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Oroville dam should be one to watch with 600 inch snowpack in the Sierras. If it rains heavy during melt, the fires of last year will be minor…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:01 on March 19, 2019  

This dam let go 5 days ago…


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:07 on March 19, 2019  

Ps At the same time there were over 200 Christians killed by Terrorist and a attack on a Catholic Chruch in Philippines but no news on that. No apology no gun grab from real terrorists, no arrests.


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:52 on March 19, 2019  

It’s more than a gun grab this time which makes me even more woundering what the left is doing as far as a agenda.
There using it to try to open up immigration to Muslims to this country. At the same time coming in as Anti Jewish party and we know their anti Christian,

Here’s a email I got on March 15 th. That was fast if you know what I mean.
I’m not part of this org. Just keeping tabs.
Dear MoveOn member,

Just hours ago, a white-supremacist, anti-Muslim killer opened fire at two mosques in New Zealand, killing nearly 50 Muslims, destroying families and communities, and sending waves of terror across that country and around the world.

The police commissioner, fearing for the lives of Muslims in New Zealand, even asked Muslims not to attend communal prayer on Friday—the Muslim holy day.

This massacre is gut-wrenching—but sadly, it fits into patterns we know too well. There is a global wave of violence and discrimination against Muslims—from the Muslim detention centers in China to the Rohingya genocide in Burma to the Muslim Ban in our own country that has rejected over 37,000 visas from majority-Muslim countries in 2018 alone.1

While we wait to hear how we can best help communities in New Zealand, we can act to turn the tide on our most-prominent anti-Muslim policies at home.

You can help make a difference. Call your members of Congress now to demand they block Trump’s Muslim Ban and the ‘War on Terror” which has been used to justify wars in majority-Muslim countries.

Here is where to call:

NTG, Goldie, Ororeef

Posted by Buygold @ 21:28 on March 19, 2019  

Nothing is real anymore, especially video on the internet.

Nothing is real from the media, everything has a motive behind it.

We live in a world of misdirection and falsehoods, how do we discern the truth?

I expect the stress of that is exactly what the masters hope to accomplish

What was John Podesta doing there ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:40 on March 19, 2019  

Same shit different day !  Fake news Engineer…still working for Billery…Propaganda Minister..!

What better place to have a shootout than one with a Name like “CHRISTCHURCH” …Thats a PODESTA SCAM IF I EVER SAW ONE..  He thinks he can kill two birds with one stone…Create a False Flag and blame the Christians all at the same time  !   Thats TOO clever ,its got the Podesta smell all over it…All being Funded by Iranian Clintonistas .They been FUNDING DEMOCRATS for years and in fact many lived in Iran before being hired by Clinton.Including our own CIA director ,and FBI employees at the top !Struck & PAGE .Treason !


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:21 on March 19, 2019  

Since u brought it up. I saw the video before it was shut down. When the shooter turned with his camera to the people piled up they were already piled up. When he shot at them over and over again they didn’t move on impact. Any sign of movement was vague and only close up pointing to a air gun as no blood with it.
He admittly said he didn’t even aim but no bullet holes in the wall. No blood until he left to get another gun and came back in.No children or injured crying children. There would likely have been blood or blood splatters. When he went outside and shot a woman supposedly in the head her hair moved but that was all so looked like a air gun. If it was real from what I saw with a head shot on a relative which you can never forget his hair moved, ” off his skull,” and blood splattered everywhere immediately.
Then the windshield I mentioned.

49 bullets in an AR 15 clip?

Posted by newtogold @ 20:05 on March 19, 2019  


Jury Finds Bayer’s Roundup Weedkiller Caused Man’s Cancer

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:55 on March 19, 2019  


NZ shooting, The whole Monty- violent but fake

Posted by newtogold @ 19:31 on March 19, 2019  



If it does not work the first time , keep trying, Eventually it works. 

N Z False Flag

Posted by newtogold @ 19:15 on March 19, 2019  


This is just a small portion of the 17 min video bit all I needed to see to show it was total bs

FYI Platinum Palladium, and Canabis

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:10 on March 19, 2019  

Re Platinum and Palladium, take a look at IMPUY Impala Platinum, $4.66/sh, $12 five years ago, and SBGL, $4.50/sh, $13 in mid 2016, they absorbed old Stillwater, a platinum palladium producer.

