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Silverdoctors with David Morgan

Posted by silverngold @ 23:38 on February 25, 2019  

commish has been upstaged…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:13 on February 25, 2019  

Dynamic Duo

Posted by Moggy @ 22:02 on February 25, 2019  



Posted by ipso facto @ 22:01 on February 25, 2019  

Should have a warning on it. Could cause brain damage! 😉

Palladium up another $44 today

Posted by Buygold @ 19:08 on February 25, 2019  


Would love to see those type of moves in gold in the near future.


My Cannabis Stock (ACB)

Posted by commish @ 18:23 on February 25, 2019  

WAF.V I was trying to sell this but I think I’ll just keep it even if they are only going to be listed in Australia

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:13 on February 25, 2019  

West African Resources intercepts 6.5m at 61.8 g/t Au including 3m at 132 g/t Au at M1 South


goldielocks @ 11:26

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:50 on February 25, 2019  


Tumult in the gold market fer sure. Reminds me of the shenanigans 2005-2007. ABX has fired the starter pistol on a race to who knows what…

Posted by macroman3 @ 12:40 on February 25, 2019  

Boring is done though, so that is good.

Back in the day, ABX buys Placer dome for $10.4. Goldcorp gets crumbs in deal. Goldcorp buys Glamis pissing off McEwen. Uses G gold hoard as down payment, LBO using the acquired company hard currency to fund deal. Now G the sheep with two wolves voting on dinner. Serves them right!

Sumpin big dead ahead…

USD cruising higher

Posted by Buygold @ 12:28 on February 25, 2019  

but shares seem to be holding up for the most part…

NEM coming back off the low of $35.44

Still can’t figure out where we’re headed, higher or lower? Shares appear to be following the SM a bit…

Hard to believe the SM is higher on no news, but it’s been higher almost everyday for the last nine years.

AG ripping higher on earnings. Pretty unusual but I’ll take it. Wish I had more…

Posted by Buygold @ 12:11 on February 25, 2019  

First Majestic Silver Corp. Ordinary Shares (Canada) Q4 EPS $(0.05) Misses $0.01 Estimate, Sales $74.1M Up From $61.2M YoY

7:21 am ET February 25, 2019 (Benzinga) Print
First Majestic Silver Corp. Ordinary Shares (Canada) (NYSE:AG) reported quarterly losses of $(0.05) per share which missed the analyst consensus estimate of $0.01 by 600 percent. This is a 25 percent decrease over losses of $(0.04) per share from the same period last year. The company reported $74.1 million in sales this quarter. This is a 21.08 percent increase over sales of $61.2 million the same period last year.

Yo MM3

Posted by Buygold @ 12:05 on February 25, 2019  

“Maybe flak just to scuttle NEM-GG merger so ABX can take a proper run at Goldcorp? Or ABX wants all?

ABX throwing hail Mary’s all over the gold market. Portends continued banker suppression or gold to the moon.”


Interesting take. Maybe they are trying to scuttle the GG deal. I don’t trust ABX at all. Not sure I trust NEM a whole lot more. Regardless, an all stock deal sucks for everyone involved and almost sounds like a ruse.

Yeah BG, this NEM take under perplexes me as well. ABX short a couple of $billion on market cap on no skin-in-game share exchange?

Posted by macroman3 @ 12:00 on February 25, 2019  

$7 bil in synergies to boot? That is pie in the sky.

Maybe flak just to scuttle NEM-GG merger so ABX can take a proper run at Goldcorp? Or ABX wants all?

ABX throwing hail Mary’s all over the gold market. Portends continued banker suppression or gold to the moon.

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:46 on February 25, 2019  

Ken Starr who wrote Book that should be enlightening on Life Liberty and Levin. He got a lot of press even camping out at his house when dealing with Clintons and Levine noted none for Mueller. Also pointed out how FBI deserves better than the rogue leaders it had that pointed to a Coup against Trump. That Obama knew about Russian interference that had nothing to do with Trump but he didn’t do anything about it. That this Russian interference was to cause divide and questions should be made to that prior administration. That brought to mind for me if Hillary was actively working with Russians on s fake dossier and prior administration spying on Trump along with rogue Commey leaking information while actively campaigning that should be investigated. Also Obama was actively interfering with the Israel elections. No one to ask him where did he get off.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:26 on February 25, 2019  

The last I checked which was a long long time ago it was 20 something to buy foreign stocks. Best to ask for a broker if you feel something’s off with who your talking to. Also best to check their form of Edgar that can pre warn you of a pending delisting and anything else going on if you have the time.

This is pretty damn sucky. So how do you trade Aussie stocks at Ameritrade? Gonna be a giant commission I’m sure.

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:41 on February 25, 2019  

West African Resources Limited (ASX and TSXV:WAF) (“WAF” or the “Company”) advises that it has applied for a voluntary de-listing of its ordinary shares (“shares”) from trading on the TSX Venture Exchange (“TSXV”).

TSXV has subsequently confirmed that the Company’s shares will be de-listed and therefore no longer traded on the TSXV after close of trading on Friday, 8 March 2019.

