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Moggy lol

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:12 on October 11, 2018  

Lol good for you but be careful nothing jumps out on you, I used to like riding motorcycles on the winding curves plus off road. I don’t know if you have deers there but here we have to watch out. The wind can blow cars around when it gets to 70 in gust maybe less. I got pulled over for that in the calif dessert once till they figured out it was the wind but freaked when they found I left Colorado in morning and was there in Calif already lol I got chased by three guys so just out drove them lol I went to Georgia on a greyhound bus once and probably fly or drive than do that again lol. It’s a interesting experience though. On the way back when we hit Arizona it started getting windy and the bus was getting thrown around a bit but not so much it went in the other lane so some druggies called 911 and told the police the driver was drunk. I heard her say we’re somewhere in the dessert. She got the snow flakes panicked while others laughed. I think I could write a short story for every stop along the trip and none if it was good.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.