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goldi, go easy on the boy.

Posted by treefrog @ 22:38 on November 30, 2018  


Maya, Ipso

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 21:13 on November 30, 2018  

A lot of people have figured out they have been lied to and ripped off by big pharma and their paid for political lackeys. when the reddest of the red states passed legalization by a very wide margin, some people were amazed. “The truth shall set you free.

Maya, are you gonna surf that big tsunami headed your way?




Posted by goldielocks @ 19:53 on November 30, 2018  

That paper, brain dead Trudeau sounds like what’s going on in Germany and other countries now being over run by Muslim thugs perverts and radicals. They too can’t say anything or considered intolerant. He’s being dictated by Muslims and enablers to infiltrate and overwhelm your country.Chain migration and unlimited amount if relatives coming in after them. Like the lawyer said not temporarily refugees but permanent and dare no complain about it.
Someone should investigate how much money is getting funneled to him.
I hope all the Canadians get out and vote him out in overwhelming numbers and watch who’s counting.
Make sure the person elected will reverse this agreement to invade your country and enslave your citizens to bow to these criminal migrants and religious dissents like Europe at your expense. Not to mention nature and wildlife with mass overpopulation and coming to a town near you, no go zones.
In the mean time invite any extended family who want to move there by walking across with those migrant deportation escapees.

Canada’s lying traitorous POS of a Prime Minister is about to give away the country to the UN’s world wide open border policy for migration

Posted by silverngold @ 16:50 on November 30, 2018  

Worth a few minutes to learn how close we all are to this nightmare becoming a reality.


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:55 on November 30, 2018  

I think Macron is shooting for a 10% approval rating! 🙂

France is a mess!

Interesting COT Report

Posted by Buygold @ 15:54 on November 30, 2018  

No clue what the hell it means but the banksters were very active in gold.



Posted by Maddog @ 15:39 on November 30, 2018  

Re Micron and smacking….it’s an EU dictat….meanwhile they are burning the joint down….I think there is another monster riot this weekend…Micron excels in pissing people off.

goldielocks @ 14:13

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:26 on November 30, 2018  

Exactly right! Who is going to invest there now? Nobody!

Fortunately I think most parents will ignore this idiocy.

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:24 on November 30, 2018  

Parents will be BANNED from smacking their children in France – where 85 per cent of adults are thought to use the punishment

French politicians have passed a law banning parents from smacking their children.

The French parliament voted today to outlaw corporal punishment in a bid to make sure parents do not overstep their authority.

The bill on ‘corporal punishment or humiliation’ seeks to ensure that parental authority is exercised ‘without violence’ of any sort, including ‘physical, verbal or psychological’ violence.

Despite 85 per cent of French parents saying they resort to smacking their children to discipline them, the National Assembly passed the bill.

MPs voted it through 51-1 early Friday morning, after a late-night debate, and it will now pass to the Senate.


Considering the USD strength

Posted by Buygold @ 15:17 on November 30, 2018  

I guess we should be glad it’s not worse today?

Gotta dig really deep to find a silver lining in this sector

Ipso 10:02

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:13 on November 30, 2018  

These people don’t realize in their arrogance that if they change the constitution to steal their land they will never be able to have property rights again. As soon as their Gov needs money and they always need money or one of their competitor tribes comes along they just take it from them with their criminal courts.
Since what they are doing is criminal and racist I hope they poison their land before it’s taken and if any family is murdered they give each other permission to poison it.

GE getting smashed again

Posted by Buygold @ 11:47 on November 30, 2018  

GE & Deutsche Bank – the two cogs in the SM wheel

May be why pm’s aren’t getting crushed even worse today so far.

Kirkland Lake … one of the few bright spots in the mining universe

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:35 on November 30, 2018  

Kirkland Lake Gold’s Aussie operation breaks production record

Kirkland Lake Gold (TSX, NYSE:KL; ASX:KLA) announced that its Fosterville Mine is expected to break its own record quarterly production in the fourth quarter of 2018. Full-year production is now forecasted at 330,000 ounces whereas previously reported guidance was established at 300,000-310,000 ounces.

In a press release, Kirkland Lake Gold said Fosterville’s strong Q4 2018 performance reflects higher than expected grades and the advancement of two additional stopes from the high-grade Swan Zone into the mine’s Q4 2018 production plan.

Fosterville is located near Bendigo in Australia’s southeastern Victoria state. It is a high-grade, low-cost underground gold mine that started operations in 2005. Mineral reserves have been estimated in 1.70 million ounces at an average grade of 23.1 g/t Au, including 1.16 million ounces of mineral reserves in the Swan Zone at an average grade of 61.2 g/t Au.

