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Goldi – Yup!

Posted by Maya @ 23:30 on February 12, 2019  

Wild place here sometimes!  Was 53F this morning at sunrise… coldest I’ve seen here since I bought the ranch.  I’m two miles from the eastern shore at 300ft elevation.  Anything below 70F is “Hawaiian Freezing”, you know!  🙂

I hate these low pressure weather systems with cold.  My arthritic neck is hurting.  ThermaCare patches on the neck, wool blankets on the bed, and anti-inflammatories.  I’m partial to Naproxen Sodium (generic ‘Aleve’).  I’ve also found keeping my potassium levels up with supplements helps with the arthritis.


Posted by goldielocks @ 23:14 on February 12, 2019  

From red sky’s at night and volcanos to Snow and 190 mile per hour winds in Hawaii?

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:10 on February 12, 2019  


Winter wonderland in the San Juan Mountains
as the train climbs to Silverton and the mines.


amals @ 22:16

Posted by Maya @ 23:08 on February 12, 2019  

Most of the time a locomotive can get away with blasting thru a drift or pileup that a road plow left at a RR crossing just due to the weight and momentum of the train, BUT… it is not unheard of that a loco can derail if the crossing grooves are packed solid with ice.  It can lift the wheel flanges above the rails and derail a locomotive.  This happens sometime with a wedge plow also if they are clearing a line of deep snow.  Sometimes the plow will lift and derail also.

Biggest rail hazard in winter is the points of a switch.  Even a little snow between the switch points will keep it from fitting tightly to steer the wheel flanges into the turnout (switch).  Rail crews keep brooms and shovels onboard locos if they might have to clean out a switch and throw it in winter snow.  Many mainline remote switches actually have propane burners installed inside the rails to heat the switch points and clear snow out of the switch points if they must remotely throw reliably in winter conditins.

Life Extension Foundation  (LEF.ORG) is a non-profit membership organization.  Retail prices are high, but with annual membership you get substantial discounts that make the membership fee worth while.  I support them because they fight the FDA and big pharma when they are attacked… and win!  They fund research into life extension and supplements that do an ‘end run’ around the Pharma/Medical establishment. They publish the Life Extension magazine BiMonthly with articles on recent research and findings on supplements.  The magazine is available to read on the website also.   Lots of natural ‘cures’ (that’s an AMA ‘patent’ word that can only legally be used by the AMA doctors) are written up in the research they fund.  Even if you are not a member, the website is a wealth of information and database of research papers on many, many vitamins and supplements.  If you have a question about any supplement you can look it up there and find the truth, and make your own decisions.  I have eliminated (I cannot legally say ‘cured’  🙂  )  some nasty, life-threatening conditions that I lived with that the medical establishment could do nothing about.  I will generally go first to Life Extension to buy my supplements if I can…. but I sometimes go shopping for cheaper versions if I know what I am looking for.

And the final disclaimer:  “I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice”

is the dollar’s fever breaking?

Posted by treefrog @ 22:26 on February 12, 2019  

i just looked at netdania, and the answer is…



Maya @ 2:38

Posted by amals @ 22:16 on February 12, 2019  

You’ve shown a number of shots of trains plowing through heavy snow.  I’ve been meaning to ask, do they ever get stuck, or derail when they do that?  Or are they so heavy they just break on through?

Also, you’ve mentioned Life Extension (I think) vitamins.  Any particular reason?  Better than others?

Ipso 15:28

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:33 on February 12, 2019  

Just shows they’re all full of it.
First the GOP fails Trump as usual with the Wall funding. Now they want to vote for the Green deal. Hum there must be money on the voting table. They want a green deal no planes now no trains. Maybe Mary Poppins can help them out. Driving idiots.
You see how they’re trying to down play the amount of crimes Illegals have committed that they caught.Nothing to see here politics. Let’s pretend it’s not there. Saying in one town it was less than citizens. First Hello their not supposed to be here. Second their using the percentage counting the actual citizens. Sure 100 out of a thousand is a bigger number that 50 out of a hundred. But if it was 100 out of 10000000 it would be a smaller percentage than 50 out of 100. Let’s do the real numbers. The number of illegals in a city vs the number of crimes. Vs the number of Americans and the number of crimes. Let’s add the number of crimes committed by Americans doing drugs that came from Illegals drug trafficking. If they want ID politics do it with race too and the kind of crimes.

