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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:31 on October 22, 2018  

Too bad we didn’t have such news when reporters were murdered or Benghazi. Oh yeah we had another do nothing President then.
It could also be a set up by another force that wants to come between the relationship we have with them. It wouldn’t be the first time. Right Macro, like Iraq. We need to stay with the innocent till proven guilty vs speculate, Although this one we can’t even investigate.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:24 on October 22, 2018  

Steve Wilson His Facebook site is getting hit with POC you coward graffiti.

poll voting format

Posted by treefrog @ 22:21 on October 22, 2018  

we have a poll on whether or not mbs should lose his place in saudi leadership.  the choices are:



don’t know.

we need a fourth choice:

it’s none of my business, i’m not a saudi.

Buygold–no doubt about it.

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:09 on October 22, 2018  

goldie, you know I am a ferverant Patriot. I was blasting peeps that called my country Canuckistan. That still rankles me but I have since softened. Much of that moniker is true.

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:50 on October 22, 2018  

I have resigned myself to accept the cure for Canada is the same for what ails the rest of the world. A total collapse has to happen to affect a reset desperately needed to save mother earth. Just not nuclear or biological. Economic only.

Canada needs to be trumped too…


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:34 on October 22, 2018  

Most the info I’m getting is not coming from the US or Canada. It’s coming from the U.K. They already know what’s coming next. Hope you guys start to care pretty soon.


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:28 on October 22, 2018  

I suppose ours is more interesting that yours but if this is what interest you best to keep it that way for Canada sake.
You might be dealing with straight PC in Canada where they only hear what they want them to hear. I’m glad to know they’re not all falling for it. Alrwady you have too many foreign special interest in gov there and starting to look like Calif in that respect. Once they become the majority and see how fast it can happen it will be hard to get any patriots back, they won’t let them in.


Posted by Buygold @ 21:11 on October 22, 2018  

On the subject of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the short story is he has flipped and is working on the Trump team.

If true, the only reason Rosenstein has flipped is because his fear of prison

So goldilocks, I am fascinated by your Trudeau angle. Most of us redneck Canucks think he’s a flake and is destroying our heritage for political correctness. Obama north.

Posted by macroman3 @ 20:48 on October 22, 2018  

His immigration and rainbow policies are fluff that is destroying a once great country. None of the lives given in two world wars would condone this clustermuck.

I just can’t believe a Yank would care, I don’t, I spend more time analyzing your field than my own.

I guess I must be one of those defense coaches that win championships…

Our first mistake was following GB into Afghanistan and Iraq on false pretenses.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:31 on October 22, 2018  

Sorry I changed the subject but it’s all relevant. The left uses it for votes, cheap labor for their backers, plus all the money they confiscate from drug and other crime trafficking. They now have establish crime groups in our country including human trafficking.
Before Trudeau Mexico and others from SA were going through the US who were to be deported but don’t show up voluntarily went to Canada to claim refugee status from the US. After waistimg money through court process the courts said they can’t be refugees from US because they’re not US citizens. They are abusing and waistimg time with legal systems and social systems tax payers. They were after the mining jobs.

My man, Dr. Dave Janda=This is why we are seeing the hysteria out of the Deep State players that are the mid-level puppets. This is why we see the Bookers, the Clintons, the Obamas and Bidens all lashing out.

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:43 on October 22, 2018  

So, what happens next? Dr. Janda says, “Trump knew this thing was rigged to blow, the economy, the financial system, and when the right time came, he would start pointing the finger at the globalists, the Fed. I believe that’s where we are right now.”

On the Democrats taking back control of the House, Janda says the blue wave will turn into a red tsunami. One Democrat after another, including Hillary Clinton, has threatened violence if Democrats do not take back the House of Representatives. Janda says, “These are not statements from people that are in positions of power or people that are riding a blue tsunami to victory in the midterm election. These are people that are potentially drowning in a red wave, and they know it because their internals are telling them that. This is why they are acting out.”

On the subject of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the short story is he has flipped and is working on the Trump team.

In closing, Dr. Janda says, “I would say we are winning. The reason I say that is all these judicial appointments. . . . I believe we have a five to four rule of law majority in the Supreme Court. I believe (DOJ prosecutor) Huber has been working on these indictments behind the scenes, and they will be unsealed as soon as the declassification occurs. I believe military tribunals have been set up and will become more overt in their operation, but that doesn’t mean we have already won. We are winning, and we are in the process of winning. We have not won. That’s why I believe these midterm elections are so important. ==They know if people vote for rule of law candidates across the board and don’t buy into this agenda that the globalists are putting forward such as no border security, sanctuary cities, raising taxes, and if you don’t vote for us, we are going to beat the hell out of you, if they don’t buy into that agenda, the Deep State players know the rule of law will be implemented like it’s not been implemented for decades in America. The Deep State globalists are in the crosshairs of a true justice system as opposed to a justice system that is just smoke and mirrors.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda, host of the popular radio show “Operation Freedom.”

