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Maddog 14:28; Moggy 15:19

Posted by amals @ 22:17 on March 10, 2019  

Good article and interesting vid.  As if I needed more to make me uncomfortable about where we are, and where we’re going.

Megamerger Push Has Gold Miners Eyeing New Partners

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:17 on March 10, 2019  


A push by the world’s biggest gold miners to get even bigger will likely have a knock-on effect among their competitors, adding new vigor to an industry that failed to inspire investor support in 2018.

 The megamerger mania now under way for Newmont Mining Corp., Barrick Gold Corp. and Goldcorp Inc. is likely to result in some of their assets being sold, helping to diversify portfolios for other miners and boosting the interest of investors. More importantly, it could force mid-tier companies to team up in order to successfully compete.
A gauge of 14 big gold producers tracked by Bloomberg Intelligence tumbled 10 percent last year, the first decline since 2015, as bullion prices languished below $1,300 an ounce, crimping margins. Since Jan. 1, however, the shares have gained 5.8 percent, making them more attractive to investors and potentially spurring a new emphasis on growth.

The Brains Behind AOC

Posted by Moggy @ 15:19 on March 10, 2019  



Posted by Captain Hook @ 14:44 on March 10, 2019  

Either that or the greedy speculators who play the derivatives could die (literally or financially), where the cash markets would become important again.

This is why I said more here will be gone (one way or another) before the precious metals bull will return.

The bull will not return until the bullish derivatives speculators are exhausted one way or the other.

The machines will ensure this.


Imho this is what will change the system.

Posted by Maddog @ 14:28 on March 10, 2019  

How Much Longer Will The Middle-Class Politely Tolerate Its Own Destruction?


Debt matters…Doug Cass

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:38 on March 10, 2019  
In 2009, most of the risk in the financial and credit markets had been wrung out from the decline. Today, the markets are more exposed than ever to leverage and credit risk throughout the global ecosystem. 
My friend Doug Kass had a great note Friday related to this risk.
“Astonishingly I heard a ‘talking head’ on one of the business media platforms earlier this week who said that none of the excesses that existed in past recessionary periods are in place today. 
To say excesses, systemic issues, and possible instability, don’t exist is borderline irresponsible.
As I see it, there are several measurable excesses and associated risks that represent this cycle’s new challenges that may be summarized into these five categories:
  • An untenable level of global (private and public sector) debt
  • Structural instability and growth threats in the form of rising deficits and demographic trends (i.e., slowing population growth)
  • Lack of (sovereign) cooperation
  • Unparalleled political instability and rising policy risks
  • A dangerous shift in market structure
Debt that is not self-funding is future consumption brought forward.
Through years of unprecedented monetary ease, we have enjoyed unsustainable consumption and growth which cannot continue at its current pace in the future. Debt, then, is a drag on future growth, and the amount of debt the world now has will be a monster drag on that growth.
The fact is that the global economies are over levered with debt in our private and public sectors that are excessive. As I chronicled in “Why Interest Rates Are the Bull Market’s Most Serious Threat,” in the fullness of time, the weight of debt will act as a governor to economic growth – it saps capital. To think otherwise is foolhardy.


Greg Hunter interviews Rob Kirby

Posted by Moggy @ 10:52 on March 10, 2019  

Good to see Mr. Kirby back on his feet.


Take it with a grain of salt – it’s one of Sprott’s guys

Posted by Buygold @ 9:49 on March 10, 2019  

“In conclusion, the dollar is likely to rise as every other central bank prints their currency into oblivion, and this could weigh on Gold in the short-term, but the US and the world cannot stand a stronger dollar for very long. The Fed will be forced to do its own dirty work and prop up US stocks and bonds and sacrifice the dollar in the process. This means a Fed policy reversal to rate cuts and QE is inevitable, as is a Gold price multiples higher from here. It’s only a matter of time now: months, not years.


Might be the beginning of what we’re seeing with gold holding up even as the USD continues to rise. WTFDIK?? 🙂

Wise Foods warning shorting calories, giving your info to Gov.

Posted by goldielocks @ 1:17 on March 10, 2019  

The Daily Sheeple can report that, not only did Wise Company allegedly mislead consumers about the nutritional content of their products, it appears that the company handed over highly confidential consumer data to the government – not once, but twice – during the proceedings.
The following phrases were all used in describing the complaint:

False and misleading advertising

Deceptive acts and practices

Likely to deceive members of the general public


Wise Company fails to disclose that if the consumer in fact eats the number of prescribed servings each day necessary to make the food kits last for the advertised period of time, the consumer will effectively starve or suffer adverse health effects given that the food kits provide drastically fewer calories and nutrients than are needed to adequately sustain adults for the advertised periods of time.

Wise Company’s long-term and emergency food kits provide less than half the daily calories necessary for an average adult to survive.

Consequently, a person who credits Wise Company’s representations and attempts to survive on one of its “Long-Term Food Kits” for the specified period of time faces serious physical and mental health risks, including dehydration, hypothermia, hypotension, impaired renal and liver function, depression, and impaired cognition.

Some of the kits sold have an average as low as only 453 calories per day, a paltry amount of food by any measure, and certainly not enough to sustain an individual in the kind of emergency situation for which Wise Company foods are marketed.

In fact, prisoners in Auschwitz were provided more calories than Wise food storage has consistently given their customers.

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