Charts That Scream “Don’t Buy Stocks”

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:47 on February 12, 2019  



Ya think?? Question is whether it will be in our lifetimes

Posted by Buygold @ 20:01 on February 12, 2019  

Fed Warns Dollar “Might Not Retain Its Dominance Forever”

“….recent trends bear watching as history suggests that a currency’s dominant status is not immutable.”

But why now? Because just like Mnuchin’s calls to banks to comfort the public that they have sufficient liquidity sparked questions why is Mnuchin suddenly concerned about bank liquidity, so the recent focus on the viability of the dollar’s reserve status, first by the Treasury Department’s smartest Wall Street advisors, and now – by the Federal Reserve itself – is… a little troubling.

In any case, this is how the authors set the stage:

This post checks the status of the dollar, considering whether any erosion in the dollar’s international standing has occurred. The evidence to date is that the dollar remains the world’s dominant currency by broad margins. Alternatives have not gained extensive traction, albeit this does not rule out potential future pressures.

So nothing to worry about? Well, not really.

First, the good news: as the blog writes, since the global financial crisis, “central banks have accumulated official reserves more extensively to self-insure against dollar-funding market disruptions.”

Indeed, many foreign investors and central banks are major holders of U.S. Treasuries, as these represent deep and liquid dollar investments. (See the next chart.) The dollar is the principal anchor currency for about 65 percent of countries with fixed or managed exchange rate arrangements. These countries account for approximately 75 percent of world output.


Posted by Richard640 @ 19:38 on February 12, 2019  

One year from fraud inception to fraud realization:


What is not cool is when you invest in a conservative sounding open-end bond mutual fund that holds mostly corporate bonds, and it experiences a “run on the fund” and blows up and takes a large part of your principal down with it

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:31 on February 12, 2019  

Bond Funds Are “Potential Source of Financial Instability,” after Years of Global QE and Low Interest Rates: Fitch

“Liquidity issues at bond mutual funds could result in wider contagion and affect other parts of the financial system and the macro economy.”

Bond investors go for different risks and returns. There is buy-low-sell-high, unless things don’t work out and it’s buy-high-sell-low. Buy-and-holders buy bonds when issued and hold till maturity, collecting coupon payments and then getting their money back – unless things don’t work out.

Other investors buy a bond when a company or an entire sector gets in trouble, such as the shale-oil space in 2015 and 2016. They might buy a distressed junk bond for 40 cents on the dollar, at a yield of 20%, that then does not blow up, allowing them to collect coupon payment representing a 20% yield from cost, year-after-year until maturity, when the bond is redeemed at face value for a capital gain of 150% (cost 40 cents on the dollar, redeemed at 100 cents). Sweet deals, if it works out.

There are many ways of taking calculated risks with bonds. And that is cool.

What is not cool is when you invest in a conservative sounding open-end bond mutual fund that holds mostly corporate bonds, and it experiences a “run on the fund” and blows up and takes a large part of your principal down with it — making it far riskier than the actual bonds it holds. This happened to a number of open-end bond mutual funds during the Financial Crisis, including Schwab’s family of “YieldPlus” funds.

Bond Funds Are “Potential Source of Financial Instability,” after Years of Global QE and Low Interest Rates: Fitch

from Murph=Value players have sold out and many money managers are now in a “sell the rallies” mindset rather than “buy the dips”.

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:07 on February 12, 2019  

The dollar is strong against the yen because of the rally in global stock markets. That rally is happening in the face of fading US corporate earnings because of the actions of the US central bank.

Stock markets initially tend to rally as the US business cycle peaks and the Fed stops raising rates, but institutional investors soon become concerned that the Fed’s about-face is related to more serious concerns about the economy. ==


From Murph. tonight….

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:53 on February 12, 2019  

The capture, and hold routine


The near-daily comatose behavior of the metals after the Crimex opens is a function of cartel algos who basically capture gold and silver buying, and then lock it down. As I have said before algos are efficient killers, having the ability to probe and test all bids and then evaluate the sell pressure required to quell it. The steady, almost daily increase of silver OI shows this is being done. Yesterday’s trading volume, and so far today as of 10:00 am, is, like last week, anemic. If China was absent last week they are apparently still in no hurry to reenter.

