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Gold COT report-Flash! Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America…and all ships at sea-here are the stats hot off the press:

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:47 on November 9, 2018  

They are…they…O! screw it…why bother? They don’t make a bit of difference, anyway…


**WALTER WINCHELL—Winchell opened his radio broadcasts by pressing randomly on a telegraph key, a sound that created a sense of urgency and importance, and using the catchphrase “Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea. Let’s go to press.”


His newspaper column was syndicated in over 2,000 newspapers worldwide, and he was read by 50 million people per day from the 1920s until the early 1960s. His Sunday night radio broadcast was heard by another 20 million people from 1930 to the late 1950s. In 1948, Winchell had the top-rated radio show when he surpassed Fred Allenand Jack Benny.[9] One example of his profile at his professional peak was being mentioned in Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart‘s 1937 song “The Lady Is a Tramp“: “I follow Winchell and read every line.”[10]


He would then read each of his stories with a staccato delivery (up to a rate of 197 words per minute, though he claimed a speed of well over 200 words per minute in an interview in 1967),[25] noticeably faster than the typical pace of American speech. His diction also can be heard in his breathless narration of the Untouchables television series as well as in several Hollywood films.

Walter Winchell 1960.JPG

Winchell in 1960
Born Walter Winschel
April 7, 1897



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:59 on November 9, 2018  

WW1 should have more attention. Children should learn as well as why and their constitution. Including WW11 so when you got nuts calling people Nazis they not only can see they’re lying or no comparison or that it’s them acting like the Nazis. Like going to people’s homes to attack them, or destroying business or trying to drive out students.. like Antifa


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:30 on November 9, 2018  

That the Anti-Constitutional League of Underachievers ACLU, along with the Anti-California League of Underachievers.
I bet if we changed it to fingerprint verification they’d complain it wouldn’t be fair to criminals with warrants.

The Brits still remembering their WWs

Posted by overton @ 18:52 on November 9, 2018  

BBC WWI The Final Hours


Posted by ipso facto @ 17:23 on November 9, 2018  


What country doesn’t make sure you’re a citizen before you vote? Amazing!

Ipso meanwhile in Calif

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:38 on November 9, 2018  



Posted by goldielocks @ 16:18 on November 9, 2018  

Their real name is United ” muslim” Nations.
They’re are using another stragety to invade. The current trend is Asilum or refugee.
UN is a threat to all sovereign nations. It does not help poverty, just spreads it. They don’t assimilate but act predatory.
Treaudu is a model of Darwinism they will be studying in the bones of Canadians a hundred years from now.
Yea I saw how he was chasing Obama. When I was young there was a saying by young black womens. Kiss a mans ask and he’ll get yours. About sums up Trudeau. You got your Obama now who will see the destruction of Canada. I guess he isn’t looking what’s happening to these traitors be Obama and his regime voted out, Merkel voted out, and hopefully coming to Canada Trudeau voted out. Less people really starved for entertainment. It’s not a movie it’s real.
If people wouldn’t let a bully steal their lunch money in school why would they let it happen to their kids?

Grim week

Posted by Maddog @ 16:00 on November 9, 2018  

scum had no choice but to smash the PM mkt, once the Venezuela story got traction, Standard operating procedure for the scum.

But it is a huge story, that no-one will talk about.

goldielocks @ 15:12 No argument from me on any of that, including the LOL!!!

Posted by silverngold @ 15:53 on November 9, 2018  

I had Trudeau’s number since he went down to the US and kissed Obamas lying ass. Since then he’s done photo-ops praying in Muslim attire, got a Muslim immigration director, and basically opened Canada’s borders to all “refugees”, provided transportation and housing and food and money as soon as they cross into Canada, and God only knows what else. Wouldn’t surprise me if he is BEGGING Trump to please send all those refugees to Canada. Yes, he’s definitely in the UN’s pocket and I hope Trump is wise enough to kick the UN out of the US. IMO they have no business in the US or anywhere else in the world and need to change their name to the DN, for Divide Nations, because that is what they are doing!!

