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We’ve heard enough about people’s feelings and it just doesn’t matter anymore. You’re offended? Suck an egg. Someone appropriated your culture? Go shit in your sombrero.

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:26 on November 2, 2018  

Kunstler wrote this master piece just after the 2016 election–now truer than ever and the dems didn’t change–they tripled down on identity politics


For all practical purposes, both traditional parties have blown themselves up. The Democratic Party morphed from the party of thinking people to the party of the thought police, and for that alone they deserve to be flushed down the soil pipe of history where the feckless Whigs went before them. The Republicans have floundered in their own Special Olympics of the Mind for decades, too, so it’s understandable that they have fallen hostage to such a rank outsider as Trump, so cavalier with the party’s dumb-ass shibboleths. It remains to be seen whether the party becomes a vengeful, hybrid monster with an orange head, or a bridge back to reality. I give the latter outcome a low percentage chance.

Mommy is all about feelings and Daddy’s role is action and that is another reason that Hillary lost and Trump won. We’ve heard enough about people’s feelings and it just doesn’t matter anymore. You’re offended? Suck an egg. Someone appropriated your culture? Go shit in your sombrero. What matters is how we’re going to contend with the winding down of Modernity — the techno-industrial orgy that is losing its resource and money mojo. The politicsof sacred victimhood has got to yield to the politics of staying alive.

President-elect Trump may not know it yet, but events are now in charge, not personalities, not even his super-sized persona. Global trade and economic activity have been winding down all year and it’s finally affecting financial markets kept aloft on borrowed money, sending a strong signal through bonds that the borrowed money may never be paid down, and that additional borrowing will cost a whole lot more — so much more that it will bankrupt the nations that issue it.

Boo Hoo


Posted by Richard640 @ 19:03 on November 2, 2018  

The Commitment of Traders Report


*The large specs increased their long positions by 1,037 contracts and increased their shorts by 4,328 contracts.

*The commercials increased their longs by 5,819 contracts and increased their shorts by 2,317 contracts.

*The small specs increased their longs by 905 contracts and increased their shorts by 1,116 contracts.


*The large specs decreased their long positions by 23,824 contracts and decreased their shorts by 7,630 contracts.

*The commercials increased their longs by 2,443 contracts and decreased their shorts by 12,872 contracts.

*The small specs increased their longs by 980 contracts and increased their shorts by 101 contracts.y

Both slightly positive, but since this was tabulated before yesterday, does not mean much. In silver both the large specs and commercials remain short, while the small specs are mega long. In gold the commercials remain noticeably short.


[Courtesy Mike Ballinger]–There is also this “combined” futures and options report–not sure of the difference==FWIW


If Anyone Asks You, “What’s Going On With The Global Economy”? Show Them The Charts Below.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:10 on November 2, 2018  

Its going like a drunk driver, and sooner or later he’s going to go totally off the road and hit a tree.

Oil https://www.mrci.com/pdf/cl.pdf

Copper https://www.mrci.com/pdf/hg.pdf

Lumber https://www.mrci.com/pdf/lb.pdf

Canadian $ https://www.mrci.com/pdf/monthly.pdf

OJ https://www.mrci.com/pdf/monthly.pdf

@NSU Holders, or Nevsun Resources re Takeover by China’s Zinjin

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:54 on November 2, 2018  

What are you thinking. I also see that Zinjin is buying out Aurora Cannabis too. God knows who else they are buying out.

Poll Results

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:22 on November 2, 2018  

Should Mohammed bin Salman lose his leadership position in Saudi Arabia?

I don’t know (43%, 20 Votes)

No (28%, 13 Votes)

Yes (19%, 9 Votes)

I have decided not to form judgements about the affairs of others (11%, 5 Votes)

Have a great weekend everyone

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:06 on November 2, 2018  

You too MM!


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:04 on November 2, 2018  

I know, it’s more a status thing with her instead of issues that are important to women. She had Trump on her show to before he ran for president. Hillary to her then meant a continuation of the Obama regime. To her if you didn’t vote for a black because she was black meant ” you” were racist not her.
She apparently doesn’t care if the state goes down the tubes voting someone not business wise competent. Just another obstruction tool for the demoncratic demigods.
I’m beginning to think corrupt money even banksters are behind this too. Reason is they know they are incompetent pushovers than can be bribed easily.
I remember when going to Georgia a guy told me if you only had half a brain you could make a lot of money here lol That was a push for me to move here but that didn’t include heath care field. A black half Italian nurse in Calif just left there and said she had to work double shifts to get out and they didn’t even pay OT. She was originally from NY. The boss fired her though after a insistent where one of her patent coded and she just stood there. I came in started CRP the boss came in I told her to get the crash cart she took her time. Beware of traveling nurses. To be fare they could be good too.

Maddog – COT Report

Posted by Buygold @ 16:51 on November 2, 2018  

The only folks that get shredded time after time are the funds.

No clue if this means anything but here’s the report.


and yes no follow thru allowed…this is about as close as we’ve gotten in awhile

the diamond hunter Chuck Fipke got a pretty good zinc hit up at Rackla

Posted by overton @ 16:14 on November 2, 2018  


This is a great idea someone had. If you live where there are coyotes, etc and have a small dog.

