what had the party done. We still have no reform of health care.l, a wall or immigration control. We even need to decrease the number of legal immigrants.
Trump can’t do that one alone.
We had Ryan wanting to raise the age of SS while he retires after a few years on a what 174K pension.
After Trumps gone it will probably be business as usual. The ones who got sucked into the left are their own worst enemies but the right isn’t too much better.
As far as abortion NO ONE on either side has ever mentioned men taking any responsibility in getting a woman pregnant. I remember reading a book in the 70 s where already even the pill being knew it already made 10 thousand children motherless. Mostly blood clots that traveled to the lungs or brains. Why should it be all their responsibility? Have you ever heard anyone bringing that up?

It’s not just that it’s everything. Not just mass immigration they stood silent.
They stood silent when jobs were being outsourced, they stood silent when taxes, regulations, and cost of living went up, They were better at demanding higher wages but that backfired with closing of unions who kept wanting higher wages and even more outsourcing or enabling more illegals to come take the jobs.
They should of been focusing on the rising cost I can guess the Fed had something to do with that as well as the politicians. They should of stood up to the illegal invasion instead of walked away. I remember a cop telling me once they can’t do anything about crime and illegals because there’s too many of them and that was in the late 70s.
Men started changing in the 60s that started the down fall.
Now I’m seeing the present young parents today are staying together for the most part. There’d struggling while white youth are called provlidged and if your a white man your evil.
These young men are supporting their family’s along with their wives now while their taxes go to pay for minorities who call them evil and illegals getting social welfare benefits and costs of everything rising by the year. They’re getting buried but their privileged. I guess it’s a effective way to stop them from complaining. Throw PC in there.
If the men ” and women” would of banded together in the 60 s and 70s like the generations before maybe they would of prevented that but the men were out finding themselves or partying. As far as single women many had fathers brothers or cousins if they were close enough. It was the law attitude that changed mostly because of rising poverty and crime that went with it. No more putting guns on a rack behind the truck.
After the 40s money got better and with tech life got better. Boys got spoiled.
I have more hope for this generation than that one as far as that goes but not for their future.
If the congress got enough votes for the last two Supreme Court Justices why can’t they get enough votes to build a wall and put laws in place that will keep illegals from being motivated in the first place from coming here. They can find away also to allow seasonal or temporary workers like for farming in but measures they have to go back and they can’t be near term pregnant. Why can’t they reform healthcare.

the beers are on him tonight

Posted by treefrog @ 21:38 on October 6, 2018  


@Goldilocks, re The “Emotionals'” versus the “Practicals'”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:09 on October 6, 2018  

I was not talking about the sex allegations. I think you misunderstood my view. “Girls versus boys” was just a figure of speech to describe the left versus right. Or republican versus democrat. I renamed the two sides a long time ago.

I came to a conclusion from life long observations that in general, woman were mostly liberal, and men mostly republican. One side makes its decisions using emotion, and the other side goes by being practical. When a child misbehaves, the Mother says, “Just wait until your father gets home, you’re gunna get it”.

There are MANY woman that are very Practical, and many MEN that are very Emotional. I refer to them as girly men. Being that male and female population is 50 50, but too many men I believe were raised from childhood with only mom. There were MANY during the 1970s, single mom house holds.

So naturally the young boys had NO male input. Only female input. For one example, no “BB guns and no hunting allowed”. Imo a small percentage of woman think like men, but a decent percentage of men think like woman. (girly men)

So in my estimation the Left part of the population is 60-70% (the majority) versus 30-40% of the population on the Right. (the minority) That’s why everything happened the way it all happened for decades. Including sanctuary cities and pro illegal immigrants activists.

Another example re mass shootings. The Emotionals’ want to ban gun ownership, and the Practicals’ DON’T want any more stupid gun laws. The Emotionals need to get ahold of themselves and come up with other practical ideas to inhibit mass shootings. There is absolutely NO mechanical or physical way to stop people from killing other people.

re “we were all being ruled by a very vocal extremist minority” I read years ago that only 16 woman got Prohibition pushed thru Congress. Woman have a LOT of power.

