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Illuminati and the Titanic

Posted by newtogold @ 22:11 on March 30, 2019  


“Creepy Joe ” Strikes again..Press has been covering up for him for years….He,s too touchy feely…

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:46 on March 30, 2019  
Democrat Makes #MeToo Claim Against Joe Biden: He Smelled Me and Kissed My Head

I Don’t Find This Stuff

Posted by commish @ 19:20 on March 30, 2019  

It finds me.

Federal judge BLOCKS California’s move to ban high-capacity ammunition

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:14 on March 30, 2019  


Good post!! I agree! The American dream is to own yer own home…but in doing so

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:22 on March 30, 2019  

u have to run a gauntlet=

as much as $4000 for title insurance—6% RE commission–then the confiscatory property taxes–town-school etc–and every few yrs they go up to pay the lavish pensions. of the retired bureaucrats/parasites

O dear richard

Posted by eeos @ 9:10 on March 30, 2019  

Explain CO legalization of weed for example. No crime or bad things are emerging. Homeless people are an eclectic mix, mostly veterans, mentally ill (where did all those people from Zeller Zone go?) and uninspired nonconformist. Blame the damn pharmy companies for getting people hooked on opiates! Look at alcohol companies too, there’s the root of the problem. We also have a problem with homelessness b/c you can’t even buy a damn 60 year old double single wide trailer for less than $200k. What did you expect to happen? When the govy allow scumbag relators to pump RE into the heavens with thier rip off 6% cut every time they sell a cradboard box it’s going to be ugly. So RE has this power and control from the LAWYERS dude. Tell me why RE salespeople (used car salesmen) deserve this kind of $$$$$$$$$????? geezsus. I predict the next Lyft stock is going to be an internet-based RE sales tool and all the RE crooks get flushed just like taxi drivers.

This is how Hitler types get into power when a nation becomes decadent and suicidal=martial law is required

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:00 on March 30, 2019  
The worst part is the homeless camps on the streets all over the place.  But it isn’t due to just homelessness, it is due to drugs.  MOONBEAM Jerry Brown got what he wanted, he tricked the voters into lowering the prison sentences for drug addicts.  What he didn’t tell the people is that he just wanted to flush out the overcrowded prisons.  So he let them all out!  Now they are living on the sidewalks and stealing anything that isn’t nailed down.  They piss in your yards, and shit on your porch. 
Democrats.  They ruin everything!
Then they move on to the next state and 10-20 years later it is a hellhole. Portland and Seattle are good examples of pure shit.  Seattle is going under from the filth the homeless have caused.  Cops don’t even touch them now unless they hit somebody.  They let them piss anywhere, and crap all over the streets, and do drugs in the open.  No arrests for that.  So it is wildly out of control and people are screaming at the politicians who do zero!
Went there once 25 years ago to check it out…gray skies, gray water, gray plants, no sun, cold rain, ugly, traffic, worst attitude by people I ever saw….in one day I was ready to go home. Stayed 4 days and couldn’t wait to get home.  Most of them were from CA, and they wanted to keep any more of them from moving there.  Now it is full of them and the place is a giant cesspool with terrible traffic.  Never go there again.  It is depressing and people are leaving as fast as they can.

Bye bye America…

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:39 on March 30, 2019  
18 minutes ago

I live in Virginia and California has come there too.  Here’s a reality, we have been up to our ass in illegal immigration for decades, thanks to the fucking 1986 amnesty.  It has accelerated from H Bush through Obama.  In the suburban areas around the DC Swamp, Virginia is home to the latest surge of Obama’s million child march to come to Baby Momma living in the suburbs of DC.  The taxes are swelling as the cost of educating that bundle of DACA joy is over 11,000 per ESL little future Democrat voter.  The school system budget is always in the red.  The cost of living has skyrocketed.  
Not coincidentally, Virginia is now a blue state. 
13 minutes ago
Who cares? I enjoyed So.Cal from the Mid 70s to mid 80s but saw the trend. Even nice beach towns started turning to shit with Mexican spray paint showing up on walls.
I can’t imagine what it’s like now.


Posted by Richard640 @ 7:23 on March 30, 2019  

The Commitment of Traders Report


*The large specs increased their long positions by 857 contracts and reduced their shorts by 2,022 contracts.

*The commercials decreased their longs by 1,190 contracts and increased their shorts by 3,604 contracts.

*The small specs increased their longs by 2,490 contracts and increased their shorts by 575 contracts. The commercials are net short 48,500 contracts. There has been no sign of anything but the JPM crowd getting more short.


*The large specs increased their long positions by 10,122 contracts and decreased their shorts by 21,223.

*The commercials reduced their longs by 25,503 contracts and increased their shorts by 10,272 contracts.

*The small specs increased their longs by 10,277 contracts and increased their shorts by 5,847 contracts.

The commercials are net short 151,400 contracts. The 36,000 increase in new commercial shorts took place since FedSpeak … on that theoretically bullish news for gold. The increase in small spec longs is the largest in memory.


From GATA=the March 29th date as the implementation date for section 96 of the BIS document appears to be wrong

Posted by Richard640 @ 6:44 on March 30, 2019  

BIS and BASEL iii

Good Morning Bill/Harvey,

I have learnt over many years not to pay any attention at all to anything any gold commentator has to say, unless his name on on my most trusted list. Just about all commentators are now in a feeding frenzy about the the significance of 29th March 2019 as the implementation date for section 96 of the BIS document referenced in yesterday’s MIDAS. Can anyone point out the date of 29th March 2019 in this document? I can’t sight this date, and the more I study the document, it appears to me that the suggested implementation date is 1st January 2022. All Basel111/BIS documentation is merely advisory, however, and in many places appears the rider “local regulators may……”

On the other hand, the Basel 111 framework “The Liquidity Coverage Ratio’ was promulgated in January 2013. and in paragraph 10 there is a phasing timetable with 100% fully phased implementation on 1st January 2019. From paragraph 45 onward there is a detailed discussion of what is encompassed by the term HQLA (high quality liquid assets), and gold is not specifically mentioned-not at all.

I would be more than grateful it someone could point out the authority for the specific date of 29th March 2019 as the implementation for the BASEL111 recommendations re vault gold. On another note let us examine the actual wording of section 96 of the Basel 111 document, Finalizing Post Crisis Reforms: a 0% risk weight will apply to gold bullion held at the bank, or held in another bank on an allocated basis to the extent that the gold bullion assets are backed by gold bullion liabilities.


Here’s the same ole Andrew Maguire “twice told tale” again…a. lotta good it’s done gold over the years…

Posted by Richard640 @ 6:28 on March 30, 2019  

Andrew Maguire – Unprecedented Gold & Silver Backwardation As We Enter A New Era Where Officials Will Require A Higher Gold Price

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