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The Hawaiian posts a lot of California trains so makes me wonder where his roots are. I started with California Girls as I married one. It turned into a California Saga

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I remember well my visit to Hearst Castle, filmed in this vid, Hope all you Yanks had a good holiday..

amals, now we need a 1023 /1024 Turkey.

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goldie @ 17:31

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Lol.   That’s funny.

R640, 12:59, I’m thinking Tim Malone has a sour taste in his mouth… Orange man bad, Yellow man worse..,

Posted by macroman3 @ 19:58 on November 22, 2018  

Up to no good again and unconstitutional A bill that would make social media history checks part of the process of purchasing a gun.

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:39 on November 22, 2018  

A pair of New York legislators is drafting a bill that would make social media history checks part of the process of purchasing a gun.
Under the legislation, gun purchasers would have up to three years of their social media history potentially scrutinized by authorities, New York outlet WCBS NewsRadio reports. The internet search history of prospective gun buyers would face searches going back up to one year.
“A three-year review of a social media profile would give an easy profile of a person who is not suitable to hold and possess a firearm,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who has proposed the legislation with New York State Senator Kevin Parker.
Adams described the searches, which would involve scouring social media posts for hate speech, as basic police work.
“If the police department is reviewing a gang assault, a robbery, some type of shooting, they go and do a social media profile investigation,” Adams said.
There are some obvious flaws with the legislation.
This bill is closer to what one might call pre-crime, an idea that has served as a plot device in dystopian literature for more than half a century.



First, comparing the search of a prospective gun buyer’s internet history to routine police investigations is odd. When an assault, robbery, or shooting occurs, police are investigating a crime. That is not the case with someone trying to buy a firearm; the buyer is simply trying to make a lawful purchase. This bill is closer to what one might call pre-crime, an idea that has served as a plot device in dystopian literature for more than half a century. (The 2002 Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, a story that centers around a state that has figured out how to stop crimes before they happen, was based on a 1956 Philip K. Dick novel.)
There is also the issue of privacy. Peering into people’s search histories and social media posts is a highly invasive act. Some social media pages are public by design, but others are not. Would authorities be able to snoop in these? Presumably so considering the legislation would allow authorities to snoop in the search histories of prospective gun buyers.
To deny someone a fundamental right based on the state’s interpretation of “hate speech” would be an affront to constitutional principles.



Additionally, there is the issue of defining hate speech, a notoriously nebulous term. (Europe has already shown where the road of state-regulated hate speech takes us.) What authority would determine what speech qualifies as “hateful”? To deny someone a fundamental right based on the state’s interpretation of “hate speech” would be an affront to constitutional principles.
The right to bear arms and free speech are arguably the two most fundamental rights enshrined in the US Constitution.
These are rights beyond the reach of government.
“…the Bill of Rights does not come from the people and is not subject to change by majorities,” wrote Walter Lippmann. “It comes from the nature of things. It declares the inalienable rights of man not only against all government but also against the people collectively.”
The only thing New York lawmakers are missing in this misguided effort, as Walter Olson quipped at Cato, is “for New York to quarter troops on the homes of applicants with especially bad social media postings.”


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Richard640 @ 7:03

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One of the (many) advantages I love about holding physical gold coins….   they never demand a margin call !  🙂

Maya… sleeping well at night.


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Because the ACLU is no longer working for us and should have their funds cut until they do. This no ID is a enabler for voting fraud and they know it. Therefore they should have everyone register like they do to get a D Licence and get a ID number and fingerprint and free so the ACLU can’t jump on it and if they try their shot down by Supreme Court.
First verify their citizenship and use their ID number and or fingerprint for voting.
The machines should be able to filter out any fradulent numbers, any deaths related to that number, as well if any numbers are being used more than once.

Happy Thanksgiving to Don, Anderson, Jim and the whole CNN crew…

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:59 on November 22, 2018  

Don Lemon was ‘never sure’ why people wanted to date him

For Don Lemon, dating hasn’t been easy.

“I’m never sure why people are interested in me,” the CNN anchor told Metrosource magazine, in their People We Love issue. “Is it because of me? Is it because of what I do? Is it because they think they’re gonna get some sort of fame, or … I have no idea.”

Before meeting his boyfriend, real estate agent Tim Malone, Lemon said he was “probably not so trusting of people wanting to get into a relationship with me.”

Lemon and Malone met several years ago at a Hamptons restaurant.

“He was seeing someone and I was playing the field,” he confessed. “They broke up and we got together, but we knew each other as friends for a year and a half.”

The couple, who have been together for two years, took their relationship public when they were photographed walking hand-in-hand to a “Saturday Night Live” afterparty.

Lemon often shares photos from the couple’s vacations and adventures on social media. If there was any doubt that Lemon is in love, in August he shared a group shot with their pup with the caption “#modernfamily.”


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Thank you for the periodic X22 links. I forget to look them up. Clearly I hope it’s true (about ds)


Posted by newtogold @ 11:56 on November 22, 2018  

I think the X 22 report was a very good one. I am a steady listener now that he has gotten off the Bitcoin wagon a bit. California expose on voter fraud may well be the start of many things to come,. His ideas about potential exposition of fraud in voting and possibly changing  the House balance back to Repubs after  that potential reversal of many election results is partly heartening. I would recommend all readers here to check out this episode and all others . One may find it a bit out there but if his words come to pass , which I think they can, then it is a possible vision into our future. The messages from “Q” are of particular interest . Declassification of the Mueller bs is what I am waiting for. His explanation exonerate Sessions and guys like Flynn and give an interesting perspective into Trump and how he is handling the politics of things,. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and all Tenters.

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:28 on November 22, 2018  

Thanksgiving quote. “Not what we say about our blessings, But how we use them, is the true measure of our Thanksgiving!”

Fipke still hitting over the limit zinc numbers

Posted by overton @ 10:38 on November 22, 2018  


Two very interesting X22 reports that will make the turkey digest even better. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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Ponzi World

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:03 on November 22, 2018  
What Cramer is describing is a 24×7 global margin call across every risk “asset class” from Bitcoins, to oil futures, Treasury short positions, EM bonds, Semiconductors, Mega cap tech stocks, Chinese internets, soybeans, lumber, you name it – to cross-cover margin calls in every other asset class. Driving asset correlations to 100% across the board. 
The blood is in the water


Gorge Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:21 on November 22, 2018  


For those about to GORGE on Thanksgiving…

Heading into the Royal Gorge.  All Aboard!


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