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Posted by Ororeef @ 21:19 on November 7, 2018  

looks mighty scared  to me…The Democrats wanted her OUT and now that TRUMPS safe from impeachment …..and an AG friendly to TRump   ..and A Supreme Court back in balance ..

Democrats can kiss impeachment goodbye  along with Sanctuary citys ..They will get NO FEDERAL money assisstance  from TRUMP  ..Ya see how fast he fired SEssions ..watch for more HEADS to ROLL  soon…TRump won all Republican victorys by himself  and his tireless efforts to elect Republicans to save himself from impeachment was successfull ..Those retireing Republicans were cowards anyway …They tried to have a Palace COUP ,it failed and now the King will exact his justice  …..Head s will Roll…The faster the better   !   I betcha Feinstein resigns ,retires to save face before Trump exacts his revenge for the Kavanaugh fiasco.

California faces financial calamity as Trump cuts off Federal assisstance to Sanctuary cities including Los Angeles ,San Francisco and anybody that SHOUTED “IMPEACH..IMPEACH “…they will wish they kept their mouths shut.. ..They FAILED to get TRUMP…now he will get them…It was their CALL  not his .now they should PAY  !  TRUMP should use the money that would have gone to the citys ..to build the WALL  !  FUCK ‘m they didnt vote for him anyway …

Democrats didt learn from BUSH AFTER KATRINA AND ALL THOSE BLACKS IN Louisiana didnt vote for BUSH then Katrina hit and he said Fuck’m they didnt vote for me anyway..

I heard one Black guy say after Trumps Press conference and Jim Acosta made a FOOL of himself shouting at the President ..Then the black guy said the President should have been MORE Presidential !!! …what ! He should have went over to him and socked him one to teach him to more Respectful to the office of the Presidency,and ordered him out of the room .Presidents cant afford to be disrespected !   NOT EVER !  You can disagree respectfully ,he’s still the President !  He represents the Peoples Choice !   TRUMP needs to crack down on the Press hard…and FAST  !

He needs to teach them Respect  and that he’s in charge !

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.