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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:47 on November 24, 2018  

Lol I believe in live and let live. If it’s not bothering people or me I’ll leave it alone. I killed two rattlers as a teen climbing some waterfall cliffs that were in my path after I went back when I heard some kids following us scream and saw the rattlers thinking the bit them. I felt bad about it after. However my step father part Indian a kinda Billy Jack type wanted me to go back and get them to make belts or something out of them. The corals would make colorful hat bands though. Livings hard enough for wildlife why make it harder on them.


Posted by treefrog @ 22:28 on November 24, 2018  

if you cut the head off a coral snake and take it to a herpetologist, it will surely not bite you.

likewise, if you cut the head off of a king snake and take it to a herpetologist, it will not bite you either.

the trip to the herpetologist is optional.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:12 on November 24, 2018  

These are a milk snake and king snakes. All have black noses. One has irregular pattern and probably more confused with coral.
Only thing for sure is regular patterns and if they have fangs it’s a coral.



S&P bullish% has only fallen almost half way to its bottom ,more to come

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:47 on November 24, 2018  


Bullish % Toronto EXCH …mostly mining socks, is now in sync with US miners,bottoms are in ,ready to run

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:30 on November 24, 2018  

bptsx bptsxrenko


Posted by treefrog @ 14:07 on November 24, 2018  

even easier way to identify, coral snakes have black noses.

to be sure, cut the head off and take it to a herpetologist.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:36 on November 24, 2018  

No coral snakes either. But then the south didn’t have boa’s in their waters either till people started putting them there.
Here’s a rhyme to remember after some kid chased me around with a king snake telling me it was a coral as a kid so motivated me to learn.

The coral snake rhyme varies from person to person, but the general premise is the same: Red touch black, safe for Jack. Red touches yellow, kills a fellow. The coral snake will have bands of red touching smaller bands of yellow. It is very uncommon to find a coral snake.

Morning R640

Posted by Buygold @ 9:18 on November 24, 2018  

Concur with “the wolf of wall street”

This was a really bad week for the SM in what is almost always a light volume melt up.

Still don’t see a meltdown on Monday, probably DOW futures open up 100 then slowly melt all day. That has been the M.O.

Feels a helluva lot like 2001 to me and that’s going to be very painful for the SM – a long, slow, depressing selloff

Why I Think this Sell-Off is Just One Step in Methodical Unwind of Stock Prices–with 38 learned comments–by Wolf Richter • Nov 23

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:07 on November 24, 2018  

One after the other, individual stocks are getting crushed.

It was an ugly Monday and Tuesday followed by a Wednesday that at first look like a real bounce but ended with the indices giving up their gains. This was followed, mercifully, by Thursday when markets were closed, which was followed unmercifully by Friday, during which the whole schmear came unglued again.

The S&P 500 index dropped 0.7% on Friday to 2,632 and 3.8% for Thanksgiving week, though this week is usually – by calendar black-magic – a good week, according to the Wall Street Journal: During Thanksgiving weeks going back a decade, the S&P 500 rose on average 1.3%.

This leaves the S&P 500 index 1.5% in the hole year-to-date. It’s now back where it had first been on November 30, 2017:

Clearly, when seen over the longer term, the sell-off for now still belongs to the small-fry among sell-offs, with S&P 500 down just 10.5% from its peak:

Why I Think this Sell-Off is Just One Step in Methodical Unwind of Stock Prices



Ororeef–the hate Trump media has coordinated to release this. government climate report

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:44 on November 24, 2018  

The report is a deliberate effort by long time, embedded, democrat bureau-rats to smear Trump and the republicans–it’s part of the 2020 election campaign that has quietly been underway

Goldi–u may be right-that was back in 1950-53–yes, I have seen rattle snakes in wisconsin-

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:35 on November 24, 2018  

one day we saw a snake in the lake that looked like a coral snake…

Among the roughly 21 species of snakes that call Wisconsin home, there are two that are venomous – the timber rattlesnake and the eastern massasauga rattlesnake. Both snakes live in the southwestern part of the state. According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, timber rattlesnakes live among the rugged open bluffs of southwestern and western Wisconsin. The snakes eat a variety of rodents.

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