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For Mad Dogs and Englishmen @10:27, there has to be way more than 10 CDH, I’m thinking 13 or 14…watch closely at 5:35 for Obama (I almost puked)

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:23 on November 20, 2018  

Time for a little levity !

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 16:07 on November 20, 2018  


All things considered

Posted by Buygold @ 15:40 on November 20, 2018  

with the strength of the USD we could be doing a lot worse than we are. Not too crazy about some of the selling in these beaten up juniors, but tax loss had to come into play at some point.

None of the selling appears to be on heavy volume.

Alex, Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 15:37 on November 20, 2018  

Thanks for the responses.

Alex – “But , crazy as it seems , I still believe there will be a reckoning”

I would think so too, and I’m with you on the financial devastation.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it all works out.

scum push S&P up 10 full points …just as it was about to crater….magic.

Posted by Maddog @ 15:20 on November 20, 2018  

BuyGold – I thought the system was going to collapse in 2008,

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 15:06 on November 20, 2018  

That , creating massive amounts of fiat would ignite the crash .
It didn’t , and my efforts to preserve my status as more or less neutral in maintaining a reasonable lifestyle via tried and true G&S was the safe path .

Instead , I was decimated financially .

But , crazy as it seems , I still believe there will be a reckoning .For the sake of my children and grandchildren I hope the process will be the gradual scenario you mention . That would be best for most of the people of this Earth . I would just hope that those responsible for creating the mess would be brought to justice , but that is highly unlikely in my lifetime . We have seen a lot of bluster in Congressional hearings , but who is doing time for treason in high places ? No one .

Instead we see young men in the prime of life doing time in military prisons for protecting their lives when our leaders sent them into harm’s way far from home .

Alex Valdor

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:20 on November 20, 2018  

You’re welcome.

At some point we’re going to have to hold a fundraiser. Waiting for a good rally. LOL

Buygold re 13:54

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:20 on November 20, 2018  

In my view, the USA has already gone thru a gradual long term invisible second great depression starting in 1975, after which entry level families need two or three jobs to accomplish what a one job breadwinner used to achieve.

Note also the $20 trillion national debt. That money was supposed to be paid by taxpayers, but borrowed instead. That $20 trillion you could also say is what the foreign countries SUCKED away from us. They are spoiled rotten and complaining with a loaf under each arm.

Reality is slowly trying return while TPTH try to avoid reality. Reality is the US tax PAYER and consumer can’t afford what they used to be able to afford. Way too many unneeded artificially created artificial service jobs (welfare jobs) that just cause expense to other people to keep the other people working.

A very TINY one is the “check engine” light, and yearly inspections on a car even if only driven 2,000 miles. All the EPA service jobs are not really needed. Lots of grants being handed out around here to revitalize towns and villages.

They need to revitalize the country FIRST, with Trade Surpluses. Use the PROFITS for roads and revitalization. Not loans and taxes. The BOZOS just offered Amazon $3 billion to locate near NYC. Isn’t that just ducky? They said 25 THOUSAND new  employees for pushing MORE imported products to fellow Americans.



Posted by ipso facto @ 14:13 on November 20, 2018  

As I said I tend to agree with that.

IPSO – correct , and

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:13 on November 20, 2018  

Corporations which have paid to lobby DC to import cheap workers and to import foreign goods without protective tariffs are also responsible to a large extent . Buy locally made products is best , as Mr. Copper reminds us .

Many politicians believe that taxing corporations is good – but corporations just add their taxes to the price passed on to consumers – probably with a markup .

The Fair Tax concept made sense to me . Even those being paid under the table participate in the tax burden that way . I would say that money sent abroad to individuals etc. should also be taxed , since it leaves our economy to help foreign economies .

BTW , many thanks to you and the others who keep this forum going . It really helps !

ipso, 13:58

Posted by treefrog @ 14:09 on November 20, 2018  

when it gets bad in iowa, it will be the concern of the farmer in iowa to care for the homeless in des moines, not in olympia.

Alex Valdor

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:58 on November 20, 2018  

“States and Cities create these conditions by driving out real jobs through excessive taxation ( of business , in particular ).”

I would say that the Federal Gov had a hand in this by enacting policies which had the effect of shipping millions of manufacturing job overseas and also that a great many of the homeless here are from out of the area, perhaps from places with policies you describe.

“There is no reason a farmer in Iowa should have to support the homeless in Olympia .”

I tend to agree with this … now … when unemployment hits 20 or 30% I dunno, It’ll be bad in Iowa then too.