@Gold_Titan1 re 13:11 Fake Numbers From The Central Planners

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:52 on November 9, 2018  

Roger that post Gold/Titan. I noticed the phony numbers decades ago. There was a period at least 10 to 20 years where I calculated cost of living and other expenses at 7.5% per year, and the so called “Labor Dept.” was reporting 2% inflation. Businesses used those numbers for pay raises.

Another thing they never factor in, (re unemployment rate) compared to the 1950s ’60s and part of the ’70s, the masses had a lot more money to spend. Discretionary funds. Even kids out of high school were buying new cars with 10% down and 3 year loans.

The real actual unemployment rate was ALWAYS around 4-5%, for three decades, with excessive purchasing power for the employed folks. The masses of today, simply can not spend money into the economy like they used to, even with both spouses working.

So the net effect on the economy these days proves that the 4% unemployment rate of yesteryear, from 1945 to 1975, did not hurt the general economy.  The 4% unemployment rate today is NOT as good as the 4% from ’45-’75.

Because the 96% employed TODAY simply can’t spend money like the ’45 to ’75 masses. So the net effect on the economy these days is more like a “real” unemployment rate of 20-25%. I never read shadowstats but I wonder if they figure it like I do. Probably not. They probably find bigger numbers of unemployed, but many may be self employed, or working in the under ground economy.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:44 on November 9, 2018  

Yikes lol You know I don’t really need them.
In a sideways bear market but just look
what drives it. It’s almost like yesterday’s news. I don’t think they want mainstream knowing what they’re going to do. Even In a bull market they have shorts out there. Were sideways with a threat of decline yesterday. Today, yep.

Well Goldie – I also found a cartoon!

Posted by Buygold @ 15:38 on November 9, 2018  

The weekly COT Report


I found a cartoon that sums up socialism.

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:30 on November 9, 2018  

Wanna be

"Because I have my lunch money automatically deposited into his account."

“Because I have my lunch money automatically deposited into his account.”

Bully’s wanting your lunch money then saying they’re just crumbs. When they grown up want your land too.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:22 on November 9, 2018  

Hope your friends okay. I saw a home video yesterday of a dad consoling his very young daughter driving out with fire on both sides of him. She said she wanted to go back home because of the fire. Dad told her they have to get out of the fire. Stupid cars just stopped blocking people trying to get out. 5 people have died so far trying to escape.
A fire in your area here gas up no place to run out of gas and get out before you have to worry about traffic.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:12 on November 9, 2018  

Did you hear what Trudeau is up to now? He’s totally under control of the UN it appears. They’re probably laughing at him too.
He wants to expand the army there to protect him from Russia, Chinese, and wait for it, America. Lol lol
Maybe Trump can truck all those migrants straight to your borders so they can claim aslium for their newfound enemies lol lol Let me guess who his Alli s will be? Jihadists?
God save 🇨🇦 The worlds gone nuts.
Hopefully you’ll have elections soon and a worthy conservative to get him out.


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:00 on November 9, 2018  

Paradise is where my friend lived. I noted it yesterday.

Let the rains come!

ACLU turned rouge anti American

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:55 on November 9, 2018  

Wonder who is funding them and turned them into a internal enemy. Soros and like?
Now blocking Trumps plan to stop this illegal caravan of migrants from trying to use our Amensty laws to get in. ACLU misrepresenting these laws to let them get away with it.

Ipso, that’s not all on fires. The northern town of Paradise was totally evacuated and wiped out.

