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Ororeef, 16:58, Germans are adaptable, they just sprayed roundup in the Volkswagen van…it’s a gas gas gas…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:33 on April 1, 2019  

Sumpin about a crossfire hurricane the Donald wants to examine as well…

The World is Full of Willing People.

Posted by Maya @ 20:23 on April 1, 2019  

…some willing to work…

…the rest willing to let them!

–Robt. Frost

TRYING to time a Market

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:34 on April 1, 2019  

that has a 2 %  fluctuation dosent work ! You arent that smart or clever when you consider fees and commissions ,it dosent work….its RANDOM   !   no TREND  ..you cant trade Random…

Richard640 @ 18:00 on April 1, 2019

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:29 on April 1, 2019  

Its very clear,If rates go up to 2 % the economy TANKS ,thats a very slim margin to even think about raising rates ….The risk is a uncontrolled slide DOWN because of all the DEBT …Even talking like raising rates is risky ,IF THE PUBLIC BELIEVES YOU ! .THE fed NEEDS TO shut up !   Its going to take ten years of zero rates to get the economy going without flooding the market with cash and thats what IS needed to avoid crash and then hyper inflation ..Tell the FED to go HOME and shut up and do nothing ! STOP pretending you know what you are doing…

If this keeps up Women will be TOXIC to all men…..Fat chance of getting married to those women looking for a Good man..Women need to re think how they judge men…Look for a Provider type instead of ” he makes me feel good type” flatterer..Biden’s smile always looks like the CAT that ate the Canary!

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:05 on April 1, 2019  

She, Too: Connecticut Woman Accuses Biden of Inappropriate Touching in 2009

’Pulled Me In to Rub Noses with Me’

Vice President Joe Biden has a smile for supporters after he addressed a grassroots rally, Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

A Connecticut woman has come forward to accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriate touching at a political fundraiser in Greenwich in 2009, the second allegation of its kind against the potential 2020 presidential contender in recent days.

Who knows? Maybe this “stopped clock” is about to be right…

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:00 on April 1, 2019  

Schiff on the Fed’s Reversal

Schiff also talked at length about the Fed’s most recent decision to not raise rates again in 2019.
“The Fed did a reversal. A complete 180,” Schiff says about the Fed’s most recent minutes. “They’re never going to complete the normalization process,” Schiff recounts saying in late 2018 interviews. “I’m one of the only people out there saying the Fed is BSing, but the markets believed it.”
Schiff said either the Fed was deliberately lying in late 2018 when they said they would continue to taper and hike, or that they just didn’t know. Either way, Schiff believes that we are now in the midst of a bear market rally – not a bull market – as a result. 
“I said they were going to wait for an excuse to abort normalization because they couldn’t tell the truth. They can’t raise interest rates because there’s too much debt,” he says. “It has nothing to do with problems abroad, it has nothing to do with Brexit.” 
“This is permanent debt monetization,” he says. 

OROREEF–definitely–that would be my ideal buy point-just dunno if we get there…

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:58 on April 1, 2019  

Richard640 @ 15:24 on April 1, 2019

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:51 on April 1, 2019  

Id be a buyer below $7.00 ,but thats a timing matter ! We are getting there !

THREE more days I expect..

Ford disgusted by Foundations support for left wing. QUITS BOARD..

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:36 on April 1, 2019  

Ford Abandons Detroit: Falling out with the Family

Ford Abandons Detroit (complete series)
Falling out with the Family Forgetting its Roots | Funding Counterproductive Initiatives in Michigan

Summary: The second largest philanthropic foundation in America emerged in the Motor City. The Ford Foundation was the legacy of one of America’s most famous entrepreneurs—Henry Ford. After giving rise to a booming industry, Ford decided to make provisions for his home city by establishing a charitable foundation and building a hospital. But future generations of trustees ignored his vision for the foundation he endowed. The city that was once the crown jewel of American Industry declared bankruptcy and is rusting away as the Ford Foundation spreads its wealth among progressives whose pet projects only promise to exacerbate the problems plaguing Detroit and Michigan.

