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Maya..Swiss gold train

Posted by amals @ 22:16 on November 26, 2018  

Stunning photograph.

Equisetum @ 19:22 That’s gonna require more than a third cup of coffee. LOL!!!

Posted by silverngold @ 22:00 on November 26, 2018  

My way I think is better. Save as much as I can each month from my retirement checks, go to the local coin dealer and trade it for the real thing, already minted. No mining claims to prove up, no wet and frozen hands and feet, no sore back. I still remember all those things from doing lotsa gold panning in my youth. Believe me when I say this way is better. LOL!!!

Macroman and Silverngold. Sort this one out over your second and third coffee.

Posted by Equisetum @ 19:22 on November 26, 2018  



Posted by ipso facto @ 19:21 on November 26, 2018  

Good for the Hawaiian legislators! Not all elected are bought and paid for.

“my brain still works” LOL that’s a good thing! I wonder if on a macro scale that fluoride is being used to dumb down the population … along with other influences?

goldielocks @ 18:58

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:14 on November 26, 2018  

Sounds pretty bad to me! Putting fluoride in water has got to be one of the biggest scams going. I believe the Europeans took it out a while back too.


Posted by Maya @ 19:07 on November 26, 2018  

Several years back some shill for the Dental industry managed to introduce a bill in Hawaii to add fluoride to our water… citing the poor teeth of pacific islanders (including Hawaii).  Fortunately the legislature was very reluctant to be adding toxic chemicals to our water supply and killed the proposal.

I guess I’m lucky in my physical development.  Spent my first five years on a country farm with clean well water.  We had fluoride when I moved to the city at age 5, but I was out of there in less than 20 years.  So my formative years were good, and my adult life was also fluoride-free.   I guess the clue is that my brain still works…. sorta.  🙂


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:05 on November 26, 2018  

Sounds like a good paste. You could mix it with turmeric too also helpful but for fluoride you’ll need the Ca and Mag too. Low doses probably enough but never know if they get their fluoride calculation wrong in water supply or the machine goes wrong. I bet they’d never tell us either.


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:58 on November 26, 2018  

It may have some benefits but in hospitals they use Ca and Mag to help neutralize it. It’s excreted by the kidneys so have to think two major organs is liver and kidneys which excrete it. So things good for these two organs, Best to avoid it if you can. Even with treatment and vomiting it up in injested cases subjected to high amounts and even after they felt better they died of cardiac arrest. The mixture of stomach acid and fluoride in higher doses can make a deadly mixture. You know they use it in pesticides too.


Posted by Maya @ 18:57 on November 26, 2018  

I recognized BTC very early on would be a rising Elliott wave, and I rode it up to great profit and then got out.  I was always skeptical about the long-term story and just played ‘wait and see’.  It needs stability to be long-term useful, and it now looks like some big players are dumping it hard.  The transaction clearing network is also becoming unwieldy with long clearing times in some cases.

I think I might have $40 left in a few BTC Satoshis.  I’ll eat that loss.  Mostly, I’m glad I don’t have a BTC computer node running on my computer, trying to catch up on recent transaction clearings.

I understand some of the ‘miners’ are running server farms that take up far more electricity than they will ever recover in mining BTC.  There are not that many left to be had, and scarcity is the key selling point.

It is kinda fun to watch the ‘Digital Tulips’ implode now.  🙂


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:54 on November 26, 2018  

That’s great Maya. I think it really is a wonder herb! I take caps and also put it on just about everything.

That Indian lady’s concoction sounds like a real winner.

Can you believe they still put fluoride in water! Some places are getting rid of it for health reasons … I think Portland recently voted to get it out of their water.


In the last couple months

Posted by eeos @ 18:45 on November 26, 2018  

Moderators and I argued about BTC and ETH and they threw me out of a FB forum. Its a bunch of dumb kids for the most part that thought they were really smart. So I love to see these a$$holes get pounded. Couldn’t have happened to a better group of bulled up know it alls. I hope these people get pounded to zero.

ipso facto @ 16:05

Posted by Maya @ 18:39 on November 26, 2018  

I’ve been taking curcumin for years to improve my aged joints, and it seems to work.  We have an Indian lady that practices ayurvedic medicine here that concocts locally grown turmeric with ghee, honey, pepper and other herbs and sells the turmeric paste at the swapmeet.  It’s actually sweet and you can eat it with  spoon.

