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Alex V – Jackie Gleason

Posted by commish @ 21:50 on November 27, 2018  


mississippi senate runoff

Posted by treefrog @ 21:23 on November 27, 2018  

hyde-smith (gop) building a commanding lead.  beginning to look like it will be 53/47 in the senate.  not a surprise.

Thanks , Moggy

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 20:01 on November 27, 2018  

I seriously doubt that he would ever get into the fast ( passing ) lane , but it would not surprise me if he rides the center ( main traffic ) lane frequently .

I rode with him one evening to meet with common friends . On the way was a traffic light at the intersection with a 4 lane US highway at which point we were to make a left turn (90% of the folks coming to that intersection make that turn) . The light turned green and he moved into the intersection but I swear it took him a good 30 seconds to complete the turn . I am sure that he was deep in thought about something other than his driving . People behind must have seen their blood pressure go through the roof . Reminds me of that Jackie Gleason ( as the sheriff ) vs Bandit movie where you hear his heart going BEEP…BEEP,,BEEP.BEEPBE-BE-Be-bebebebebe


Posted by Moggy @ 18:00 on November 27, 2018  

If you would supply me with the license plate number of your snowbird thoughtless friend I will be happy to forward it to the Georgia Highway Patrol because in Georgia the left lane is strictly for those who are passing, after which they are expected to pull back into the right lane or be issued a ticket.

Other than that if I found myself on a 65 mph highway with someone going 45 mph in the fast lane I would call 911 and report him as a hazard to road safety.


Maddog : best drivers

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 16:50 on November 27, 2018  

Except those who are not accustomed to the Autobahn …or have an ego the size of an elephant.

In the mid-70’s I lived in Brussels , and a group of us decided to form a convoy to go to Berne Switzerland . Several were US military types and wanted to follow a route that took them close to Frankfurt and the PX there , so we went down and back on the Autobahns (61 and 5 , I believe ).

One was a colonel who was about 6 feet 4 and an ox -his pinky finger was about the size of my thumb . When I would shake his hand , mine would just disappear into the meat . So , he was not the type to move for anyone . He drove a VW van on that trip and I was following in my little Citroen GS which was faster than his van , but I was following him and a few times as we were overtaking trucks he would pull into the fast lane to pass . The colonel would glance in the side mirror , and if a car was not within 50 feet of his back bumper would swing out into the passing lane . More than once I saw BMW’s and Mercedes which were traveling twice his speed fishtailing to avoid rear ending him .

The first time we all pulled off at a service plaza for fuel, I made sure to leave before him and stay well ahead , so I would not be involved if there was a wreck !

Stopped By

Posted by commish @ 16:50 on November 27, 2018  

ds_zuemuwaa9xby to decorate the tree.

Ororeef 13:50

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:33 on November 27, 2018  

Good idea, how can business even make business plans with these parasite crooks on the sidelines ready to pounce on their businesses and their investors. We either have mismanagent or that going on.

Alex Valdor

Posted by Maddog @ 15:59 on November 27, 2018  

yeah u have a very different set of ‘rules’ on yr highways and of course a mad limit.

The best drivers and behavior is on the German Autobahns, there u have fantastic lane discipline and very clear signaling, U can’t afford to mess around when loads of people are doing 150 mph and some way over that…

….if it is running free, as now the overcrowding often means slow moving jams…well I say slow…relatively.

Maddog – correct

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 15:12 on November 27, 2018  

and he does not consider the extra cost of hotels , food , etc ., not to mention the hazard to others . On that long trip it means an extra day on the road .

He is actually a very kind hearted soul , but thinks ‘differently’ than most folks .

When I used to travel a lot , by highway , I would see his type out in the fast lane on cruise control , at exactly the speed limit , and could see the rage building as cars backed up behind , mile after mile . All it would take was a truck in the slow lane at the same speed traveling side by side for miles .

I tend to travel just a few mph over the limit , but in the slow lane on three lane Interstates . which is surprisingly often empty . I may have to ease off if I have to , due to merging traffic at interchanges , but the steady pace often means I make more miles per day than those who are darting in an out to ‘go faster’. I sometimes recognize those vehicles pulling into the same hotel parking lot to register after I have checked in , cleaned up , and am ready to find nearby food at the end of the day .