(Program note: The interview is nearly 1:45 minutes long, but it is packed with cutting edge information and analysis.)

Video Link

https://usawatchdog.com/trump-blaming-fed-for-next- market-crash-dave-janda/



Posted by ipso facto @ 17:49 on October 22, 2018  

On America’s “Most Extreme Ventures Into Social Unreality”


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:53 on October 22, 2018  

This is political and they’ll probably get here around the elections.
I think these bleeding heart libs and bigoted left ANTIFA should be asked who’s going to give their jobs to them. Who’s going to pay the bills for this and the medical. How many carrying diseases. TB runs around over there amongst other things.
One man plans to get free prosthetics from us. So what’s going on with their medical. US citizens can’t even get them less they have insurance or pay for them.
I think some of them think of us like The Wizard of Oz. I’m gonna get this, I’m gonna get that.
Others and most have no respect for borders because of our stupid laws. There here to invade. East LA wanted to change the language.
Already a demo wants to stop Trump from stopped my welfare to Guatemala saying it’s illegal. Them coming to invade our borders is illegal.
Do u think these politicians or Soros and likes of libs who have businesses now have a compassionate bone in their body? I think you probably don’t believe it either. They could care less other than using them to move in on their countries resources next and for cheaper labor while their at it. They could care less what happens to us or them but there making it look that way to get the gullible to not get in their way destroying our sovereignty
That’s complicated with corruption in their country. When’s the last time Honduras president raised minimum wages in his country? They have resources, why don’t they export those resources and pay a living wage.

I don’t blame them for wanting out.
Things won’t change till the things they can get here change and are blocked.
Things need to change with their country. I’m sure many wouldn’t turn to crime if they had jobs that offered living wages.
In Mexico for instance if your a illegal you can’t apply for welfare. Your kid could starve for all they care they’re not going to put up with that. But they expect to get it here. We should deduct those cost from any aid to them. We can’t have them coming here while we send money there.
Why are we sending money? So they don’t come here? They’re coming by the thousands a day anyways.
The money is not getting to the people or its infrastructure. It’s going to those in the Gov. We need to stop feeding the corruption or at least put conditions on it.
A hurricane is on the way.

Now heard another 1000 started up in Guatemala heading this way behind the other who will probably pick up more as they go along.
This catch and release has to stop.
Demos saying where’s the wall while they obstruct even though amnesty was offered for what was it a million of them, while saying they deserve it but wouldn’t give it.
Regan gave it once but didn’t change the laws including chain migration now we’re back where it was but more , about 20 million of them.
They’ve been here so long they’re showing up in convalescent and rehab hospitals. Who’s paying for that?
They need to pick them up feed them then send them back to Mexico because they are not refugees from Mexico. They could of applied there and were offered but broke through the fence battering police. They are economic immigrants and we already have too many low skilled workers and students who need jobs

Brother Nathanael

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:45 on October 22, 2018  

Rahm Emanuel

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:58 on October 22, 2018  

is doing a Great JOB …600 Drug dealers each year are shot  and killed ..not even the toughest Police force can do that good,theyd get FIRED ..  Leave him alone ! he keeps them from spreading ,its population control !  The Police are left to protect the Good citizens and taxpayers ,no reason to give Drug dealers protection .No Gun control for them !….

Democrats know how to control drug dealers, Republicans are Stupid !If Republicans shot 600 drug dealers the Press would be rioting and yelling RACIST ..Leave them democrats alone ,let the Police protect good citizens…. Republicans couldent do that good..Rahm is right let them kill each other ! The police CANT do that good politicians wont let them we see that all the time.Stupid Republicans  !

goldielocks @ 12:24 re Canada Accepting Migrants

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:35 on October 22, 2018  

Its all about global equality, or a form of global socialism. I’ve been watching this crap unfold for DECADES now. Wealthy developed countries like the USA Europe etc getting poorer as poor countries are getting better off.

Allowing people to move away from a poor country, is GOOD for the poor country. Less competition for jobs and apartments for the people in poor countries that stay behind. At the same time the migrants barge into wealthy countries and better themselves, and the once well off natives have MORE competition for jobs and apartments.

