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Mike Ballinger writes=from 2.5 cents to 4.53–no wonder millenials aren’t interested in gold

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:09 on March 16, 2019  

On another topic, I had a call from a good friend and market colleague on Friday afternoon during which he explained in a most vociferous manner that perhaps my obsession with the resource sector in this new (and mystifying) era of Millennial myopia has grown somewhat “obsolete” (at best) and “redundant” (at less best) while hinting that at my dangerously-advanced age has rendered my market musings as “antiquated” (at the absolute worst). Of course, I proceeded to defend the efficacy of gold and silver in today’s money-printing central bank orgy at which point my friend stopped me dead-in-my-tracks by asking me to pull up the stock chart of a company called “Auralite Investments Inc.” which I did and which I present to you all below:

This company was formerly called “Cabernet Capital Corp.” and went through a restructuring last year before being acquired by an investor group out of the West Coast. After a name change and some obvious investor relations activities which included the application of social media marketing wizards, the company began trading last July at around $.025 (yes, that’s 2 and half cents!) proceeded to trade 5,487,937 shares (4,786,250 bought by that legendary brokerage house “Anonymous”) hitting a peak price of $4.50 per share before settling at $4.38 last Friday. During the run from $.025 to $4.50, the company was never required to make one news release to account for the 180-fold (18,000%) increase in the stock before finally at the end of January 2019 making a news release confirming the appointment of two new Directors and stating the company’s business plan which is:

“Going forward, Auralite is looking to invest in revolutionary and disruptive technologies in the following six key verticals:

Environmental Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Internet of Things (IoT) & Blockchain


BioTech, BioPharma, and Cannabis Tech

Quantum Technology”

Those six business sectors have one word plastered all over them – MILLENNIAL. After an 18,000% advance in nine months, AAAA puts out a news release explaining what they INTEND to do to justify $1,251,287,100 market capitalization on a “Go Forward Basis”. They covered EVERY issue relevant to the Millennial Generation – the environment, tech, and weed. You will find nothing in their “go forward” model that relates to resources, sound money, or debt because these are issues important to the older generation of Boomers that basically “don’t get it” and with one glance at this stock chart, how can I say they are wrong?

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.