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Heh heh, I remember accusing FGC of being a Vronskyite. Wham, banned hammer again…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:48 on March 2, 2019  

I’ve been kicked out of all the cool joints…(more than once)


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 21:51 on March 2, 2019  

After I got booted (didn’t take long), I would email him about advertising. I strung him out for a while until he figured out what was going on. I havn’t accessed  the gold eagle site in years.



Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:09 on March 2, 2019  

Vronsky liked me, used to email me, he only booted me once. He let me back in right away. Told me I had 5,000 followers. Even in Europe. 2001 thru 2012? He ran a tight ship and had a great group together, many here in the tent.

@Blindrn, thank you.

Mr Copper

Posted by Blindrn @ 18:53 on March 2, 2019  

May God grant you peace and comfort during these difficult times. God bless.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:05 on March 2, 2019  

I never logged into GE just read posts once in awhile. Veronski sounded like he was something else.

Wonder if the scum knew that Trump would say this today?

Posted by Buygold @ 15:46 on March 2, 2019  

Would be a great reason for them to crush pm’s yesterday…

Trump Says Dollar Too Strong, Slams Powell Who “Likes Raising Interest Rates” 

“I want a dollar that does great for our country, but not a dollar that’s so strong that it makes it prohibitive for us to do business with other nations and take their business…”

Thanks Again From All You Great People. I’m Extremely Surprised And Grateful

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:28 on March 2, 2019  

Now lets get back on topic before ole Vronsky starts killing pass words. Gold climbing in all currencies past six months.


Mr. Copper

Posted by goldcountry @ 10:09 on March 2, 2019  

So very sorry to hear of your loss, and of what you have been enduring for the last few years. Your wife looks like a lovely and bright light. May God give you strength.


Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 9:48 on March 2, 2019  

My sincere condolences for the lose of your wife , and I feel your pain of loosing your soul mate. I remember your posts from way back on GE and always found them interesting. Once again my deepest sympathy.



Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 9:36 on March 2, 2019  

Yes, we are like a family here. Most of us have been getting old and older together and we’ve gone through and shared life’s trials . I’m grateful to be with you and the rest of the family here. Like most families we don’t always agree but we try to work through issues – most related to the frustration of pm’s.

I’m glad to see our team rally around you. Glad to call the folks here friends.

Ororeef said it best, everything else is “little stuff”.

Please pour out your heart on these pages if you need to, there are a lot of us willing to listen.

Mr Copper

Posted by Ororeef @ 2:07 on March 2, 2019  

very sorry for your loss,…..Life teaches us to enjoy every day with loved ones.!..Dont fret the little Stuff,its all little stuff,.   Family is what matters.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:31 on March 2, 2019  

I pictured you pretty much like that pic except maybe little more weight. Your wife was beautiful, looked bright, self confident and full of life. Must of been hard for you not to talk about it all this time. Sorry for the doctor too. Overdoses are now averaging 300 a week most of which are coming from South America. With the things changing for the worse now inch by inch day by day it becomes a mindset to stay alive and away from things that can become crutches.
Seems like every time the left talks about making things better they’re not talking about us. The young are affected as the American dream getting ripped out from under them.


Posted by aufever @ 0:06 on March 2, 2019  

My sympathy to you for your loss. Hang in there friend.

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