The prior once wealthy developed nations can’t afford to fight it. They were and are not in control of global decisions. For one, the USA was the biggest VICTIM of globalization thru all presidents after JFK. In fact, since 1913. Re WW I WW II Korea etc. The Americans wanted no part of foreign wars or foreign entanglements after the WW I experience. The US people wanted Isolationism.

The global powers made the USA the leader and provider until TSHTF in 2008. They WOKE UP. Now the bozos are in panic mode imo, using Trump’s decades old “built in” rhetoric and or “electric shock treatment” to build up the USA, ASAP, so as to resume and maintain the 1913 to 2008 global leader and provider until the NEXT fiasco. Will they succeed? Or will the US economy start collapsing again?


Posted by Ororeef @ 13:34 on October 22, 2018  

needs some poor people because only the RICH can afford to live in Canada because its too fucking cold there..When energy prices rise those poor will FREEZE to death and they wont escape the grim reaper …He wants cheap labor but they cant afford to live there .Same with California except the weather is good ,they cant afford to live there .Notice the TENT cities in San Fran….When Im rich Canada will look safe ! So will Russia ,Norway,Greenland, Iceland Winter keeps the POOR  out and Crime ! Africa has a Great Climate yet nobody wants to live there ..no law and order ,confiscation of wealth hoards of POOR cheap labor that NOBODY wants in. The Rich migrate North for Safety,the Poor migrate South it cheaper to live .Trumps trying to get the Country Richer and become a Safety place for the RICH send the Poor to South America …..Build that Wall..  Build Gated Communities ….for Safety.

What percentage of population is black in Canada?,in San Francisco,in Boston ? Ive spent some time in each place( ALL run by Democrats)

and didnt see a single black person !not one ! Its not cheap,and its Cold or combination of both….Its been a few years since Ive been to those places,but Ill bet the per cent of population is still under 1 % ….Hispanics probably a bit higher ..!I live in a HIGH end neighborhood 99.99 % white because it aint cheap and there’s NO bus service .The Government is relatively good, rated among the 1 % best in the country on taxes and services…No vacant houses ,no tent cities,no free lunch ,but voted Democrats in ..the last two elections  and things are changing ..not for  the better ….No vacant land to build on .The last new houses built have been un sold for two years because they are overpriced in a labor market where nobody is offering a 40 our week .30 Hours a week for everybody with or without Health Care..

Thats how they keep labor costs down 30 HOURS labor thats it ! Statistics show LOW unemployment because its 30 hours a week for all…Who can buy a house on 30 hours a week ?

goldielocks – The Guy Who Abused the 911 Widow

Posted by commish @ 13:28 on October 22, 2018  

dqe_1y4x4aaimbe Has been identified as Steve Wilson of Portland has been fired from his job.  On Facebook he calls himself Salvad Orwell Wilson.


Posted by Buygold @ 12:55 on October 22, 2018  

Who knows? Definitely not me.

I will say that gold is pretty resilient here in the face of a higher dollar and lower SM – actually so are the shares.

Still, we’re going nowhere fast.

Buygold–the set up for gold to run is in place right now: stocks rolling over…but the higher dollar prevents it

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:33 on October 22, 2018  

About 2 or 3  weeks ago gold was up on 2 days 8 or 10 bucks WITH the $ sporting about the same gain as today…so who knows?



Posted by goldielocks @ 12:24 on October 22, 2018  

Trump isn’t a village idiot like the Demos and even some of the two faced repubs. This one looks like it though and gonna destroy Canada.


Our Old Friend Denis Gartman Insisted the Dow SnP is in a Bear Market

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:20 on October 22, 2018  

Said it this morning on TV. If anything he “likes investments in things that hurt if you drop it on your foot”. “But even those stocks aren’t doing too well” he said.

George Webb is way ahead of me but thinking along the same Khashoggi lines. Some of his stuff goes too far out on the fringe for me but his base case I agree with.

Posted by macroman3 @ 12:13 on October 22, 2018  

I will be paying attention to his channel from here on out.

R640 – yep

Posted by Buygold @ 11:49 on October 22, 2018  

maybe there’s just not enough corroboration for them to run with it, although that’s never mattered to the Demonrats before. He said, he said… 🙂 Who needs corroboration? That guy should be heard!!

Sure would like to see the pm sector rally if the SM dumps.

New Poll New Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:03 on October 22, 2018  

Vote! Vote!

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