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Equiz 1/11 23:08

Posted by amals @ 22:30 on January 12, 2019  

Stunning landscapes.  I’ll keep it in mind if I ever get up that way.   Happy New Year to you.

R640 1/11 @ 10:17 and earlier

Posted by amals @ 22:28 on January 12, 2019  


There was a comment on the article you posted earlier about the contamination of the fjords and the quality of the oil.  You might want to check that out.  I’ve got no dog in the fight; just happened to notice it.  The fjords were beautiful when I visited Norway in summer of ’73.

Ororeef @ 16:39

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:05 on January 12, 2019  

Sometimes I think I’m just gonna fly off into space!

ipso facto @ 16:30 on January 12, 2019

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:39 on January 12, 2019  

Its not the magnetic poles that are shifting ..it just that we are moving through space at a faster pace as the universe expands ,the magnetic field ls trailing like a meteor ..hang on  !

For those of you who know Paris

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 16:35 on January 12, 2019  

It was a gas explosion at a bakery near the corner of Ste. Cecile and Rue de Trevise . Emergency fire crew was already at site when it blew , killing two firefighters and a Spanish tourist lady having breakfast in the bakery . Photos from the scene are horrendous – as bad as a war zone . Daily Mail site has detailed photos . I will not post here .

The location is about midway between Montmartre and the Pompidou Center .

The Democrats

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:34 on January 12, 2019  

had better hurry and settle with the President before it becomes apparent to the PUBLIC that we dont need them! ….Go back to work and be thankful you got a job or you can leave Government and PROVE how valuable you are in the private sector  ..!   hehe


Beats me!

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:30 on January 12, 2019  


Magnetic Poles Are Moving Rapidly as Never Before – Precursor to a Pole Shift?

Murphy appearance on Leibovits Sat show click tinyurl

Posted by overton @ 16:20 on January 12, 2019  


Eeos and Richard

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:10 on January 12, 2019  

It’s sad sometimes when a good neighborhood you grew up in has turned to impoverished mayhem. So goes that saying you can never go back. That’s for sure if people don’t see the signs of trouble and corruption.
As far as Illinois I can blame the politicians for one their taxes and driving off jobs another not cleaning up the streets. Instead they want sanctuary city’s bring in crime and poverty while their at it.
You made me look up my old neighborhood next store when I was a kid Wisconsin north Shore Fox point and West Bend summer home they moved to permanently later. Still doing good in Fox point haven’t checked West Bend a lake town yet. Perhaps because they are run better and had a republican Govenor.
People sometimes don’t think well yes nothings happening but at left nothing bad is happening. They want something to happen and that’s what happens.
Southern Calif different because of mass illegal immigration it ruined the neighborhood schools and streets. You had these high end houses but less you can afford and find a private school it’s hell for your kids who are learning the wrong things and drugs.

Eeos–unfortunately much u say is true-the whole area around Central H.S. is crime ridden

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:35 on January 12, 2019  

The Columbia Terrace area is just fine–due to Bradley–so is. Moss ave….but I’d still. have a. good security system and. guns in the house….but, sheeeeet! That applies to ANYWHERE in America these days what with the illegal SCUM and our own home-grown hop-head SCUM who are too dumb to do anything but break into homes and kill everybody for a few 100 dollars for their next fix of Meth….

How old r u and where did u grow up–? Do u remember Hunts or Kramers

MAY 22, 2014




Posted by silverngold @ 13:12 on January 12, 2019  

LOL!!! You got that right!! LOL!!!


Posted by treefrog @ 13:07 on January 12, 2019  


Looks like a great way to stop a Paris bank run which was planned for today

Posted by silverngold @ 12:45 on January 12, 2019  

macroman3 @ 23:29 Yeah, it’s a crazy wild wonderful world when Tony Castro’s half brother Justin……..

Posted by silverngold @ 11:10 on January 12, 2019  

…….. is able to be the Prime Minister of Canada, and even crazier when he is able to convert Canada to Muslimism and tear down the borders so the whole world can enjoy Canada and its beauty as we do. Anybody else like to know the answer to this one?


DNA test to prove Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro

Justin Trudeau is at the head of the Canadian government. Ever wonder why he cried so much when Castro died, why he praised a mass murderer so much? How can we let someone with that state of mind and belief dictate laws for Canadians?

His actions directly impact on our lives. Every stupid decision he makes. You heard him praise the Communist regime of China and the way he welcomes jihadis to come and murder us.

Is that what we want to embrase; a man who values Communism and islam?

We want a DNA test to prove Justin Trudeau lied to canadiens about his origins. We want him out of canadian politics for good.

COT Report

Posted by Buygold @ 10:18 on January 12, 2019  

Just dawned on me that the CFTC is on vacation during the Gov’t. shutdown They are definitely a bunch of non-essential gov’t. crooks anyway that protect the positions of the banksters.

I’m just bummed these people actually get a paid vacation after basically being laid off. Never happens in the private sector.

Tulsi Gabbard

Posted by Buygold @ 8:39 on January 12, 2019  

I see Tulsi has decided to run for president. I’ve never voted for a Democrat but I like her stance on war and interventional policies.

Don’t like that she has a “climate change” stance.

I don’t know but I’d rather have her than Joe Biden or a phony Irishman named “Beto” to pull in the Hispanic vote.

What a frickin’ tough thing to think about. Is this the best we have?

Anyone seen an updated COT Report

Posted by Buygold @ 8:11 on January 12, 2019  

CFTC.GOV is still showing the last one as Dec. 18th. Probably should have been a couple more since then.

GT – there is definitely leakage in JNUG from bad timing

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 7:03 on January 12, 2019  

and the ‘other side’ has a choke hold on the PM’s …until they don’t . How many times have we seen the stair step up and elevator down scenario . A triple leveraged ETF like JNUG makes it worse .

But on the good days…triple play !

Don’t let Richard’s post throw you

Posted by eeos @ 5:16 on January 12, 2019  

I grew up in Peoria Illinois and its all crack heads around you. You couldn’t give me a piece of real estate in Peoria Illinois. Caterpillar took a big crap on this town. Richard also forgot to mention that this is the inner city ghetto where you going to send your kids to White middle school And Central High school? My mom taught over at white middle school and she was made very sick From pharmaceuticals that they put in a drink by 5 children her classroom that were only in 5th grade. These people are a bunch of animals. You wouldn’t even know what to do in this neighborhood Richard they’d rob you blind in a second. Peoria took a crap on itself. A traditional 4 sqaure like this in Denver would go for 10 to 20 times the price and what this tells you is that no one wants to live in the Midwest anymore it’s goin to die on the Vine

Snow Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:38 on January 12, 2019  


The last train of the season comes down the mountain
from Silverton in a mountain snowstorm.


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