DRB2 – I tried as well

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:54 on November 27, 2018  

I had direct contact with a CEO of the same family name . He said he would consider it , but nothing came of it .

As long as the top brass of these mining companies are well compensated ( in cash ) they just want to keep the game going . Rob McEwen seems to be a different type , but many of his company’s properties are in shaky political locations , I believe .

Alex Valdor

Posted by Maddog @ 14:52 on November 27, 2018  

Tell yr Snowbird mate to walk, it would be way quicker and piss off way less people.

RE: If every gold producer would stockpile their gold production for a year and permit shareholders ( only ) to ‘own’ that stockpile through some sort of warrant offering , we would see gold reach its potential , I believe . Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:58 on November 27, 2018

Posted by drb2 @ 14:48 on November 27, 2018  

Hi Alex,

YES!!  I agree 100%!

There is a problem however.  I tried to promote this sort of idea many years back, through forums, by phone and at conferences.  The miners have NO INTEREST.  Their position is that they are in the business of mining ounces – period.  The price is what it is.

My feeling is that their real interest is in their salary and stock options and that they ally more with the bankers than their shareholders.

There was one exception to all those I spoke with – Rob McEwen.

Alex Valdor

Posted by Captain Hook @ 14:30 on November 27, 2018  

Exactly, but they are too greedy and stupid to do something like that. I mean even the Arabs knew they needed organization.

The PM geniuses however continue to stumble through life playing the bankers games.

Good news for bullion holders eventually though as they are put out of business…the question is when.

I think we get a taste next year like in ’99; and, then we get a sustained move starting in the new decade (’00 like in 2000).


If every gold producer would stockpile their gold production for a year

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:58 on November 27, 2018  

and permit shareholders ( only ) to ‘own’ that stockpile through some sort of warrant offering , we would see gold reach its potential , I believe .

I learned about the Gold Mining business from the S.Africans..and ANGLO

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:50 on November 27, 2018  

when the communist Mandella took Political control of S.Africa ..The british mining were going to lose everything they built for 150 years  ..until they figured out that they could BORROW from the Central BANKS 25 years of GOLD production ..They then took it out of S.Africa and left a MORTGAGE on the mines they built to be paid back in GOLD for 25 years……Fuck you Mandella ,your not going to steal from us..The BANKS will get whats due them..  Mexico is NOW threatening the MINERS ,so do what the British did …borrow the future production from Central Banks ,take it out of the Country and leave them with a Mortgage to be paid back to the BANKS in Bullion….THATS why MINERs will never MAKE money .The mines are located in Countries run by Communists who want to steal the miners assets……So do what works…GIVE Mexico a mortgage on the mines to go along with control..DAMM Communists everywhere !  BORROW the GOLD from some BANK  move it out of the Clutches of Grabbing communists and give them a Mortgage to be paid back in GOLD or SILVER..  I never thought Id say this .”.thank GOD for Bankers !”   hehe.. They know how to deal with Communists..!

And on the topic of cars

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:44 on November 27, 2018  

I have a good friend who is a snowbird . He takes great pride in the fact that his commute from the South to NE and back twice a year in his hybrid gets 53 mpg . In order to achieve that , he travels the most of the length of I-95 at 45 mph .

An accident waiting to happen !…even if he stays in the slow lane , which I do not believe he does .

Ororeef – Not to mention…

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:36 on November 27, 2018  

The cost and environmental impact of those EV batteries when they must be replaced and discarded !

Gold miners never made money

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:27 on November 27, 2018  

thats why I went with The ROYALTY companies ..they dont mine GOLD ..they FIX their COSTS of every ounce the GET..They are the BANKERS of the Gold Miners ,they get paid in GOLD..,not paper money !



Posted by Ororeef @ 13:17 on November 27, 2018  

is a money losing business,cannot survive without Gubberment subsidies.Costs are much too high.They must run a car plant at over 80 % capacity to make money.Ford had the same problem but acted sooner and cut cars back,now GM..big crossovers and trucks make money….NOthings changed in 20 years  except words….Now days a small car costs 35,000 and up ..absurd to try to sell that with wages declining for the last ten years  !CUT your costs ,lower wages of “non producing management”to almost zero…overhead is too HIGH !  Costs should be dictated by what the public will pay for..get rid of expensive  radios,sound equipment ..your telephone has a better navigation system to save gas. duplication not needed.BIG engines not needed.90 HP is enough..to run air and everthing else and still give you 40 mpg.Toyota does it every day…Car manufacturing will be history if they dont stop the cost cycle..

