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Holy crap – we’re screwed

Posted by Buygold @ 20:22 on March 17, 2019  

Fed Meeting next week, all of us know what that shit means.

For The Fed, Humiliation Arrives At 2pm On Wednesday

The Fed’s March 19-20 two day meeting will be to many at the FOMC a crash course in humility. Here’s why.


Posted by GermanLong @ 16:10 on March 17, 2019  

you read this line at the end of the article you cited?

“DISCLAIMER: The above article is posted as an illustration of pseudo-scientific alarmism.


Posted by Captain Hook @ 13:14 on March 17, 2019  

Ya your right…I meant to differentiate between the precious metals gamblers and gold bugs who actually buy the bullion and shares and take supply off the market. I corrected that. Busy over here.

I applaud these sane souls and model my own behavior in this fashion because it has a logical and productive purpose — not self-indulgence.

Thing is if grown up conversations like this don’t take place then there isn’t even a chance to break the vicious grip these sociopaths have on us — not that this will help those who need help from gamblers anonymous.

Blaming the cabal is definitely not doing any good — no?


final warning March 20

Posted by overton @ 13:06 on March 17, 2019  


“Increasing concern about the possibility Mega Earthquake, the report says, is based on the growth of subtle electromagnetic signals that were detected in the upper atmosphere of the earth in many parts of the world, with the most intense they appear on the U.S. West Coast and parts of the Midwest.

It is important to note that Russian and British scientists are leaders in predicting earthquakes based on these subtle electromagnetic signals and have joined forces to launch a satellite into space, to better track them.
More ominously, the report is that Russian scientists have confirmed the independent analysis of New Zealand mathematician and long-term weather trends forecaster Ken Ring, who predicted the deadly earthquake in Christchurch (N. Zealand), and this week issued a new warning that the new earthquake should strike around 20 March.

Putin’s Scientists Predict Mega U.S. Earthquake in ‘Two Weeks!’


Posted by Moggy @ 12:51 on March 17, 2019  

“So perhaps you now see why I think gold bugs are no better than the idiots who play valueless crap like that stock R640 cited.

Thing is at least they are not their own worst enemy — just greedy bastards like precious metals gamblers.”

I’ve been a gold bug since the 70s…don’t have a greedy bone in my body, have given away a few gold coins and a bunch of silver coins to those in need.  Now as to what you think of gold bugs you arrogant sob, you can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.


Posted by Captain Hook @ 12:41 on March 17, 2019  

Actually the reason gold, silver, and their stocks don’t make parabolic moves is because the gamblers think they are in fact poised to make such moves at any moment — which is why they keep buying the shitty leveraged derivatives (GLD, SLV, GDX, GDXJ, NUGT, JNUG, futures etc).

And of course the bankers know what knuckle heads gold bugs are — and there are in fact a great many gold bugs and continued growing speculation in precious metals derivatives (evidenced in growing open interest in Comex gold and silver) — so they keep finding more paper alternatives for these idiots to keep them distracted from buying physical metal and the shares. (i.e. actually taking supply off the market as opposed to buying unlimited supply fiat derivatives.)

So you see, gold bugs are their worst own enemies, not ‘the cabal’, because they are so stupid they actually ‘play another man’s rigged game’ (the machines are programmed by the bankers to exploit the idiots who play the derivatives so they cannot not only keep precious metals down, but also keep all the premiums they make underwriting the derivatives).

So perhaps you now see why I think precious metal gamblers are no better than the idiots who play valueless crap like that stock R640 cited.

Thing is at least they are not their own worst enemy — just greedy bastards like precious metals gamblers.


R640 – Ballinger, Auralite (AAAA)

Posted by Buygold @ 8:41 on March 17, 2019  

I know there has been times in the last century, although few and far between, when gold and silver stocks have made parabolic moves similar to those of Auralite.

No question we are in a different time and the value of gold in monetary terms has been erased from the psyche of millenials and most of the western population in general. The central banks and gov’ts surely understand its importance as the US has now stolen gold from Libya, Ukraine and Syria through military efforts – so they know exactly how important it is.

Still, the allure and power of gov’ts to print unlimited amounts of worthless paper fiat is just too strong to want to limit themselves by backing their fiat with gold and silver.

That’s where we may be totally missing the mark with regards to gold and future value.

IMHO – gold will only ever back a major currency as a result of a world/financial war and that makes the assumption that all the central banks aren’t all in cahoots with each other.

Ipso, Moggy

Posted by Buygold @ 8:23 on March 17, 2019  

Thank you for the words of wisdom. Good reading on a Sunday morning.


Posted by goldielocks @ 0:50 on March 17, 2019  

Fox News pulls Jeanine Pirro’s program after hijab remarks

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