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Posted by goldielocks @ 13:10 on January 11, 2019  

Cod liver is one of the things that will help detox heavy metals from the body. It can slow down clotting time which is beneficial to heart health to a point but have to be careful if taking any kind of so called blood thinners including aspirin and antibiotics. Other concerns would be what the fish are exposed to because the liver is where toxins go to be filtered. That’s why these days cows liver that is supposed to be good for you and higher in iron may not be if the cows are injected with antibiotics and who knows what. I used to make breaded liver as well as would get a hold of chopped liver I liked but never learned how to make it myself.
Omega3 is good for the heart and kinda antidotes other omegas like omega 9 that can be detrimental in excess comes with lots of fast foods.
They did a study many years ago think it was Greenland. They found they were having less heart attacks. In short the fishing town ate a lot of Salmon which had the Omega 3 you can also get in other foods.
Pre work out vitamins before exercise can bring you energy but have to be careful what kind you take as some of them have things on it that aren’t good for you like caffeine. Others that can expand blood vessels might not be good for some people and really little help.
As you grow older muscle can be replaced with fat so doing light weight bearing exercise not only for muscle but bones with that, swimming, walking is needed to counteract that. Last thing you want is caffeine during exercise because it constricts blood vessels and would put a strain on delivering oxygen to your heart.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.