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:41 on November 2, 2018  



goldielocks @ 11:12 on November 2, 2018

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:04 on November 2, 2018  

Oprah was the biggest RACIST and the Darling of the “Progressives” they paid her billions ,so they could use her …She was the biggest supporter of Hillary and Womens issues until Obama came along,then she through Hillary under the BUS to cast her support for a black ,Her whole  career got started with Womens issues ,when the time came she threw Hillary to the curb to vote for a Black man…  so much for the “progressive womens”vote.


Re No Follow thru

Posted by Maddog @ 13:32 on November 2, 2018  

Somewhere there is a short position of thousands and thousands of tonnes of Au and Ag……one day it will be opened…and explanations demanded.

There is just no way any real amount of shorts are ever covered….just today alone, thousands of lots have been sold to stop any follow thru….and all have to be added to the humongous short possy already there…utter madness.

Army Combat Engineers

Posted by commish @ 13:25 on November 2, 2018  

ee1951d885 headed to the border with 22 miles of their favorite defensive tools.

No follow through allowed

Posted by Buygold @ 12:38 on November 2, 2018  

same theme we’ve seen for years now

Silver fell 27 cent from its high today=from 14.92 to 14.65…and has bounced to 14.77 last trade

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:15 on November 2, 2018  

Was there some kind of rally yesterday?? I kinda recall that there was…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

U.S. allows eight jurisdictions to keep buying Iran oil for now

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:17 on November 2, 2018  



Posted by goldielocks @ 11:12 on November 2, 2018  

What I saw in the Gillum lines as people not so educated and gullible.
Also there are a lot of minority’s much more than majorities or whites who vote on race and totally clueless or don’t care about the fact that they’re not qualified and would rip them off.

That was tested and proven during the Obama campaign. When asked questions like how do you like his pick of Sara Palin for his VP. And their like oh yea she’s great. Hello, anybody home?

Now you got some like Oprah doing the SA thing playing woman’s suffrage in voting that was resolved a long time ago by white women, trying to say she’s voting purely on policy’s. What policy’s? Lol
Both would be a disaster and would resort to crime to get votes like wanting to allow illegals to vote.
Gillum pulling the free stuff like college and health care. Trying to say Scott is not for eliminating pre existing conditions which is a lie. They’re both lying and Gillum doesn’t say where he’d get the money.

It wouldn’t be until they took home less than half their pay check they have now, to pay for it and got laid off because their job closed down before they’d get it but would be too late.

The young would realize their collage classes are full of illegals going ahead of them and people not even serious about college are full and would be put on a waiting list that will grow longer and longer.

As is in junior colleges you see tons of minorities taking up space not there to study, mostly men disrupting classes every beginning of the semester waiting to get their student grant check and soon as they get it they clear out.
They can only drop so many classes before they get no more grants because of this putting pressure on more serious s students who haven’t found their way yet as their career choices can change.

I’m guessing that’s what or the major driving force behind the student loans being changed to no filing bankruptcy so they don’t get the money for that too and drop out soon as they get the money.
Free college would make this even worse and waiting lists that would grow and grow as they allowed illegals to get in they’d be piling in from all over the third world while Americans they think of as only tax paying ATM machines pay for it.
Dumbing down America,
Voting for these Demos you’d have to be dumb as a post or want to see America turned into a SA or Venezuela.

December comes silver

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 10:45 on November 2, 2018  

Appears to have broken out to the upside with today’s continuation…….so far. A close above $15.00 on a Friday would look friendly for the following week. Pay attention to the stock market in December. If the Santa Claus rally doesn’t take out the old highs, beware the ides of March.


30 mins after numbers and scum hard at it

Posted by Maddog @ 9:03 on November 2, 2018  

But SM is not responding, nor are bonds….PM’s of course under maximum pressure, as scum enraged by plus 1230,,,can’t allow that….

Gonna be a long day….but so far typical Jobs day…and of course absolutely no follow thru allowed for PM’s.

Well that was fun

Posted by Maddog @ 8:40 on November 2, 2018  

while it lasted…scum back at work today, they must have had a day off yesterday, as tks for all their stealing.

Morning Buygold

Posted by Maddog @ 8:13 on November 2, 2018  

So much against us today….plus the Donald has saved the world..God knows where the SM will be by the close.

In fact here they come….

Speaking of headwinds

Posted by Buygold @ 7:37 on November 2, 2018  

I guess an even bigger headwind is the “no follow through allowed” rule.

Just saying

Jobs Report

Posted by Buygold @ 7:04 on November 2, 2018  

Biggest headwind today is the jobs report.

Looks like Trump got things fixed with China.

The guy really is good when it comes to deal making

277 Billion Reasons Why France Is So Worried About Italy’s Showdown With Brussels

Posted by Maddog @ 6:18 on November 2, 2018  


Still Macron can always cry on his Mum’s shoulder….errr!!!! sorry wife’s.

Coffee Time

Posted by winedoc @ 5:59 on November 2, 2018  

Would be nice to see silver over $15

………  Never thought I’d be saying that !

Still here we are,  hanging out together.  When silver breaks out …….  one day …….  will be something to behold (again)


Morning Friends



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