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Gold Titan

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:39 on March 9, 2019  

How can a serial number of a phone identify a person unless bought in a store under your name? Plus people sell them to each other.
There are other ways for say law to identify a person but would be more difficult for unknown people like on FB if they were unable to hack it.

goldielocks @ 19:03

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 21:03 on March 9, 2019  

Just in case you did not know, every phone has unique  IMEI  number which is recorded with cell service provider , which will eventually lead to identify you.


New Intellectual Froglegs

Posted by commish @ 19:48 on March 9, 2019  

To see new episode it’s on his homepage. Its called New Green Deal. YouTube won’t publish his videos at the present time. Click Home.



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:10 on March 9, 2019  

A little while back I got a advertising message telling me some stores near a gas station ” I frequently visit.” Yep they’re tracking u. They never seem to use it for kidnaping but will pick up last place they used it.

Gold Titan

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:03 on March 9, 2019  

Im aware of IP address as most others. I shouldn’t mention it but thing is most phones less u get a plan you can put any name and home address on them less your in some phone payment plan and pay cash for payments too if your worried about it. We all should be to a degree though. Now that I mentioned that they’re going to start asking for ID. They still have another way to track through email less you don’t put info in that either.
They track where you go too so they know where u live. They also know when ur on FB or email.

Proof of viral shedding from vaccines on this site , get it before FB deletes it.

Posted by newtogold @ 18:51 on March 9, 2019  

Saving info to my computer. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1802528433369203/permalink/2304115049877203/ Info on  this is more than halfway down and sites are convoluted but with some effort pdfs will show specifics. All substantiated articles from Pharmaceuticals to boot. Article is from “the Truth Group” on Facebook .

Buygold @ 13:23

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 18:12 on March 9, 2019  

BG spot on ,on every point, people think they can register with fictitious name and personal details, they are totally ignorant of the fact that FB collects IP addresses , computer name and anything that they possibly can.

When comes to smart phones there has been comments that front camera is used to record users expressions, plus the fact that users give practically all access permission to their phone by most apps.

I think we may have social point scoring similar to the Chinese, just under a “different name”.

I have tried to register ” anonymously ” on zerohedge , they sent initial email message but failed to issue member confirmation. Why ???????




Posted by goldielocks @ 17:27 on March 9, 2019  

Yes Im aware and told my daughters not to call me mom on there. They think I’m being too cautious but that’s the way I like it. Besides you don’t know who’s reading it, especially if you get in a heated discussion with someone.
There are people for instance that threaten the lives of people who put info on vaccines. My email got hacked too cuz I wasn’t aware it was on there until after and after a heated debate about vaccines by the gov who blocked me and others to hide the truth.
My friends have told me I’ve been cloned a few times too but that seems to happen a lot esp to those voting Trump. They monitor vaccine and patriot votes.
A few Muslims friended me but all are gone now and never said a word to them. They just saw the post of others. That or they were trying to get here and using FB. I just directed them to the gov. not knowing who they are.
As far as the gov they will track u anyways.
Two noted Repubs on tv friended me and checked to see if it was really them but after seeing all the post coming from others on vaccines I was sharing they got out.
Most my friends local, and I do not friend each other for that reason. We just text each other. Who’s left after 08 anyways.
I’m more worried about ID theft.

The great Wold Richter opines…

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:05 on March 9, 2019  

Why I’m Not in Panic Yet About the Lousy “20,000 Jobs Created”

Posted by Floridagold @ 16:45 on March 9, 2019  

Megamerger Push Has Gold Miners Eyeing New Dance Partners

Updated on 
  • Moves by biggest miners to get bigger could have domino effect
  • PE firms raising ‘billions’ to help producers diversify assets

A push by the world’s biggest gold miners to get even bigger will likely have a knock-on effect among their competitors, adding new vigor to an industry that failed to inspire investor support in 2018.

The megamerger mania now under way for Newmont Mining Corp.Barrick Gold Corp. and Goldcorp Inc. is likely to result in some of their assets being sold, helping to diversify portfolios for other miners and boosting the interest of investors. More importantly, it could force mid-tier companies to team up in order to successfully compete.

“This is a competitive marketplace in terms of attracting capital, and you have to make a decision at some point,” Michael Siperco, an analyst at Macquarie Capital Markets, said in a telephone interview. “Yamana, Kinross, Iamgold — what’s the strategy here in terms of not getting absolutely left behind?”

