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The Whole Story, re Addressing overdiagnosis and overtreatment in cancer

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:23 on October 17, 2018  

This News or info will probably grow over time. Most people on various medications these  days, probably don’t need them. Meanwhile the medical establishment has been growing and expanding in leaps and bounds. In the future, if more and more doctors and patients find out about this info, that less is better, the number of patients will dwindle. So expect a deflation in medical costs as the victim with insurance “pie” gets smaller, big competition. This will be to Medical like what happened to manufacturing businesses that were transferred away.

Parts of story:

Prof. Laura J. Esserman, MD, Prof. Ian M. Thompson, MD, Prof. Brian Reid, MD, Prof. Peter Nelson, MD, Prof. David F. Ransohoff, MD, Prof. H. Gilbert Welch, MD, Shelley Hwang, MD, Prof. Donald A. Berry, PhD, Prof. Kenneth W. Kinzler, PhD, Prof. William C. Black, MD, Prof. Mina Bissell, PhD, Howard Parnes, PhD, and Sudhir Srivastava, PhD


A vast range of disorders—from indolent to fast-growing lesions—are labelled as cancer. Therefore, we believe that several changes should be made to the approach to cancer screening and care, such as use of new terminology for indolent and precancerous disorders. We propose the term indolent lesion of epithelial origin, or IDLE, for those lesions (currently labelled as cancers) and their precursors that are unlikely to cause harm if they are left untreated. Furthermore, precursors of cancer or high-risk disorders should not have the term cancer in them. The rationale for this change in approach is that indolent lesions with low malignant potential are common, and screening brings indolent lesions and their precursors to clinical attention, which leads to overdiagnosis and, if unrecognised, possible overtreatment. To minimise that potential, new strategies should be adopted to better define and manage IDLEs. Screening guidelines should be revised to lower the chance of detection of minimal-risk IDLEs and inconsequential cancers with the same energy traditionally used to increase the sensitivity of screening tests. Changing the terminology for some of the lesions currently referred to as cancer will allow physicians to shift medicolegal notions and perceived risk to reflect the evolving understanding of biology, be more judicious about when a biopsy should be done, and organise studies and registries that offer observation or less invasive approaches for indolent disease. Emphasis on avoidance of harm while assuring benefit will improve screening and treatment of patients and will be equally effective in the prevention of death from cancer.


On March 8–9, 2012, the National Cancer Institute convened a meeting to assess the problem of cancer overdiagnosis, which occurs when tumours that would otherwise not become symptomatic are identified and treated. When this overdiagnosis is not recognised, it can lead to overtreatment. Participants of the meeting agreed that with the deployment of increasingly sensitive imaging tests, more lesions are being identified and labelled as cancer. This Personal View describes the initial steps to address the increasing problem of overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

The word cancer encompasses a range of disorders, from those that are always lethal if left untreated (or even if treated) to indolent lesions with extremely low potential for metastatic progression and death.1 Several other diseases show a similar range of severity—eg, diabetes can progress slowly or rapidly, as can rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, coronary artery disease, and inflammatory bowel disease. Unfortunately, when patients hear the word cancer, most assume they have a disease that will progress, metastasise, and cause death. Many physicians think so as well, and act or advise their patients accordingly. However, since many tumours do not have the unrelenting capacity for progression and death, new guidance is needed to describe and label the heterogeneous diseases currently referred to as cancer.


In conclusion, we have discussed the harms that are accruing from a one-size-fits-all approach to cancer screening and overuse of the term cancer. To reduce the substantial harm from this approach and to reduce the overall burden of cancer, the wide range of behaviours and outcomes associated with what is currently called cancer should be recognised. As a collective community of clinicians, researchers, patients, and stakeholders, the challenge is to redefine cancer based on its behaviour, use terms such as IDLE when appropriate, and change communication methods. The approach to cancer screening and treatment can then be tailored accordingly to maximise benefit to the individual patient and the population.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:58 on October 17, 2018  

That’s because some of the waste or debt is being transferred or even added to us like Obama care, airport security, increased taxes…
As far as unneeded tests yes they do some I need tests and with new doctors coming in from overseas getting experience on us I’m guessing that’s why they started digital diagnosis thanks to corporatizing doctors to employees. If they had better assessment skills some of these tests wouldn’t be necessary. For instance a new doctor couldn’t hear much in my lungs so ordered a Cat Scan when he could of just gave me antibiotics prednisone and something for cough cuz I told him I had a lung infection and you could hear it.
Well then had to wait for the test and and wait till a nurse, apparently not clinical one decided if I was elibifle and I have full coverage no less. Called again living on homeopaths and now they couldn’t find it in the system. So I called imaging and set up a set appointment myself which by then the test was suffocating me cuz I needed to sit up. Picked up the results the next day came back severe bilateral lung infection plus severe bronchitis etc. Took it to another doctor in a walk in clinic and got my medicine. Even then a WEEK later I get a call from my doctors office telling me I need to come in right away because I’m very sick, I said oh really? She says yeah she’s a NP and the doctor isn’t reading the correspondence. He quit. Then the next one quit. I told her I already got treated but I’ll come in anyways. I wanted to get more medicine so it was handy case it wasn’t gone yet after I finished. I knew after that they would give me what I wanted. They thought I shouldn’t be walking around that sick. I asked him who was the person that was supposed to schedule the test but they didn’t tell me too afraid lol who ever it was isn’t doing their job.
This is why you have to be careful with cutbacks on tests. I’ve seen it before. Kid comes in with eye injury no Referal to eye doctor child winds up blind in that eye because they had a retinal detachment. Something like my case and more. It’s going back to that probably.
Better assessment would help because they’re being too dependent on computers and tests. They should order the test if it’s significant not insignificant to symptoms. You don’t order a brain scan for stomach pain. I’ve seen it, really happened.
Next it will be second opinions. People should not even ask them less they’re asking to see a specialist. Just go to a different facility.