P.S. re the “Population”. The population I refer to is the voting and activist population. The silent majority tend not to get involved. Until Trump came along. The sleeping giant. For example 10% of the people love guns, 10% hate guns. Unfortunately the gun haters always try to convince the 80% in the middle to go against guns. But the 10% gun lovers, don’t bother trying to encourage the 80% to love guns.

It’s True

Posted by commish @ 20:33 on October 6, 2018  


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:29 on October 6, 2018  

It has nothing to do with girls vs boys other than some girls using false allegations for revenge tactics we’ll never know for sure in this case. Both men and women were behind his nomination.
All this time men did nothing. Men did nothing when the illegals crossing the borders but move. Men still doing nothing while women and children getting attacked left and right in Europe. Nothing when young people shot down one by one in a Concert while no one came.
Don’t use women as a excuse for what brought us to where we are now. They’re fighting back has nothing to do with men who aren’t.

re Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed To The US Supreme Court

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:59 on October 6, 2018  

To me 1960 to 2016, the system was like a game, the boys against the girls, and the girls were the winners all those decades, until Trump got elected and the boys finally won, and the girls can’t STAND it.

SORE losers. They are afraid that they will no longer get their way, (cry babies) and everything they accomplished will be reversed.

For decades, we were all being ruled by a very vocal extremist minority, when most of us do not agree with them. The crash in 2008 started the reversal process that led to Trump getting elected by the silent, fed up docile easy going majority.

Smite the evil ones Brett!

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:28 on October 6, 2018  

Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed To The US Supreme Court


redneckokie1 @ 14:51

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:26 on October 6, 2018  

Good luck Amigo! Oil’s goin higher and you’ll have a gusher!


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:20 on October 6, 2018  

“rig denier”

I didn’t know that. Hard to understand someone not believing in the rig when we see constant proof of it. No wonder his predictions haven’t panned out.

Moggie and Equiz

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:34 on October 6, 2018  

Northern Calif last month. Bombarded with chemical trails. img_2222


I need a little help here!

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 14:51 on October 6, 2018  

f141ddd7-44d2-44c9-96c9-d57912c54f57This drilling rig is on my wife’s farm. I need a HUGE production well!


Posted by treefrog @ 14:04 on October 6, 2018  


This is a big deal–long dated–10 & 30 yr bonds–lose value as rates rise–

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:01 on October 6, 2018  

The “VaR Shock” Is Back: Global Bonds Lose $880 Billion In One Week

Markets were in turmoil, S&P futures were locked limit down as traders panicked, the establishment political system was in chaos and global bond portfolios were about to suffer a near record $1.2 trillion in losses in just a few days.

All this took place in the hours and days following Donald Trump’s November 8, 2016 election as a Value at Risk (or VaR) shockwave spread around the globe over fears Trump would ignite an inflationary conflagration that would undo years of unorthodox monetary policy, sending interest rates soaring and crashing stock  markets.

In retrospect it didn’t happen, and as the initial shock from the political revolution in the US fizzled, bond buying resumed and the VaR shock of 2016 faded as an unpleasant memory.

Or rather, it didn’t happen then, because fast forward a little under two years, when the realization that something may is profoundly changing with the US economy has unleashed the latest global bond market Value at Risk, or VaR shock, when in just the span of three days as interest rates blew out both in the US and across the world…

some $876 billion in bond market value was lost, the biggest weekly drop since the Trump election VaR shock, and wiping out one year’s worth of mark to market profits as the aggregate value of global bonds tumbled to $48.9 trillion, the lowest going back to October 2017.


Equise, long train running below Tobiano, another awesome track. Happy TGiving to all Canucks…

Posted by macroman3 @ 12:55 on October 6, 2018  

IPSO–I love reading hamilton but u r right–he is a perma-bull-he is also a Rig denier…

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:33 on October 6, 2018  

Waiting For The Confirmation

Posted by commish @ 12:02 on October 6, 2018  


Richard640 @ 23:21

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:06 on October 6, 2018  

Sounds good to me but I’m not holding my breath. I think Hamilton is right on eventually but no one can say his forecasts have been flawless. It’s the timing that’s the rub.

That said … we are looking a little better …

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