No change will occur to the quotation and trading of WAF shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”) and its shares will remain available for trading on the ASX under the code WAF.

Hope these guys succeed. When new mines commence operations that seems to be a dangerous time. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:36 on February 25, 2019  

Victoria Gold: Eagle Mine Construction Update, Dublin Gulch, Yukon


Metals and especially shares appear to be saying

Posted by Buygold @ 10:03 on February 25, 2019  

the USD is about to roar back…

NEM and Barrick getting spanked a bit

HUI showing no signs of life. I guess I’ll be a buyer again around 165 HUI

Hard action to read these days…

Wolanchuk this a.m.

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:00 on February 25, 2019  

if it doesnt react off this area below 2820 things will get awfully bad for the bears …of course they are all cluttering up cyberspace with their inane blatherings since they missed it all…thats all they have to do with thieir time now…;”blah blah blah

shorts getting vivisected big time ………..some have turned into no position papertading loser market commentators……geeziz eh
buffett on cnbc…..sez the market is going higher but he wont buy a sharply rising market….nose bleeds and fear of heights….snort
bears are adding to their shorts …….lolol feed me baby…..yeehaaaaw farton bigz…..and his sychopants
2818 area may get hit before any reaction into WWW……otherwise the end result …higher prices are coming after these periodic interruptions
timer digest top ten finally getting the msg now up to 5 bulls…….lol

It’s a world-wide Jihad to the upside-even Italian bonds…even the Rand & other. garbage-all paper assets…are going up…

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:23 on February 25, 2019  

Italy’s bonds rallied after Fitch Ratings kept the country’s credit rating unchanged, easing fears that it will be downgraded to junk anytime soon

Emerging-market currencies and shares advanced despite China’s state-run Xinhua news agency later publishing a commentary saying talks will be harder at the final stage. Treasuries and core European bonds slipped, while Italy’s securities advanced and the euro strengthened. Following Trump’s tweet, developing-nation equities headed for the longest rally in nine months. South Africa’s rand led currency gains, with its biggest advance this month, and Russia’s ruble was set to post its longest winning streak since April 2015. “Given this string of positive news, it is hard to see an inflection in the positive EM momentum today,” Guillaume Tresca, a Paris-based strategist at Credit Agricole SA, wrote in a report. “This could help to support EM sentiment, which has been fragile,” with emerging-market portfolio inflows decelerating in the past two weeks.

The official delay from the U.S. may give fresh impetus to extend a global rally in equities that was being tested amid an uncertain future on global trade and forecasts for global economic growth to ebb. Meanwhile, it is unlikely that the market euphoria will fizzle any time soon: Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, whose dovish capitulation has also helped to boost markets, will testify on U.S. monetary policy on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We fought off the first scum attack

Posted by Buygold @ 8:49 on February 25, 2019  

and back on the good side of the tracks.

Someone riddle me this: Barrick is pursuing NEM, NEM is merging with GG

Why would a potential Barrick deal with NEM be negative for GG? It has been negative the last few days. Do the punters think that if NEM were to accept a Barrick deal the GG merger would go away??

Image result for goldmember pics

Seat Belt time

Posted by Buygold @ 8:23 on February 25, 2019  

Here they come. Trying to create a waterfall into the Crimex open.

Related image

All stock deal? I doubt that will fly

Posted by Buygold @ 8:14 on February 25, 2019  

UPDATE: Newmont’s stock gains after Barrick Gold makes hostile buyout bid

8:09 am ET February 25, 2019 (MarketWatch)

Shares of Newmont Mining Corp. (NEM) rose 1.9% in premarket trade Monday, after Barrick Gold Corp. said it has made an unsolicited proposal to buy the rival gold miner, in a stock deal that would value Newmont at nearly $18 billion. Under terms of the bid, Newmont shareholders would receive 2.5694 Barrick shares for each Newmont share they own. Based on Friday’s stock closing prices, that would value Newmont shares at $33.50 each, which represents an 8.2% discount. With 532.7 million shares outstanding, the bid implies a market cap for Newmont of $17.84 billion. Newmont’s stock had run up 10.2% over the past week. Over the weekend, Newmont said Barrick had taken a stake (https://www.wsj.com/articles/newmont-says-rival-miner-barrick-gold-has-bought-a-small-stake-11551050912) in the company. Barrick’s bid comes six weeks after Newmont announced an agreement to buy Goldcorp Inc (http://www.marketwatch.com/story/newmont-announces-deal-to-buy-goldcorp-for-10-billion-2019-01-14). (G.T) in a stock deal valued at $10 billion. Barrick said Monday that it believes its proposed merger would unlock more than $7 billion net present value of synergies. Newmont’s stock has lost 5.7% over the past 12 months, while Barrick shares have gained 7.1% and the S&P 500 has edged up 1.7%.

run wabbit run

Posted by macroman3 @ 1:57 on February 25, 2019  

Snow Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:15 on February 25, 2019  


Blowing out the great plains.  Wanna snowball fight?


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