In a recent report, Siperco said that megamergers among the largest miners could give them access to capital that will let them out-bid everyone else for junior explorers and developers that are essential to replenishing pipelines. Meanwhile, in comparing the market capitalization with the valuations of Australian companies including Newcrest Mining Ltd., Evolution Mining Ltd. and Northern Star Resources Ltd., “the question has to be, what’s next?” Siperco said.

“We as leaders in the industry owe it to look for ways to maximize the return,” Barrick Chief Executive Officer Mark Bristow said on CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer. “You know, the industry also needs a real genuine introspection. It’s not created value for its stake holders.’’

‘Concentration Risk’

A January note by Credit Suisse Group analysts Fahad Tariq and Mark Llanes also speculates that Iamgold Corp. and Yamana Gold Inc. could pursue mergers for critical mass, as well as B2Gold Corp. Spokespeople for the three mining companies didn’t immediately respond to phone calls and emailed requests for comment.

A gauge of 14 big gold producers tracked by Bloomberg Intelligence tumbled 10 percent last year, the first decline since 2015, as bullion prices languished below $1,300 an ounce, crimping margins. Since Jan. 1, however, the shares have gained 5.8 percent, making them more attractive to investors and potentially spurring a new emphasis on growth.

“Concentration risk is an issue,” Chris Gratias, a managing director and head of mining at CIBC Capital Markets, said at a conference in Toronto this week. “A diversified portfolio in this environment is more attractive to investors than single assets.”


As the giants make plans to streamline their post-deal portfolios, megamergers are creating a once-in-a-cycle opportunity to acquire “company-making assets,” some of which will likely be funded by private equity, said Ryan Latinovich, global head of mining and metals at RBC Capital Markets.

“A number of private equity funds are in the process of raising large amounts of billions and billions of dollars capital to do that type of work,” Latinovich said. “I can just tell you right now, everybody is looking for a dance partner.”

Here’s a breakdown of some companies that may be on the move:

Evolution Mining:

Evolution may be among the most likely to go on a shopping spree, according to the Credit Suisse analysts. The reason: A ratio used to determine valuation has improved 29 percent over the last year in a strong operating environment, the analysts wrote.

Evolution would “certainly be interested” in Australian assets that may be sold by Barrick or Newmont, Executive Chairman Jake Klein said in an interview in Florida last week.

Newcrest Mining:

Geography is key for this Melbourne-based miner. Newcrest may be looking to stretch beyond the Asia Pacific region in order to deepen its pool of potential investors, according to the Credit Suisse note.

Bloomberg has previously reported that Newcrest held conversations about transactions with Barrick, Goldcorp and Nevsun Resources Ltd., citing people familiar with the matter.

On Thursday, a management information circular from Goldcorp said the Vancouver-based miner held preliminary discussions with a ‘‘peer precious metal producer’’ on a potential no-premium merger in September and October of 2018.

Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.:

This company has long been “a favorite among institutional investors because of its safe and predictable operations,” according to Tariq and Llanes. To broaden its footprint, the company may be looking to diversify into other regions. In an interview last month, Chief Executive Officer Sean Boyd said he isn’t interested in large acquisitions.

While buying a small, single-asset miner isn’t off the table, he said there’s “nothing out there” right now he’s circling. “At this point, there is no change in our strategy,” Dale Coffin, a spokesman for Agnico, said by email.

Endeavour Mining Corp.:

Location is key for Endeavour, with it’s extensive experience in operating in higher-risk jurisdictions. Credit Suisse notes that it may be looking for opportunities in Africa, where it currently specializes in the French-speaking regions. The company’s profile also makes it an unlikely target for larger gold producers that may not want to increase their risk profile. The company didn’t respond to an emailed request for comment after normal business hours in London.

Kinross Gold Corp.:

Kinross has struggled in the past year as the company was caught up in a tide of resource nationalism in parts of Africa. It has also come under fire from a shareholders’ gold council for executives not owning enough shares — a criticism it’s flatly refuted.

In January, Kinross Chief Financial Officer Tony Giardini said the company will look at acquisition opportunitiesthat come out of Barrick-Randgold and Newmont-Goldcorp mega-mergers. A spokesman for Kinross, Louie Diaz, said the company looks at opportunities continuously while being disciplined in its approach to M&A.

“As always, we need to see value for the company and our shareholders,” Diaz said by email.

— With assistance by David Stringer, and Steven Frank

Goldie – yes

Posted by Buygold @ 16:37 on March 9, 2019  

Don’t need to put “exact” personal info on FB but you open yourself up to tracking by your IP address, and then of course there’s your conversations with “friends” that are monitored 24/7.