Ororeef – that makes too much sense

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 19:56 on October 17, 2018  

so it will never happen . If you ever run for office , count on my vote , even if I have to move to be in your district .

Make the MEDIA bid for their LICENSE

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:09 on October 17, 2018  

and  Term LIMITS to one year  with the proof that they provide diversity of views as a condition of renewal.

The money collected for the Licence must go to pay off the National DEBT…The License fee to be based on a percentage of National Debt and then you will see how fast the debt drops…!Make them BID for the License  !

If they refuse to cooperate with a Media BLITZ to the contrary just Nationalize them and do it for them  ..

@Ororeef re In America the Journalists want to kill the Government

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:11 on October 17, 2018  

In my opinion, evidence suggests, all the journalists are “employees” like Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch etc etc that never really met, or even KNOW who the REAL “boss” is, what “he’s” up to or what “he/they” want next. This is why the “employees” always plead the 5th, and none ever go to jail, including the ones that bundled sub prime loans into AAA bonds.

The “journalists” imo are simply blindly  following the old rules, and were not told about the new agenda. All the evidence I see since Trump started campaigning in mid 2016, suggests he’s probably like a new and different “employee” following a new agenda.

Questions anyone? 🙂

Saudi’s may be on to something

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:45 on October 17, 2018  

when it comes to dealing with Journalists  .Maybe we can learn something ..

In America the Journalists want to kill the Government….

@goldilocks, I Think The Worst Of Waste Is Ending Gradually After 2009

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:45 on October 17, 2018  

The “system” after 1975 has been creating unneeded hours of labor and unneeded production, use, and service of unneeded products, and the following remedies for ramifications of those products and services.

Has it been a coincidence? Or a natural reaction of the “public” to over ride the loss of MILLIONS of wealth producing manufacturing jobs. This trend has been obvious if you have been watching for signs. Below are “signs” of the future. The “news” starts small and grows over time to make people do think and say new different things. Look how “gun control” “news” grew after JFK was killed in 1963. Look how environmental and global warming  “news”  grew over after 1975.

What I’m implying is, new and totally different (reversal) trends are evolving the after 2008 crash. Screwing the public is no longer an option after the 45 years of past public screwing resulted in 2008 crash. Sure we can say…”But the screwing created good high pay jobs”. I call that cannibalism. Just one example is importing consumer products and exporting food and fuel. The American people have been cannibalizing their own economy for decades without even realizing it.

All a coincidence and or just “natural” market forces created by big global businesses and global governmental organizations that love to suck off the US consumer? You tell me.

Jul 29, 2013  (Bloomberg) — Low-risk growths in the breast, prostate and elsewhere should no longer be named cancer and screening efforts to spot them should be cut back, a panel convened by the U.S. National Cancer Institute said.
Among their recommendations, the authors of yesterday’s medical journal editorial called for an independent, broad group under the auspice of an organization such as the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies to review and rename less-risky lesions and growths currently identified as cancer.
Docs Say Extra Tests Not the Key to Best Patient Care
In an effort to end medical over-testing, nine major medical professional organizations have banded together to try to change the way doctors use tests and procedures once considered fairly routine.The campaign, Choosing Wisely, a joint effort led by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation and Consumer Reports, released a list of 45 common tests and procedures it hopes will be more carefully prescribed and performed.



Netflix was up $44 after 4pm yesterday on earnings–it has given up $30 of those gains–it’s still up $13.22

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:23 on October 17, 2018  

Investors Intelligence today= Bullz 51.9—-Bearz 18

On the biz channels they’ve been gushing about netflix’s “big gain” of $13

Gold’s stalled but not giving up much at all considering the $ is up .420–Gold’s a stallion!

Anyone here with grandkids should reads this.

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:40 on October 17, 2018  

So they took Mercury out replaced in with formaldehyde and aluminum plus a host of other toxic products including blood and DNA of living animals or aborted babies.
It didn’t make the Mercury less toxic claim did not do damage by taking it out because they just replaced it with another toxin. In Japan they broke up the MMR vaccine instead of giving the whole MMR like they do here and decreased death rates and autism. They also don’t give as many vaccines. DPt also a killer and more but here’s a page from a book s friend bought explains how the MMR caused brain damage and autism. img_2382


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:28 on October 17, 2018  

A bit exaggerated but Trump has a good head on his shoulders not gonna be manipulated. As far as court issues I don’t know anything about those claims to comment.
These IMO low life power hungry criminal politicians particularly Demos although some repubs in there too are a threat to everything industries countries built up.
They are using citizens as pawns.