The RSI 50-70 zone has become the new normal for gold and silver the past few months. We can’t break down below neutral, but also can’t break out above slightly overbought. Seems about right in a market desperately wanting to go MUCH higher, but being thwarted by a derivatives suppression scheme. The steady increase in silver OI is worrisome. We know how this story typically ends ALL too well. Based on the firm floor beneath the metals however the shorts will be getting FAR less bang for their derivative buck this time around when they cover.

Lumber futures have lost 11%, or $47 mbf in just 5 trading sessions. Lumber also went from RSI 92 to RSI 48 in that time. It was a similar pattern on the way up to RSI 92. We’ve added 3 more limit moves (shooting for 4 today.) since I last reported on the subject. Amazing what can happen when there are no algos capturing, and then holding lumber in a comatose state.



Posted by ipso facto @ 17:52 on February 12, 2019  

I wonder how many $millions $billions were wasted? Of course California has plenty to spare … not!

ipso facto @ 15:28

Posted by Floridagold @ 17:01 on February 12, 2019  


Today is a good day talk about the ESF aka Scum

Posted by Buygold @ 15:30 on February 12, 2019  

USD down, no help. SM up big, shares down.

Yeah I’d say the ES is in charge today.

Time to throw this boondoggle into the trash

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:28 on February 12, 2019  

California Governor Pulls Plug On Statewide High-Speed Rail Project


One of my dogs, GSC/GSS has turned into a greyhound today. Any rumors out there?

Posted by macroman3 @ 14:05 on February 12, 2019  

Well it getting close to noon, I’ll start one. Newmont Goldcorp merger with Golden Star having their operation in Ghana and head office in Denver, same as NEM.

Maddog @ 16:04 on February 11, 2019 Italian Gold

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:22 on February 12, 2019  

Dont make too much on the Hugh store of Italian Gold while the debt of Italian Banks is Hugh.Its too simplistic  and I would say infantile idiotic view to criticize them for not using it to pay down debt.The Italians know what they are doing ! The Gold supports a major industry in Italy ,they run one of the worlds best jewelry making schools in the world with over 5000 students …Gold is the raw material for their manufacturing process.

Its very smart to HEDGE advance buying of Gold so they can control the cost of a major industry in Italy.

Thier economy is more important than reducing debt ,same in America ….A good economy enables you to pay down debt ,a poor one makes it impossible just as Trump says. Before you criticize them ..maybe they know something you dont know about economics ,such a small country but the FIFTH largest economy …..

They choose to have a future for Italians instead of the Banksters..Hedging Gold has many benefits beside managing debt ,for them it protects thier future economy a double benefit for them..

Try telling the Vatican to sell thier Gold and give the money to the Poor …Its the same problem ,if they did the money would dissappear to the Banksters and then WHO looks after the Poor …the Banks ?   Yeah SURE ! thatll be the day ..a really cold day in Hell…


Posted by Richard640 @ 13:17 on February 12, 2019  

Took em a while to bring in the verdict

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:13 on February 12, 2019  

El Chapo, Mexico’s notorious drug lord, found guilty in U.S. trial

El Chapo, Mexico’s notorious drug lord, found guilty in U.S. trial

Fuh-git about it-!!

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:14 on February 12, 2019  

We can talk “fundamentals” for ever. But the point is that as long as CB are able to print toilet-paper and turn it into something “valuable” by inflating bubbles here and there, there is no other “fundamental” that can cope with it. You may have thousands of TESLA in your stock markets, and yet get the value of those stocks increase indefinitely.

You only need to create a group on Whatsapp with Draghi, Powell, Kuroda and friends to allow them buy at the same moment and get markets up accordingly. As long as the Whatsapp group is in place, forget about “fundamentals”, “value”, “graphs” and all those middle-age relics. You just have to push a button, and buy. Whatever. Gold, oil, stocks, bonds, who cares. That’s the way to make money today.

This is the kind of problem which topples governments. No tears from me if Erdogan goes down.

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:03 on February 12, 2019  

Turkish Government Wages War With “Price-Gouging Terrorist, Traitors” As Food Inflation Soars


Skeena Provides Corporate Update and 2019 Outlook

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:44 on February 12, 2019  


Beto O’Rourke Rally In El Peso

Posted by commish @ 8:33 on February 12, 2019  

d057398478Had singers doing Mexican songs in Spanish. Trump rally across town. Big crowd chanting USA USA USA.

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