No doubt whether you put your personal info or not they know everything about you, your habits and your friends from the past.

The CIA plant aka Zuckerberg is an anti-American spy and piece of shit. No doubt similar to the Google crowd.

Both those companies are gov’t started, funded and owned by the CIA. Probably Amazon as well.


Re China?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:50 on March 9, 2019  

As long as the Yuan stays in the 7 to $1 dollar area, nothing will improve. No US Based American company that moved over there would do so with a one or two year lease. You can bet your ass a 40 or or more year “lease agreement” on the exchange rate agreement was made probably back in the 1990s after China got the most favored nation trade status. To make sense the yuan should be 2 to $1.

Can u see any of the demo bozos dealing with this?

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:38 on March 9, 2019  

China Trade Talks

US-China trade talks have made little in the way of real progress.

BEIJING — The U.S. and China have yet to set a date for a summit to resolve their trade dispute, the U.S. ambassador to China said Friday, as neither side feels an agreement is imminent. (Wall St Journal)
There is suspicion and opposition to concessions on both sides:

China has a secret program to support the microchip and software industries. That’s according to Wang Jiangping, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology. Wang was speaking to CPPCC delegates at the Two sessions on Thursday, but the comments leaked to reporters (FX678):

“Last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology planned the ‘Zhengxin Zhuhun’ project under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.” “The state will give strong policy and funding support, because industries such as microchips and software need to be iteratively developed.”

Wang said the ministry had kept the policy under wraps. That’s presumably because of the recent international backlash to the Made in China 2025 program…..Wang’s comments have already disappeared from the Chinese internet.

Get smart: Given Xi’s self-reliance push in key technologies, nobody really thought China would give up its industrial policies for these sectors. (Trivium China)
Whoever leaked Wang’s comments was not trying to make trade negotiations any easier. Impact of the trade dispute is starting to emerge in both economies but resolution and enforcement of a trade agreement is a long and tenuous path.


Impact of the trade dispute is more clearly visible on the chart below, with growth in total hours worked retreating below 1.5%. Slowing growth in hours worked warns that real GDP growth for Q1 2019 is likely to disappoint.


Buygold GT

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:36 on March 9, 2019  

You don’t have to put exact or accurate personal information on FB but I understand.


Posted by Buygold @ 13:23 on March 9, 2019  

Good call on Facebook, my wife uses it all the time. No way in hell I’d use it.

Clearly it is a Gov’t spying operation – CIA – and Zuckerberg is the front man.

No way a moron like Zuckerberg could have “invented” Facebook.

Then there is his No.2 Sheryl Sandberg who is an obvious CIA plant who lost her husband and barely batted an eye. Facebook is no doubt Orwell’s fantasy.

Gold Titan

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:12 on March 9, 2019  

With young people many don’t want to read that much anymore.just too busy or occupied. But they will identify with other mothers. Look up mthfr gene mutation also. Those who have it have higher risk although all are a risk with the amount their giving of adverse effects as it causes problems with getting rid of toxins.
The link didn’t open. I’m not totally antivaccine but vaccine safety but only life threatening vaccines like rabies Tetnus polio etc. I’ve had about all of them including BCG yellow fever you name it. Who knows what their up to. They have experimented on so many people including innocent orphans giving them horrible diseases to study it any one in their right mind would not trust them.

Goldielocks @ 1:14

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 9:45 on March 9, 2019  

FB  LOL,  I never use this POS , and disclose personal information. You must read the latest article at zerohedge, but most importantly the comments on the article and FB founder and their platform.


Have a good weekend !




Posted by treefrog @ 9:32 on March 9, 2019  

re: 5k children without parents

no telling how many of those could be characterized as “teenage runaways,” nor how many are, in fact 22 years old, claiming younger age to get preferential treatment.  it’s a mess, and it won’t get sorted out soon if ever.

COT Report – back up to date

Posted by Buygold @ 8:09 on March 9, 2019  

Pretty bullish if you believe such things


Gold Titan

Posted by goldielocks @ 1:14 on March 9, 2019  

That’s good. On FB when u or others try to report credible evidence it gets deleted.

Maddog @ 19:48

Posted by Moggy @ 0:39 on March 9, 2019  

Your explanation makes sense but what a price Americans are paying as the illegals are bringing in all manner of diseases.  Texas is already reporting dozens of cases of measles and tuberculosis is spreading, too.  Then there is the financial drain to be considered for as long as these illegals live.  Yesterday I read that 5,000 children crossed the border without parents.  They didn’t get to the border and across without a heck of a lot of assistance….this is a disaster in the making.

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