I’m doing good on a few cannabis miners 🙂 CRON, TGODF, APHA, IIPR, and ACB. Naturally I didn’t put a lot down on them, and nobody should.

Some real cheapies broke out like ICNAF .28 cents, and MCIG .12 cents. New high on HEXO $7, $1.4 bil/cap.   SPRWF $1.78/sh, $647 mil/cap. There are simply too many to choose from. Or use MJ an etf that has a group of them.

I finally have time to start looking at these things. If you guys are doing good on one, and feel confident, let me know. Lets share. 🙂

From Murph tonight–is this bullish or bearish? U decide.

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:47 on March 19, 2019  

Nincompoop parade…. good omen?


I’ve never seen so many MSM “experts” so totally aligned in their bullish calls on gold. It’s a little weird actually, but if recent history is a clue, and the thundering herd prevails- AGAIN, they will be proven RIGHT. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to $1400 my man. After all, 1,000 nincompoops in perfect harmony can’t possibly be wrong, right? We can now look forward to the cartel putting away their tranquilizer darts any day now. The sudden 20k drop in gold OI over the past 2 days is at least a start.

Nincompoops on parade:

Next Inflection For Gold Will Be $1,370, Says Expert

https://www.kitco.com/news/2019-03-19/The-Next- Inflection-For-Gold-Will-Be-1-370-Says-Expert.html

“Gold Price Is Getting Ready To Make Big Jump” – Expert

https://www.kitco.com/news/video/show/Metals-Investor- Forum/2337/2019-03-18/Gold-Price-Is-Getting-Ready-To-Make- Big-Jump— Expert#_48_INSTANCE_puYLh9Vd66QY_=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.kitco. com%2Fnews%2Fvideo%2Flatest%3Fshow%3DMetals-Investor- Forum

Gold Benefitting As Central Banks De-Dollarize – BoAML

https://www.kitco.com/news/2019-03-18/Gold- Benefitting-As-Central-Banks-De-Dollarize-BoAML.html

Gold Is Back; Why The Fed Has Engineered “Right” Environment

https://www.kitco.com/news/video/show/Kitco- News/2334/2019-03-18/Gold-Is-Back-Why-The-Fed-Has- Engineered-Right- Environment#_48_INSTANCE_puYLh9Vd66QY_=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.k itco.com%2Fnews%2Fvideo%2Flatest%3Fshow%3DKitco-News

Get Ready, Gold Is Headed For A Bigger Rally

https://www.kitco.com/news/video/show/Kitco- News/2236/2019-01-16/Get-Ready-Gold-Is-Headed-For-A- Bigger- Rally#_48_INSTANCE_puYLh9Vd66QY_=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.kitco.c om%2Fnews%2Fvideo%2Flatest%3Fshow%3DKitco-News

You Should Be Buying “As Much Gold As You Can” – Frank Holmes

https://www.kitco.com/news/video/show/Kitco- News/2330/2019-03-15/You-Should-Be-Buying-As-Much-Gold-As- You-Can—Frank- Holmes#_48_INSTANCE_puYLh9Vd66QY_=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.kitco. com%2Fnews%2Fvideo%2Flatest%3Fshow%3DKitco-News

Peter Hug: $1,320 Gold May Be In The Cards

https://www.kitco.com/news/video/show/Kitco- News/2228/2019-01-09/Peter-Hug-$1320-Gold-May-Be-In-The- Cards#_48_INSTANCE_puYLh9Vd66QY_=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.kitco.c om%2Fnews%2Fvideo%2Flatest%3Fshow%3DKitco-News

Investors could soon get a golden opportunity to buy the precious metal, says gold ETF chief

https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/19/gold- etf-chief-says-gold-prices-could-soon-present-buying- opportunity.html

Last Time We Saw Merger Mania, This Is How Gold Prices Responded

https://www.kitco.com/news/2019-03-18/Last-Time-We- Saw-Merger-Mania-This-Is-How-Gold-Prices- Responded.html

When even Kitco’s pundits are all jacked up on gold’s prospects (although forecasting an 8% move in 2019 isn’t exactly being a raging bull.) you know it has to be a big deal coming down the pike. Here’s to the nincompoops being right, but underestimating the rally by 30% or more. “In hindsight it was a Wave III………”

I just watched to video of NZ shooter

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:23 on March 19, 2019  

They’re saying it was staged. One part didn’t make sense less a air gun. He kept shooting through is windshield of the car as he drove out to shoot people on the streets but the window didn’t break.

