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Posted by Buygold @ 8:02 on March 22, 2019  

Yeah I got gold up a measly 3 bucks and silver flat with most of the miners down

So yesterday the shares didn’t get spanked with the metals down because the stock market was up I guess

Today the stock market is down so doesn’t look like the shares will escape the down market.

Plus the dollar is a bit stronger again which is odd with the ten yr. treasury now below 2.5 @ 2.47%

Regardless, pm’s must never be a viable alternative.


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 7:41 on March 22, 2019  

I think the media controls how people think. And what they do. So the press needs to be the primary target to change, to fix everything else. The media never runs for office. Like a dictatorship.

Obviously the global left controls the media and tells people how and what to think. Then those people get older and think and vote the wrong way. The only people that have freedom of the press, are the people that own the press.

Trump just says “fake news”. He can only bash their news, and not allowed to bash the owners, or the “employees” that decide and dictate what is said to the public. Is he not smart? Or just behaving?

I still think he was recruited and unleashed to say different things, his rhretoric to the public. Note their media gave him tons of prime time tv. They (the owners) gave Hillary bad media.

Lets ask ourselves, why did the global owned media want a Trump and republicans to win. It’s always an 8 year run for each party. Not a coincidence. That’s why I knew Trump would win.

the only time it was different was when papa Bush got 12 years. Reagon had to take Bush as a running mate. Reason was not REALLY the president. IMO.

They didn’t want Bush to get a 4th term so they jacked up rates abruptly before the election, and called it the Bush recession. After he lost, the election they abruptly dropped the rates back down.

Globalization accelerated during Reagan. ‘81 to ‘89. Even the 1987 crash. The manufacturer sector collapsed imploded during Reagan. I know, I was there, in it watched it. We all loved Reagan but he was not in charge.

The media was. And taught everyone that we don’t want those dirty polluting menial  jobs. We don’t want the rust belt they called us. Said we were going to get higher quality cheaper products.

The scumbag Media directors never mentioned the sacrificed Americans that made the products. They all took 40% pay cuts after that.

Doesn’t anybody remember any of this crap? More to say but I’m done.

Fox Biz news shows gold up $11–must be an error–cause on Bloomberg +my commodity quote site it shows a $5 gain

Posted by Richard640 @ 6:31 on March 22, 2019  

Also, pre-mkt quotes shows JNUG down 19 cents


So it begins another attack on America where illegals vote.

Posted by goldielocks @ 1:20 on March 22, 2019  

Delaware House passes bill to give state’s Electoral College votes to popular vote winner
This says it all.

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