Why not make a two seater CAR with a detachable small truck body…Just like a 18 wheeler ..90 % of driving is with one person in the car.Now theres an IDEA  ..Extension cab to accomodate  4 people when needed .Pollution control equipment not needed on cars that get 40 mpg or better.

California Environment regulations reduce MPG by 30% ,you burn 30 % more gas to go the same mileage…special gasoline also reduces MPG ..and raises costs of gas 25 %.Electric cars are good only if battery costs are reduced and reliable.Who wants to drive 250 miles and have battery suddenly quit ?

Then fail to hold a 100 % charge  and its gets lower with each charge cycle…Go electric and dont sell the batterys with the car…cut car costs by $9000 per car let the battery manuf fix the cost of replacing batterys and subsidize them until the get cost down .Make the car for $12,000 without the battery  .

Government can then fight the Battery mfg and mandate lower costs at the source of the cost cycle..

Get the cost out of the CAR or they will all be gone ! SEPARATE the cost  of the CAR from the battery business.  Either do that or buy a Toyota Corolla like I did in 2003  for $16,000 ,it gets 40 mpg highway 38 in town ..My Capital Cost per year is about $1100 per year my gas cost is about 5 Gal per week ….who need a $9000 battery ? that need replacement every 4 years..?  Who needs to spend $50,000 for a car ?

My repair cost has been $200  FOR 15 YEARS…iT HAS AIR ,HEAT,radio carrys 5  when needed …gets 37- 40 mpg on reg gas.   Who needs to pay some auto exec 3 mill bonus each year ?  FORD,GM should get out of the CAR business ..They were the worst cars i EVER OWNED  UNTIL i SWITCHED IN late 1970’S TO TOYOTA..Cadillac by far the worst car I ever owned !1977…had a brand new olds 98 ,1978 and the motor mount fell off after 1 month  while on vacation….GOOD bye FORD GM ..your outta here…! You make crap ..You rip me off since 1955 for 20 years no more…no more Union Hoodlems making my cars..

eeos @ 11:20

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:53 on November 27, 2018  

“cash trading account”

So you kept some shares? Long term?

Hey eeos

Posted by Buygold @ 12:33 on November 27, 2018  

Can’t say I blame you one bit. Hopefully you’re young enough to recoup.

My time for recouping has long since passed.

I wonder if the Oil business is going to ask the PM miners, what life is like

Posted by Maddog @ 12:26 on November 27, 2018  

when the scum run yr product….Oil has just dropped over 3 % in last 2 hours….after all the Oil biz is just a sideshow…no debt to talk of, no dividends to pay, hardly any workers, no countries rely on the income….just a backwater. Gotta keep the FANGS flying.

My Views on the miners ( and I am still hanging on in spite of this )

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 11:52 on November 27, 2018  

1. Every operating mine is a depleting resource .
2. While PM prices are kept low , miners are forced to a) borrow more , b) high-grade (accelerating depletion ) , or c) dilute shares. Banks and big money elite win , collecting interest ( the former ) or ( the latter ) scooping up real money (PM’s long term ) for fiat ( which can collapse , and they are hedging their bets , it appears {see Rob Kirby} ).
3. Open pit operations accelerate costs as the operation grows , because the hole keeps getting bigger and more expensive per ounce recovered – unless there is a new , very rich discovery deeper in the pit , which is unlikely .
4. Underground mines ? see 1. above .

Conclusion ? I would have done much better by following WineDoc’s lead… ‘Keep stacking’ .
That is what the big money appears to be doing . The problem is keeping it safe .

I just chucked my cash trading account

Posted by eeos @ 11:20 on November 27, 2018  

10 years of holding my head underwater was enuf for me. Id never make the pm mistake ever again. If I would have done tech stocks and real estate I’d been a millionaire. Stupid shit. I give gold the right to bust $2k now. #^@^@ $&@^@%!

Just for Yucks

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:44 on November 27, 2018  

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