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The Palace COUP has FAILED !

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:29 on November 8, 2018  

Every Government in this world fears to be OVERTHROWN ..and when it FAILS ..the insurgents had better get outta DODGE  !   You see how fast Sessions went ,next Pelosi   et al  ..When you try to overthrow the Government ..and thats what Democrats did ……and they FAILED  !  Theres gonna be HELL to PAY !  Trump held out an olive branch to black voters and they still failed to respond …big mistake  !   LOW IQ   ?   NOW Democrat whites are gonna flee for their lives and stupid blacks will rush in to fill their positions …FOOLS rush in where wise men to tred …

They FAILED to OVERTHROW the GOVERNMENT ! What part of that dont you understand ?

Trump will rule by decree,he dosent need legislation..Obama did it  !   and none of it became LAW ,that means everything he did was subject to reversal by Trump ….Trump has the votes to prevent any bad LAWS in addition to veto power .

As if given a signal from heaven…another Supreme Court JUDGE is on her way out !

Trump should make NO accommodation,they gave him NONE ! He should STACK the COURT with every conservative he can …..they tried to overthrow him…!

RACISM will be the CRY from the tyrants and it will fall on DEAF EARS deservedly …

You cry wolf ,when there is none ..and then   it happens   and no one hears your crys  !

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