Nomura: “Event Risk” [as in the FED meeting] Has Become A Joke

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:04 on March 19, 2019  

In other words, the buying panic in everything continues (just note the ongoing meltup in stocks) which is to be expected, now that “event risk” has become a joke.


Caption Hook

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:56 on March 19, 2019  

I think those who bought and sold slowly along the road do a lot better than those who throw all their chips in one basket and are held hostage for some time decades from now if they’re even alive and the company still exists that might happen or might not. Sure you can make a lot of money someday but holding too long you can give it back and more. Same for equities. Why because while it goes up it becomes to expensive and buyers dry up then look out below.
That’s one thing PMs have though that others don’t except to a small degree.
You can see the pattern. Once the major minors start getting expensive they start buying the juniors, then reorder the end the minors or penny stocks will move on sympathy even if their still explorers and not even producing or not much. They will usually go down the fast like in 2016 when it reverses. The bullmove can happen fast or slow.
Similar for equities although you can hold core too as the major ones start becoming too expensive people will start looking persay for the majors suppliers.
Those out of the country in the emerging markets will start to move but in a reverse they will most likely drop the fastest. You don’t even have to sell them all while staying in the green. You can sell enough what it cost you plus some profits and let the rest ride.if it turns you sell your still in the green. If u held all you could lose most or all.
Since getting back in few years ago although I was still buying the phyzz when a move confinement although sidetracked didn’t get in as much as I wanted I’ve had to pay taxes the last 4 years in my gains. This last year one stock left with tiny a gain I held that of I would of sold back in 2016 would of made a lot more. I let go of one that was holding me hostage while apparently trying to avoid bankruptcy as some I didn’t sell back in 08 but still in the green. That one I had accumulated 29K shares that were valued according to the brokers at .32 cents so over 9K which was a lot more than I paid but they weren’t selling even at .01. It was just stuck they’re year after year so I let them have it they were happy to relieve me of.
A oil short stock that just deleted and took my money with it from the market I bought a couple days before the 08 crash cuz I could see it oil was gonna crash, gold too but stayed away from their shorts so picked oil , gave me a gold stock that did the same. No value.I moved to Choice trade for awhile and they just took it without even asking. They also weren’t reflecting and dividends from stocks either. A bunch of low level crooks. I made money but in my own and got out. That was a joke. So much for ETFs.
So hope it works out for you but if it doesn’t don blame anyone else because the choice is yours. Your telling people to buy and just forget about it and share the mystery could get people hurt.

Notice that at the peaks of both previous bull markets, the market corrected, broke important support levels and then rallied to new highs

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:34 on March 19, 2019  

“It isn’t just the economy that is reminiscent of the 2007 landscape. As noted above, the markets also reflect the same. Here are a couple of charts worth reminding you of. 

Notice that at the peaks of both previous bull markets, the market corrected, broke important support levels and then rallied to new highs leading investors to believe the bull market was intact. However, the weekly ‘sell signal’ never confirmed that rally as the ‘unseen bear market’ had already started.”

“Currently, relative strength as measured by RSI on a weekly basis has continued to deteriorate. Not only was such deterioration a hallmark of the market topping process in 2007, but also in 2000.”

“The problem of suggesting that we have once again evolved into a “Goldilocks economy” is that such an environment of slower growth is not conducive to supporting corporate profit growth at a level to justify high valuations.”

Technically Speaking: A Different Way To Look At Market Cycles

R640 – Concur

Posted by Buygold @ 10:25 on March 19, 2019  

If anything, once Basel 3 is announced, gold and silver will get smashed.