PS Also true that many of the homeless would rather live in a tent than have a job. IMO

Alex, Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 13:54 on November 20, 2018  

Do you guys really think the system is going to collapse/crash?

What if it’s just a slow meltdown, standard correction type thing?

I guess it just seems like they can and do paper over every problem with unlimited fiat. Even with that, it’s had very little impact on the strength of the USD.

Hard to see a crash in the U.S. unless there was a huge run on the USD’s reserve status.

The Crash And Slowdown In 2008 Caused A Lot Of Immigrants To Go Back Home

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:40 on November 20, 2018  

Because Trump started talking in mid 2016 about “America first” and all the expected prosperity to be coming to the USA it’s only NATURAL that more and more immigrants have been coming back here lately.

They all would stupid not to come here after hearing how the USA is going to be THE PLACE TO BE. It adds up to more opportunity and prosperity in the third world nations as they get rid of excess population of people that need jobs. They free up jobs and apartments where they leave.

Re Oil Crashing $76 to $54 (-29%) Amazon 26% off the $2,040 high

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:31 on November 20, 2018  

This smells to me like FINALLY the start of a crash on global trade. The more Amazon sells the poorer the USA gets. Well AMZN has been growing in leaps and bounds. So we can assume  the crash will be growing in leaps and bounds. 🙂

This might be the start of that second eye wall of the financial storm I figured we would hit with 2008 being the first hit. Nothing has changed yet to fix the USA. We still have huge Trade Deficits. All the other things they did like lower the taxes (Bayer Aspirin) was not the problem.

The primary problem, or LEAKAGE of USA wealth was the Trade Deficit. Only 5-10 years of a Trade Surplus will fix the problem. The past ten years was all artificial life support for the USA just so FOREIGN exporters can keep on sucking the “leakage”.

TPTB wasted 10 years. But that’s what they do. They delayed every natural thing that tries to happen.

Disturbing video of massive number of refugees coming into America and troop buildup to stop them.

Posted by silverngold @ 13:27 on November 20, 2018  








IPSO – re: Homelessness

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:58 on November 20, 2018  

The solution suggested in the article should never be implemented at the Federal level .

States and Cities create these conditions by driving out real jobs through excessive taxation ( of SMALL [edited] business , in particular ) . There is no reason a farmer in Iowa should have to support the homeless in Olympia .

I volunteer at a ‘soup kitchen’ . The meal consists of a salad , buttered French bread , a delicious course of meat and a starch ( mashed potato or pasta ) , a beverage ( Milk , iced tea or lemonade , or coffee ) and chocolate cake for dessert . We feed between 85 and 100 each evening that we participate . Most are young and able bodied , but addicted . Less than 10% are those who are retirement age , but who have lost everything , yet are not substance abusers … just decent folk down on their luck . My heart truly goes out to them .

When the system collapses , we will see many more of the latter .

IT’S A TURN! Amazon is $108 off the days low!

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:58 on November 20, 2018  


Posted by Buygold @ 11:12 on November 20, 2018  

The shares have made a quick comeback for some unknown reason.

That NEVER happens, even when the SM comes back.

Go figure

It’s a toss up! What comes first … commercial production at the Pebble Deposit or the first asteroid mining?

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:02 on November 20, 2018  

Northern Dynasty: Right-of-Way Agreement secures site access for Pebble Project developers


A Federal Appeals Court

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:35 on November 20, 2018  

has ruled that since there is no local gov supported place for the homeless to live, that they are lawfully entitled to set up their camps on city owned property. Now tents are springing up like mushrooms all around downtown. Many people are afraid to go downtown and business’s are being killed.

At least when you lose your business and go broke you’ll be able to camp for free downtown.


Looks like the stock mkt. is trying to bounce…

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:32 on November 20, 2018  


Posted by Maddog @ 10:27 on November 20, 2018  

Only one thing killing us and that is the scum….who is long apart from the 10 of us on this board and we are CDH Holders (Cold Dead Hands)…all the algo scum and hedge funds etc are short, so if hit by margin calls which they are being belted by, they shud be buyers…..yet we get knocked instead….that has to be the scum.

Here they come trying to turn the 1st hour bars positive in SM….same game as always.

That got ugly in a hurry

Posted by Buygold @ 10:22 on November 20, 2018  

and the nightmare resumes

I’m getting a Richard640 buy signal on JNUG

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:18 on November 20, 2018  

comex gold is down $2.90 or .3% [a third of one percent] and JNUG is down 6%….if it quickly plunges to on 8-10-or 12% with gold dow2n 3-4-5 bucks than JNUG would be a very low risk buy—[a Richard640 buy signal Ha! Ha! Isn’t that silly]

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