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Its gonna COST BILLIONS to rebuild California

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:40 on November 15, 2018  

and a couple Billion MORE to build a NEW UTILITY   after it  declares Bankruptcy  !

Its used up its insurance ,its reserves ,its credit lines ….They squandered the money giving to Charities so the Public will adore them as GOOD LIBERALS ….and not complain about increase rates and INCREASE SALARIES ….WE love Liberals in California   dont we !  The land of MILK and HONEY  where all Public officials make over $200,000 per year ..police, Fire ,mayors,life guards !  JUST dont ask people in the rest of the COUNTRY that make less than half of that to subsidize you ! and complain that that MEAN TRUMP guy must be a RACIST  because those that elected him resent your high living at working peoples expense .RAISE TAXES on PUBLIC EMPLOYEES to get what you need !  ASK what you can do for your STATE ,not what it can do for you !   You need more refugees too  …soon you will join them with only the shirts on YOUR back

…Its a good thing my son put Solar Panels on his house ,He can go off GRID if he has to ,He ‘s a PHD PHYSICIST and did it himself…(San DIEGO).First they gave him a subsidy credit for saving them money of Capital Expenditure and he was allowed to sell them electricity ,now he cant SELL them electricity anymore..He must have a MINIMUM BILL .. NICE OF THEM..!

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