Now I’m worried it will suck all the fluoride out of my teeth and let them crumble!  (Just kidding).

Now Hear This

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:05 on November 26, 2018  

Compelling study confirms the therapeutic effects of curcumin in removing fluoride from our bodies



Posted by ipso facto @ 16:03 on November 26, 2018  

Have to wonder … what if there were no crimex or equivalent. If there was just a physical market the price of the metals would be bigly higher!

COT Report

Posted by Buygold @ 15:49 on November 26, 2018  

Par for the course



Posted by Buygold @ 14:38 on November 26, 2018  

Thanks for posting, I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing.

Macroman and Silverngold planning coffee meeting to

Posted by Equisetum @ 14:23 on November 26, 2018  

work out their plans for filing their new claims. Hope they realize there are already plenty of claims on the ground in the Spences Bridge Gold Belt


Goldcorp and IBM find way to improve predictability for gold mineralization

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:38 on November 26, 2018  

Goldcorp (TSX:G, NYSE:GG) and IBM Canada (NYSE:IBM) just launched IBM Exploration with Watson, a new technology that applies artificial intelligence to predict the potential for gold mineralization and is also capable of using search and query capabilities across a range of exploration datasets.

“The potential to radically accelerate exploration target identification combined with significantly improved hit rates on economic mineralization has the potential to drive a step-change in the pace of value growth in the industry,” said Todd White, Goldcorp’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, in a media brief.

cont. http://www.mining.com/goldcorp-ibm-find-way-improve-predictability-gold-mineralization/

I’m sure everyone has seen this one. I guess it’s because of the “booming” economy. BTW how many GM plants are in China now? And should the gov bail them out again?

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:10 on November 26, 2018  

GM to cut production at several plants, reduce salaried workforce by 15 percent



Posted by Buygold @ 9:29 on November 26, 2018  

this has kind of been the M.O. for awhile now, so today bright open isn’t a surprise.

I doubt the sellers are gone for good, maybe for today but we’ll see. Last week was rough for the SM especially for a holiday week like that.

Cyber sales were up 24% year over year, but I wonder how that will impact the box store retail sales?

Buygold=Ever hopeful-the “alibi” today is dovish FED noises & the tariff issue at the summit in argentina and…incredibly, basket case, Italy!

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:19 on November 26, 2018  

as if all the macro issues could be ignored again for another 9 years…and why not?…don’t underestimate Wall St–also heard on Bloomberg some cheery talk about China intervening to support markets with yet another “package”….let’s see if they can pull it off…

As for the Monday crash…the best laid plans of mice and men….


After last week’s market woes, stocks have started the new week in a sea of green, with equity markets rising around the globe, buoyed by renewed optimism over trade and easier financial conditions ahead of this week’s Feed speeches and key G-20 summit between Trump and Xi, while European shares surged as Italian officials adopted a more conciliatory tone resulting in hopes Italy’s populist government is willing to concede in the long-running standoff with Brussels.

Whatever was ailing the SM last week

Posted by Buygold @ 7:47 on November 26, 2018  

appears to have been fixed.

Would probably not be a good thing if the SM gains melt away today.

Maya, take a bow, that was your most spectacular pic ever. Engineering Elegance.

Posted by macroman3 @ 1:02 on November 26, 2018  

That was a double entendre BTW

SnG, I’ll come down and see you one of these days, maybe more spring time. I have a sister in Peachland, so maybe something at the Summerland or Penticton Yacht Clubs that I want to check out while I buy you lunch…

Posted by macroman3 @ 0:57 on November 26, 2018  

What do you hear on Westhaven Ventures, Spences Bridge/Brookmere area, close to your old stomping grounds?

Gren Thomas play, ARU comparrison

Gold Train in the dark

Posted by Maya @ 0:52 on November 26, 2018  


Swiss Gold Train at night…
moon, mountains, tunnel, & viaduct


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