California dry as a bone

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:50 on November 9, 2018  

Malibu Evacuated As “Apocalyptic” Fire Rages; 75,000 Told To Flee Ventura County


I tried to buy the SDOW NOV 16 $15 calls before the close yesterday for 14 cents & didn’t get filled–this morning, with the DOW down

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:29 on November 9, 2018  

about 60 some points I got filled at a dime–I think what happened was that some holders at higher prices panicked & decided to salvage what they could…they were thinking that the stick-save of the DOW the past 2 days would kick in and the DOW would go green,,,

I can’t be sure but this sell-off is broad and worldwide–The Global DOW is now down 35–the Russell 2K is down 29–the trannies are in gear down  148–the 10 yr T-note’s also up 23/64ths…if the DOW closes down 300 or 400…or more, then sun nite/monday morn could be the kick off to giving up the gains of the bounce off the lows…but one day at a time…


Filled Buy to Open 200 SDOW Nov 16 2018 15.0 Call Limit 0.10 0– — 09:37:59 11/09/18



One week ago  we warned that what may be the most under appreciated delayed risk to the market is a surge in redemption requests as LPs and investors got their monthly performance reports, showing the worst month in years, and in the  knee jerk response of faxing in their request to have most or all of their money pulled out now before the rout accelerated.
Today, Bloomberg picks up on this risk, with reporter Saijel Kishan writing that following the second worst month of the decade for the hedge fund industry, many are bracing for an industry D-Day: Nov. 15.
That, as Kishan explains, is the deadline for investors to put managers on notice to get some – or all – of their money at year end.
Investors can cash out of most hedge funds quarterly after giving 45 days notice. Withdrawal schedules can vary, as do notice periods. Firms can also levy penalties on clients who want to bail outside of agreed schedules, while investors can cancel redemption plans if they change their minds.
Only this time few will be changing their minds, and the total redemption will be a bloodbath, because if history is any guide, “the rush for the exits will be swift and accelerate.”



Posted by silverngold @ 13:17 on November 9, 2018  

I just heard and read that and it totally resonates with what I believe. To me that says it all. That’s why we’re all still here and that’s why we’ll never give up. We’re all WINNERS!

Mr.Copper @ 10:55

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 13:11 on November 9, 2018  

Hi Mr C

You are correct in every respect, all the GDP , unemployment  and other stats are manipulated by economists and government to make the economy look better than it actually is. Real unemployment around 22% as per shadowstats.com.

A more sobering assessment of current status of US economy by Daniel Localle  at https://www.macrovoices.com/474-daniel-lacalle-synchronized-global-growth-was-always-a-false-narrative

Worth listening to.







Courtesy of shadowstats.com


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:01 on November 9, 2018  

Ps The ballot box is inside front of the door as people walk in. How can they get lost!
What I noticed was people come in not having to wait in lines to drop their ballot off. They many times don’t trust the post office with story’s of ballots not being delivered. I don’t think they realize if their worried about their vote being counted it’s best to send it in early or go in directly and have it counted right away. This is a example how these ballots don’t get to where they’re supposed to go and apparently even destroyed. A lot of these people are from off the streets I noticed and have no day job. Especially democrats.
I thought it was crazy when at the end of the polling during Trumps election a couple were happy about the money they were going to get. I’m thinking seriously! The money was not a motivator for me as with all the overtime it was a joke. I would have got more at my job for normal hours than that. Get there at 6 am don’t get out till after 11 with disorganized people but at least they got the ballots out. They go in a trunk of a car sent somewhere else AFTER THE VOTING IS OVER!!!


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:41 on November 9, 2018  

People need to to be taken out, ballots rechecked and charged with tampering. They need to find out how many actual registered voters there is from that county.
This number should always be a secret from pole workers. With corruption abound that would be hard because that could work both ways. You have a worker destroying ballots??!!!

There is a clear amount of time they are suppose to be turned in. That time is up.
There should be a triple check all ballots are in and signed statement from polling statement of how many ballots.
Ballot boxes should be in site and checked by two second people outside the polling group one of each party.

They should have a system that registers you via fingerprint to verify your a citizen via a online machine to sign in to vote. They take everyone’s fingerprints anyways be a job, license, background check or DMV. ” if machine down actual fingerprint done with name address DOB.
That would eliminate the excuse blacks can’t afford a ID. It’s not for blacks it’s for illegals.


Posted by Buygold @ 12:03 on November 9, 2018  

So much for $7 holding.

Just when you think this stuff can’t go any lower it always does.

One of the most important charts these days: Cost of servicing US Federal debt is exploding

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:00 on November 9, 2018  

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