What they are doing is using the loud noise tactic to make people afraid to speak out on freedom and their sovereignty. ” To accept being controlled.” Even their country’s flag and Christian or Jewish religion is to fear be put aside to submit to being controlled for their NWO. NWO of higher taxes higher cost of living increased crime, monopoly s of companies who then raise prices with decreasing competition?
You can see how many or most immigrants or now even some children of immigrants will not side with sovereignty of the country they now live and don’t think they understand the consequences. If they do it will be too late.
Americas was never great they say. Compared to what??? How much was their pay or quality of living where they came to where they are now? It’s just shows they have no respect for that country because they didn’t have to earn being here.
I haven’t heard one person except Trump call them out on it.


Posted by Buygold @ 11:35 on October 17, 2018  

Yeah, I guess a little $$ has come into pm’s but the banksters have their hands all over it. Although I guess with the stronger USD it makes some sense.

Dems winning one or both houses of Congress shouldn’t be an issue because no way in hell it happens. They have imploded. I know we have a lot of stupid people in the U.S. but we have a lot of people that are waking up too.

Alex and Goldie

Posted by silverngold @ 9:46 on October 17, 2018  

Thanks for checking in. I personally came away with more knowledge than I started. Supporting Trump in Canada is an uphill battle with virtually all the MSM against him. Fortunately I have a few friends who think for themselves and can see he is making some important inroads while entrapping and disabling many of the criminal politicians spewing their lies. I’d say Trump is a master chess player and people are beginning to wake up. It’s about time!!

Anybody wanna hear my latest crack-brained theory? The bid has come into gold for 2 reasons:

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:45 on October 17, 2018  

1)—fear of a crash

2) fear of the dems controlling one or both houses of Congress

I’m looking forward to Lindsey Graham taking the DNA test … and finding that he has 10 times the Indian blood that Warren has.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:21 on October 17, 2018  


Posted by Moggy @ 8:37 on October 17, 2018  


Pictures of Snoopy Woodstock

Let’s try again

Posted by Buygold @ 7:47 on October 17, 2018  

another open a little higher, let’s see what happens

USD Higher so it will be an uphill battle

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:52 on October 17, 2018  


New England fall foliage fiesta!


Sng Youtube back on

Posted by goldielocks @ 1:14 on October 17, 2018  

The left are playing a game too and as you see they are trying to ramp it up. Here’s a example.
Pavlov’s research on conditioned stimulus. Poor little Albert a infant was being conditioned ” frightened and probably hurt his ears so inflicted pain in this case” to become afraid of objects that prior he was not, by making a loud noise every time he saw the white rabbit. Guilt by association, the rabbit got s bad rap, lol
However I’m not sure if he was afraid of the animals and objects as much as anticipating when he saw them there was going to be a loud noise because I’m not sure if they presented the animals without the noise. It is normal response. If you stick your hand in fire your going to know if you do it again it’s going to hurt. If you flip a switch it’s going to turn on a light. It is a learning mechanism but can bring on survival instincts. In in this case it was a conditioned or false response causing unreasonable fear or anxiety.
My point is with the Demos out come the loud bangs. Turning the things that are a threat to us or securing our borders for instance into Trump is a racist, a islamophobe, sexist, on and on and that his followers must be too. All of a sudden people on the left suddenly have a reaction to Trump and his supporters. This has even caused loss of friendships, discourse in family’s and discrimination to anyone who wears a Trump hat or cloths.
They two are being played and fear of being the association with the people because of the loud noise.
This is also done in free speech for instance don’t say anything to offend Islam when it’s not the point. It’s also conditioning by them getting a loud response. Just be nice to them or else bam.
Milgram’s work, in short he had people causing pain to others who would normally not hurt anyone. That revolved around the Nazis in WW11 treatment of the Jews.
If they got the answer wrong they would get shocked. The people doing the shocking were the test subjects but didn’t know it. They thought the ones being shocked were the test subjects.
Some refused to continue shocking the man who was acting out the pain while others continued to cause pain and obey the authority figure who told them it must continue to the end.
They asked who’s responsible and the authority said he was so it took away the personal sense of responsibility to those who continued to harm the perceived test subject. It’s similar in mob mentality not taking personal responsibility.
It showed people can be conditioned to harm other people for the greater good.
Should I bring up vaccines here. Lol
Think Maxine Waters telling people to go harass Republicans. Bam by any means necessary. ” I can list a lot of names but you know them , doing the same.

So what can Trump do about these people being brainwashed?
Baby Albert, instead of making a loud noise he can give him ice cream to try to change the false association along with baby lullabies.
What can he do about the other in short, is putting the responsibility back on the person doing it.

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