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Maya 2/12 23:08

Posted by amals @ 22:31 on February 13, 2019  

Good info on both topics.  Thanks.

Whats the Problem ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:08 on February 13, 2019  

Since we have a debt based economy AND our currency is debt based ..the more debt we have the larger the economy and the RICHER we are !   Prove me wrong! OUR Dollar BILL  the Federal Reserve NOTE is evidence of debt ,the more Dollars you have the richer you are.The more debt you own the richer you are !  Whats the Problem….

USA Now Over 22 Trillion…

Posted by commish @ 18:14 on February 13, 2019  


Goldcorp Reports Fourth Quarter 2018 Results

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:12 on February 13, 2019  



Posted by Buygold @ 17:39 on February 13, 2019  

So close to the “Golden Cross” but we better hold the 160 area or everything is screwed.

Today felt a lot like the last 7 years with the SM moving relentlessly higher and pm’s drifting lower.

Really hope this won’t turn into Year 8

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Electric Cars

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:06 on February 13, 2019  

Batteries are a problem but now they’re improving them by making individual cells in the battery so you can change out a cell at a time without changing the whole battery. Also my daughter helping a nurse I know who bought a used all electric car and the battery died after the year warentee. My daughter found a place where she could get a used refurbished battery for 1000 dollars with a warrantee.
Are you saving any money on gas when the batteries are costly I don’t know, I guess it would determine by how long it lasts.
Best bet is hybrid that runs on both for multi reasons.
I drove a rented a hybrid very roomy car to Tahoe instead of putting miles on my car to Lske Tahoe last year through the mountains from Sacramento area. When I got back I hardly put any gas in the car to replace what I used. That was pretty impressive.

I think you’ll like this one. It’s an eye opener and our asshole in chief Trudeau in Canada did basically the same thing to buy off the media.

Posted by silverngold @ 14:18 on February 13, 2019  

Obama’s Propaganda Budget Is Running Out

The Corbett Report. James answers the question of “why?”, on many different levels. Worth a few IMO!!

Posted by silverngold @ 13:39 on February 13, 2019  

New Poll New Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:28 on February 13, 2019  

Vote vote

Where’s Mr Copper….are u out there….Mr Copper.

Posted by Maddog @ 11:39 on February 13, 2019  

Re electric cars

Posted by Maddog @ 11:38 on February 13, 2019  

The very first cars had electric engines, that drove the front wheels, with steam/petrol to drive the rear……but they gave up on the electric side as the Battery could not be made portable/chargeable……it is still the same problem today, some 130 years later, as Ororeef says.

U still can’t beat gasoline / cubic inch, for energy.

eeos @ 11:11 on February 13, 2019

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:26 on February 13, 2019  

Its not the ENGINE ,Its the BATTERY  !  The electric engine was viable 75 years ago …Its the BATTERY !

Opportunity coming !

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:23 on February 13, 2019  

7 million used cars will be dumped on the Market at distressed prices ,cash buyers will be the winners !   My guess is that Electric cars will be dumped at 50 % discounts ,only gas  driven cars will hold their value .Uncertain battery life especially in COLD weather will cause buyers to avoid them especially without Battery guarantees that will make them Unsalable AT ANY PRICE.

Ororeef @ 11:05

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:20 on February 13, 2019  

Agree with pretty much all that. I smell a poll coming …

The electric car

Posted by eeos @ 11:11 on February 13, 2019  

So far everyone that has resisted Tesla has been run over by the train. Chopped up squished and pulverized. The internal combustion engine has over 2000 moving parts, the electric motor on average 14 parts. Guess who is going to win


Posted by Maddog @ 11:07 on February 13, 2019  

Re yr 18.53 of ystdy

scum algos just squashed another bull break out in PM’s.

ipso facto @ 10:02 on February 13, 2019…….The car industry is headed for a collapse !

