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Posted by goldielocks @ 11:56 on March 19, 2019  

I think those who bought and sold slowly along the road do a lot better than those who throw all their chips in one basket and are held hostage for some time decades from now if they’re even alive and the company still exists that might happen or might not. Sure you can make a lot of money someday but holding too long you can give it back and more. Same for equities. Why because while it goes up it becomes to expensive and buyers dry up then look out below.
That’s one thing PMs have though that others don’t except to a small degree.
You can see the pattern. Once the major minors start getting expensive they start buying the juniors, then reorder the end the minors or penny stocks will move on sympathy even if their still explorers and not even producing or not much. They will usually go down the fast like in 2016 when it reverses. The bullmove can happen fast or slow.
Similar for equities although you can hold core too as the major ones start becoming too expensive people will start looking persay for the majors suppliers.
Those out of the country in the emerging markets will start to move but in a reverse they will most likely drop the fastest. You don’t even have to sell them all while staying in the green. You can sell enough what it cost you plus some profits and let the rest ride.if it turns you sell your still in the green. If u held all you could lose most or all.
Since getting back in few years ago although I was still buying the phyzz when a move confinement although sidetracked didn’t get in as much as I wanted I’ve had to pay taxes the last 4 years in my gains. This last year one stock left with tiny a gain I held that of I would of sold back in 2016 would of made a lot more. I let go of one that was holding me hostage while apparently trying to avoid bankruptcy as some I didn’t sell back in 08 but still in the green. That one I had accumulated 29K shares that were valued according to the brokers at .32 cents so over 9K which was a lot more than I paid but they weren’t selling even at .01. It was just stuck they’re year after year so I let them have it they were happy to relieve me of.
A oil short stock that just deleted and took my money with it from the market I bought a couple days before the 08 crash cuz I could see it oil was gonna crash, gold too but stayed away from their shorts so picked oil , gave me a gold stock that did the same. No value.I moved to Choice trade for awhile and they just took it without even asking. They also weren’t reflecting and dividends from stocks either. A bunch of low level crooks. I made money but in my own and got out. That was a joke. So much for ETFs.
So hope it works out for you but if it doesn’t don blame anyone else because the choice is yours. Your telling people to buy and just forget about it and share the mystery could get people hurt.

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