Here they come, right on cue to smash the morning’s miniscule rally.

and the beat goes on

Basel 3 will come and go with no effect-over the past 25 yrs gold letter writers

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:16 on March 19, 2019  

come up with some big “event”. that will cause gold to soar…gold has never soared [except for a day or 2–then given it back] on an event or news.

Well, today looks a bit like yesterday

Posted by Buygold @ 9:33 on March 19, 2019  

little blip up at the open but will it stick?

Sure would be nice to get a make up day in the shares since they sucked so bad yesterday.

Image result for funny goldmember pictures

First they create a situation where Muslims

Posted by Ororeef @ 9:09 on March 19, 2019  

wont assimilate and Liberal politicians KNOW it ,then when conflicts arise they blame the white guys.Then they call for GUN Control ….Its all so predictable  ..ya see the pattern HERE ?

Its all contrived !   Rinse and Repeat     ….Its so False flag ! Its a setup for Gun Control  stupid !

Guaranteed to stop when they point the muzzles at Politicians instead of Muslims .

Here are a few others that notice the same Pattern…xxxxxxxxxxxFalse Flag  Operations


Let’s not forget the very true possibility of mind control. Anyone who researches MK Ultra / Monach, etc (refer an excellent film by Aron and Melissa Dykes called “The Minds of Men”) will know that people can be truely “set up”. It would not surprise me if there is more behind these incidents than meets the eye! The agenda is 1984 and way beyond that.


    This was the smoke screen before the next false flag event. Take the guns away from all English speaking Nations in the name of islamophobia [jihad]. That coupled with whatever the cabal of elitists has planned next in their quest to control the world. THIS ENEMY OF HUMANITY will stop at nothing, and they are being cornered.

  • doesn’t this have all the hall marks of a false flag operation?
    I can’t believe that anyone who could write so lucidly would then go and shoot people and organize to film it too
    makes no sense


    Since the 1980s there has been a very dictatorial “holier than thou” tendency within the (once exclusively blue collar) New Zealand Labour Party. While New Zealand’s current prime minister is less “blunt” than her party predecessor (Helen Clark) she is nevertheless a continuance of this tendency. Nowadays the Labour Party (which is in fact no longer “labour”) takes the attitude that it always knows best and as a result has attempted to ban, disengage and/or shutdown anyone who challenges the now dominant and very vocal left-liberal narrative which resonates right across New Zealand society (using the usual/all-but-mandatory catch-cries: “racist”, “bigot”, “extremist”). This group of politicians are the product of a philosophy which is totally contrary to the democratic principles upon which the Dominion of New Zealand was founded. I do not believe “Liberty” (in the Benjamin Franklin-Thomas Jefferson sense of the word) would even exist in their vocabulary. They could perhaps best be described as “the intolerant champions of tolerance”.


Panic Gun BUYING in Christchurch,NZ

Posted by Ororeef @ 8:57 on March 19, 2019  

AR 15 sold out as politicians can be counted on to talk about Gun Control .

Its so predictable Stupid Politicians….First they bring in Muslims that wont assimilate,then they blame white folks for conflicts by calling them Racists ,Homophobes ,Anti Semites.

What the Hell do you expect when you bring Muslims into a city called “CHRISTCHURCH” .?

Firearms owners posted online about “panic buying”, where people were rushing to stores to purchase firearms, following the prime minister’s comments about plans to tighten gun laws.

On the Facebook group Kiwi Gun Blog, firearms owners and sellers said there was heightened buying of semi-automatic weapons, ammunition and magazines around the country on Saturday.

Meanwhile, an Auckland gun shop owner recorded a significant increase in sales of semi-automatic weapons, and the phone ran off the hook with enquires about semi-automatics, including the prices and how much stock the store had left.


Well the super snow bomb wasn’t such a big deal

Posted by eeos @ 8:01 on March 19, 2019  

I saw this article on Silver today, nothing that isn’t known on this page already but thought I post it regardless.


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:50 on March 19, 2019  


The Wyoming & Colorado.  Yeah, I never heard
of them either, but it’s a good looking train!


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