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:05 on February 13, 2019  

“Record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on car payments, a red flag for economy”

The electric cars are too expensive gobbling up investment cash with no breakeven price in sight .Mandating 100 % electric by any specific date is insanity…Its like passing a LAW outlawing Poverty,only idiots do that ! and thats whats getting elected to Congress these days. Its all headed for a crash ,nobody in middle class can afford to buy them.They are going head first into debt from which there will be NO recovery .Car batterys are not efficient enough yet to warrent going all in….Its all funded with debt,it dosent work on a sustainable basis at all..

Passing edits that require efficiency by date certain with out proof they can be met is causing MAL investment in unproven technology even with Government subsidies that throw money at a problem that shows NO promise of ever becoming a self sustaining industry without printing money and throwing it at the problem.Its the only industry that bets its FUTURE on Government subsidies forever …..Thats NUTS …Only the Government can afford to buy the CARS that the Government mandates…..Really ! The Government causes this problem that itself cant fix ….

Barrick Reports 2018 Full Year and Fourth Quarter Results

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:37 on February 13, 2019  


Newcrest sells Côte d’Ivoire project to Canada’s Roxgold in $30 million-deal

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:25 on February 13, 2019  

Newcrest sells Côte d’Ivoire project to Canada’s Roxgold in $30 million-deal

South Africa’s Sibanye-Stillwater may restructure loss-making gold shafts

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:24 on February 13, 2019  

South Africa’s Sibanye-Stillwater said on Tuesday it was considering measures, including restructuring if alternative solutions could not be found to bring loss-making gold shafts back to profitability. Gold producers in Africa’s most industrialised economy, which have some of the world’s deepest mines, have seen profits squeezed by rising costs, labour unrest and declining grades.

Sibanye said it was in regular talks with key stakeholders, including the unions, through forums where it highlighted the challenges facing its bullion operations to solicit cooperation to address these challenges.

South Africa’s Sibanye-Stillwater may restructure loss-making gold shafts


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:20 on February 13, 2019  

Trump To Use Executive Order To Allocate More Funds To Wall, Avoiding Shutdown

Update: In an interesting twist, it looks like Trump has decided on a middle path that will allow him to keep the government open while getting more of his border wall built than Congress had initially authorized.

According to WaPo, Trump will use an executive order to reallocate federal funds to finance the wall – or at least something more than the 55 miles that the compromise bill would finance.


and this is with the economy doing “well?”

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:02 on February 13, 2019  

Record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on car payments, a red flag for economy


I just checked Zero. Hedge-not a single bearish [or bullish] stock market. article-

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:53 on February 13, 2019  

Have been few to none the past 2 or 3 days-Also on the 3 biz channels talk. of “goldilocks”. and “nothing. to stand. in the way” of the current rally…at the bottom in December there were nothing but doom and gloom articles…the only unresolved “issue” for the market is the China trade deal…Investors Intelligence had extreme bullish readings all through the 1990s yet the market just kept going up….conclusion: sentiment readings are not the be all and. end all in mkt. analysis…


Posted by Maddog @ 8:18 on February 13, 2019  

Re Italy …with respect u miss the point of my post…..what the government does with the Gold is somewhat academic. The point is that there are many who think that the Gold is either outright sold, ie already gone, or has been leased out and therefore only exists if the Co’s that leased it can return it. Hence the BIS changeing its terminology, as to what physical gold assets can be held, to leased as well.

Salvini and Co are saying, all they want to do is to make it clear in Law, that the people own it, which of course they do…but if some or all of the Gold is ‘gone’, then that becomes a major problem to confirm…..This also goes to the heart of the Euro, as pledging some of yr Gold reserves was part of joining the Euro…..these people are brilliant tacticians.



Posted by goldielocks @ 2:41 on February 13, 2019  

That can definetly cause pain and stiffness. I wonder if SNGs Boron that stoped his arthritis can help. One thing to stay away from if you can is processed sugars. Caffeine and sodas too. Sodas even sugar free because of phosphorus, if you drink it or Beer you have to put the calcium back.with that maybe avoid cuz could cause other problems like maybe stones, I wounder with thinning except when herniated discs or injuries are involved if exercise ” range of motion” as tolerated including some form
of light weight bearing could help build up the bones?
I like Aleve too when necessary even though some stuff came out on it I haven’t looked into but then what’s the alternative, more of the same with others?

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