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check out the Plaid Pants

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:34 on February 3, 2019  


Mike. Ballinger=“In the precious metals markets, you SELL “breakouts” and you BUY “breakdowns”

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:33 on February 3, 2019  

I received a tweet from a “chartist” that informed me of a “technical breakout” in gold complete with a “highly-compelling “Golden Cross” (“GC”) having occurred back on December 23rd. I returned a chart of my own that shows how many times a Golden Cross has resulted in a reversal, especially when combined with an RSI above 70 and that is, by the way, exactly what we have today. In March 2016 we had a GC at $1,250 followed by a quick pop to $1,300 followed by an immediate crash to $1,225; in mid-2017, we had a GC at $1,270 followed again by a $1,300 print followed by a crash to $1,200 immediately thereafter. The point I make is this: Technical “signals” are used by the bullion bank leviathans to sucker in the CTA’s and the public. They purposely set up these events in order to capitalize on MAXIMUM VOLUME which invariably spikes in response to the interpretation by the unsuspecting adherents to technical analysis. Time after time I have written about this phenomenon and if I were to have a “Ballanger Rulebook”, number one rule would be. Now, it doesn’t always work but if you are a trader using probabilities as a guide, my rule is pretty reliable.

4.pngWe close out the month of January with three incredibly-important “indicators” flashing “ALL CLEAR” signals for stocks.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:56 on February 3, 2019  

Coonman? Sounds like the whole school was racist. I had a friend in the 70s who married a black man. She moved to the south with him. She had a heart condition I finally talked her into getting corrected. She was Mormon.
She had a heart attack when there and when the ambulance came her black mother in law was with her. She said they were very nice UNTIL they asked her if the woman was her Maid. She said no that’s my mother in law. She said they treated her like shit all the way to the hospital.
She also got some sort of cabin in the woods without mentioning her husband. When they found out about him the KKK came to her house. She knew one of them was the owner of the place and a funny story there too but don’t want to drag it out. I don’t remember how that relationship ended but think he passed away.
I didn’t see this when I was in the south many years later but a sort of reverse segregation. I remember holding the door for a black woman holding a child. Everyone at the restaurant stoped eating and was staring at me. The woman didn’t even look at me and walked through. I thought at first she did that so she wouldn’t get bothered later but noticed they all acted the same. Perhaps that’s what segregation did so why do they want it?
I though well there’s still segregation there and have to pay attention to what I do and don’t do.
Me and a friend from PA walked down town Atlanta and saw I think it was the capital with no whites all blacks laying on the grass. They all were just starring at us and my friend didn’t pick up on it so I told him I think we better turn around go back.Pay attention to where I go as a tourist too. Lol They wouldn’t tslk to you even say hello. Like they didn’t want you around their neighborhood. From Calif wasn’t something I wasnt used to except for gang banger areas. Finally met one at the airport who was really nice but didn’t have a southern accent.

SO…….It turns out

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:11 on February 3, 2019  

The Black voters of Virginia  have elected a Democrat known as “COONMAN”…..Really…….!  you cant make this shit up   ! How were they duped into doing that   ?    Devious Democrats  thats how  !


Posted by Ororeef @ 9:35 on February 3, 2019  

My Uncle is a treasure for this sub.

Sinclair and Holter on USAWatchdog.com this morning

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 8:45 on February 3, 2019  

Very bullish ( as usual ) .
Paper ‘deliveries’ will crash . Comex paper trades will go to ‘zero’ .

After gold passes $1400 … the moonshot is on .

We’ll see….

TSA agent committed suicide at Orlando airport yesterday

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 8:40 on February 3, 2019  

By jumping from the hotel balcony inside , into the main Terminal A concourse . 100 cancelled flights because of the mayhem .

You vote for Democrats

Posted by Ororeef @ 8:30 on February 3, 2019  

you get what you deserve TAXES , Racism ,and Sexual assults from Schumers LONG TIME assistants and Clintonistas.

Ralph Northam: ‘I Don’t Know’ Why Friends Called Me ‘Coonman’

Top Chuck Schumer Aide Fired for ‘Inappropriate’ Behavior with Staffers

RNO – speaking of silver and SLV

Posted by Buygold @ 8:29 on February 3, 2019  

SLV looks poised to have its’ own “golden cross” moment pretty soon, which would be the first time since March 2016.


If so, could be possible that it heads back up to $19 – 19.50

I’m not a huge T/A guy but a lot of these silver shares have been contained by their 200 DMA for awhile. I would think that if silver is going back toward $19 then the silver shares would start to rally in advance of that event. Maybe when silver gets its’ golden cross it’s game on for the silver shares.

Just a thought but WTFDIK?



Mid West Freezes as Al Gore misled them

Posted by Ororeef @ 8:26 on February 3, 2019  

To relax thier expectations of extreme weather with his “Global Warming AGENDA” that was designed to TAX people to force them to PAY for CARBON CREDITS or stop using energy to keep WARM  ..IT WAS ALL ABOUT PAY     TAXES  or Freeze to death.  another Democrat SCAM…

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