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In 3 months will be the 40th anniversary of the latest chapter in a several thousand (millenial) war.

Posted by macroman3 @ 4:21 on October 21, 2018  

When Khomeni came to power in 1979, Iran was the villain (still is). Desert Rats created after Debacle in the Desert (Eagle Claw) rescue mission failed April 1980. US hostages in Tehran used to vault Reagan to Prez. Spawned 8 year war with Iraq to get rid of Saddam, (except US wanted him to prevail originally). Israel bombs Iraq nuclear facility in operation Opera 1981. Fast forward, 7 US Hostages in Lebanon had 2500 TOWs for trade sent through Israel (their vaunted enemy) to evil Iran against sanctions in 1986 so they could win against Saddam. Adnan Khashoggi brokers arms deal and sends profit cut to Nicaragua rebels against US sanction law.

In tandem, neocons start Iraq 1.0 (GHWB needed Saudi blessing first) in 1991 and 2.0 in 2003 (fake WMD/FT Mead anthrax)  after Afghan 2001 false flag 911 invasion courtesy of CIA (Bzrenzki/Afghan- Russia war) asset Bin Laden’s Al Queda (cough cough).

Now we have the world, except his employer Bezos, a Clintonite, up in arms (pun intended) over Adnan’s nephew sliced and diced in a Turkish prison, oops, sorry, Saudi consulate. Just after the other CIA asset, Brunson is released from said Turkish prison. The Donald, who bought Adnan’s old yacht, says meh. MbS, the Donald’s orb fiend, target of the Las Vegas massacre, wants to silence any stories about LV or 911 to further his public offering of Aramco, a failing oil reserve petrodollar anchor that provides Israel with their means to advance their Oded Yinon goals of the last 40 years.

Do I have a bit of khash to spend on this gamble?

edit, I could expand on Libya and Syria but I think you get the Canuck perspective, A



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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.