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Moggy SNG

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:24 on December 6, 2018  

Thank you Moggy it is about man or leaders.
Here’s part of a discussion on 666.
This refers to King Solomon who received 666 in talents a year. Some Bibles use tons or pounds.
All about interpreting and as time goes by meaning gets lost.
Like some can argue in Matthew it talks about two people standing in a field one is taken the other left behind. Some interpret it as taken by God but in those times it was talking about the field and crops taken to market.
Topic 666
If we look back at the law for kings in Deuteronomy 17, It prohibits the king from multiplying horses and chariots, wives, and wealth. This is exactly what Solomon is doing in 1 Kings 10-11. Chapter ten begins by commending his great wisdom, but then steps through his decline – that is, he begins violating the rules for kings by multiplying gold (666 talents a year), multiplying horses and chariots, and finally multiplying wives who turn his heart away from following Yahweh. He sets up centers of false worship for all the foreign gods of his wives. So, the number 666 is associated with Solomon in his fall, his abuse of power, and his turning away from true worship of Yahweh.

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