Kirkland Lake Gold’s Aussie operation breaks production record

weekly chart


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:12 on November 30, 2018  

I think you are most likely spot on. What is SA going to look like in 20 years? I am not an optimist.

ipso facto @ 10:02

Posted by Floridagold @ 11:09 on November 30, 2018  

I can guarantee that this will  NOT  end well for anyone and will probably lead to the starvation of hundreds of thousand or million people in the future !!  Dumber than


A pleasant surprise

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:01 on November 30, 2018  

To see spin off shares of Gatling Exploration from the Bonterra Metanor deal show up in the PF today. Had forgotten all about it.


Posted by goldielocks @ 10:11 on November 30, 2018  

West bend on the lake and before that Fox Point. The places before I don’t remember other than the cult kids there lol except was born in Wauwatosa. I’ve been to the reservation up north. Chippewa reservation. They were working on the war path then and wanted their land back. That was in the early 70s. Also wounded knew was going on so some of the guys on the res headed there. I was there to drop off a Indian friend living in Calif too and leaving her abusive Mexican husband who died later and her 10 month old son little Willy going into heat stroke on the way in La Vegas as my car didn’t have air conditioning in those days. That’s when I first learned prejudice because I was attached to the baby who reminded me of my part Indian half brother and was turned away from hotels because of a Indian baby saying no vacancy when their was. I was pizzed the baby’s temp was 104 had to save his life by cooling him down fluids and meds and taking off to higher ground where it was cool. By morning he was okay. That was before the laws changed I think in 86 you can’t be refused in a hospital without insurance.
My mom was from Calif her mom from Chicago. So I went back and forth as my mother did to but to Illinois.
Haven’t been back in a long time but have relatives nieces and nephews still there.
My great great grandpa married a Indian woman on that res it was a minomine spelled wrong res with Chippewa too. She was Chippewa but think it was is second marriage so probably have relatives there too. They’re hard to track when they go off the census on the res.

White farmers’ legal fight against plans to give their land to black South Africans without compensation is thrown out by country’s High Court

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:02 on November 30, 2018  


it never changes

Posted by Floridagold @ 9:52 on November 30, 2018  


Ahh….of course

Posted by Buygold @ 9:49 on November 30, 2018  

All Wednesday’s gains wiped out by Friday.

Never any follow thru or upside surprises.

Welcome to the worst sector/nightmare on the planet.


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:48 on November 30, 2018  

I remember back in high school days we’d sometimes run into “Kansas or Oklahoma Dirt Weed” which was supposedly picked wild in those states. It wasn’t real good quality but if you smoked enough it did the trick.

Great to hear that Oklahoma is joining the rest of the states with a sane attitude toward weed. The vets with PTSD will be among the first to benefit.

Maybe someday you’ll show us a pic of your land planted fence to fence in Hemp! 🙂


Posted by Maya @ 3:58 on November 30, 2018  

Hawaii has medical marijuana now also, and I see public usage a lot more.  A friend witnessed a crime in his front yard and as he was talking to the police there later, he was still rather shook.  He asked the cop if he minded if my friend smoked a joint.  “I’ve got a medical certificate if you want to see it” he told the cop.

The cop just laughed and told him they don’t bother to try enforcing pot smoking any more.  My friend lit up and finished explaining to the cop what he had seen.

Holiday Train

Posted by Maya @ 3:48 on November 30, 2018  


The Holiday train makes it’s own parade down main street



Posted by Maya @ 3:47 on November 30, 2018  

What part of Wisconsin are you from… up north?    Are you Chippewa?   I am… just a tiny bit.  My mother was from the Upper Peninsula.

Its a good thing

Posted by Ororeef @ 1:06 on November 30, 2018  

the school didnt pull that shit with my youngest daughter..She would have told them to Fuck off in no uncertain terms .She ‘s a piece of work.. God broke the mold when he made her..

She married a computer guy that worked his way up without a degree into the biggest businesses in AMERICA He was Managing director for IBM and all its software sales in Europe.He built IBMs software sales and Service for 2 years in Europe.Worked at HP for 5 years as manageing Director ..Did same for Computer Associates …He started at Blue Cross and became thier best computer guy..Then after they sent him to Texas to learn about a Software program they wanted to buy from a company called Legent .The company selling the Software offered him a job making 4 times what he was paid at BlueCross…after  they realized how smart he was..and he was off and running…He now works for VM ware after he came out of retirement from boredom ….They are a leader in CLOUD software….She wasent the academically top ,but more than makes up for it with a no shit from nobody attitude…hehe…They were a marriage made in Heaven ..Nobody would have dreamed of them two together…He is the best Son – Law I couldent have found a better one for her…They are Grandparents now and Im Great Gran 3 times…I greatful for all of them..My other Son is a Computer Security Specialist ….in SAP Software..WE have 4 all told…I am very fortunate .. WE raised 8 kids ,the other 4 were my wifes brothers kids as their mother abandoned them  at age 4 to 12 ,she ran off with another guy.. ….when he brother worked for me…My 4 were the same ages at that time..

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