The Ford Foundation, born in 1936 from the fortune made in Detroit by one of the true geniuses of free enterprise, Henry Ford, is today America’s second largest philanthropic foundation, with assets of $12.4 billion. Over most of the last 82 years, the trustees snubbed both the city (Detroit) and the principles (free enterprise) that made their charitable work possible.

In 2006, the trustees began to make amends for neglecting Detroit for decades, but there has been no letup in the Ford Foundation’s financing of advocacy against entrepreneurial capitalism. An analysis of its 2015 grants shows at least $50 million went to left-wing political and economic policy organizations.

Say Goodbye to BAYER and Roundup..

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:58 on April 1, 2019  

63 Billion of Bayer s capital down the drain……How could they be so Stupid ?

Reminds me of Volkswagons Stupidity in rigging pollution control tests.

German arrogance bites them in the Ass again…

Nice April Fools Gold TPTB

Posted by macroman3 @ 16:26 on April 1, 2019  

I’m getting a rare R640 buy signal. on JNUG as of 2:21 pm

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:24 on April 1, 2019  

Comex gold is down a. mere .4% [point 4%] & JNUG is down 9%–also silver is not leading…it’s down 3 cents-I like that earl is up $1.44…this set up has. almost always been a good risk/reward situation—DYOD-JMO-ETC

P.S.—on days. like these gold usually ends on the lows–so I do not expect. a late session bounce…looking. for tomorrow and following. days for gold to get its footing and start a move up…I am NOT talking about THEE “bottoms in”–but just a tradable bounce-if it’s something more, so much the better–I have not bought yet-I might do it just before the close,  as is my want…

there is risk–JNUG just took out the March lows at $9—next stop the late Jan. lows at 8.16


A Meme

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:06 on April 1, 2019  

Costco Drops Roundup Weedkiller After $80 Million Awarded In Second Cancer Case: Report


maya @4:01 – Memories

Posted by commish @ 11:25 on April 1, 2019  

Back in the early 70’s when I was stationed in Kaneohe the ham radio station had a 2 element hygain beam up 85 feet.  I worked my younger brother on CW (he was a novice) back in Massachusetts.

Good News Report

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:53 on April 1, 2019  

Erdogan suffers major setbacks in local elections in Turkey’s big cities

ANKARA/ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan suffered stunning setbacks in local elections as his ruling AK Party lost control of the capital Ankara for the first time since the party’s founding in 2001, possibly complicating his plans to fight back recession.



Posted by ipso facto @ 10:45 on April 1, 2019  

NJMC New Jersey Mining Co. who have been in business for at least 10 years produced 3400 oz au in 2018.

Parker Schnabel of the Gold Rush TV show produced over 6000 oz au in his latest season.

Tongue in cheek

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:41 on April 1, 2019  

The Great Deal

Russia gets the Crimea and the Russian speaking parts of the Ukraine …. Israel gets the Golan Heights … the US gets Venezuela …

and peace will rule the world. 🙂

What happens when you run an economy on an economics that doesn’t consider debt?

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:25 on April 1, 2019  
What happens when you run an economy on an economics that doesn’t consider debt?
Policymakers pat themselves on the back for their success in the debt fuelled boom phase before everything blows up in their faces.
The 1920s roared with debt based consumption and speculation until it all tipped over into the debt deflation of the Great Depression. No one realised the problems that were building up in the economy as they used an economics that doesn’t look at private debt, neoclassical economics.
Yes, it’s the economics of globalisation and it’s the same as it’s always been.
1929 and 2008 look so similar because they are; it’s the same economics and thinking.
China has made the same mistakes as everyone else, but saw their Minsky Moment coming before they hit it.
At 25.30 mins you can see the super imposed private debt-to-GDP ratios.
We’ve crashed the global economy with neoclassical economics.
As bad as it’s always been.

Endeavour Silver Achieves Commercial Production at El Compas Mine in Zacatecas, Mexico

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:24 on April 1, 2019  


Ashanti Gold and Desert Gold Announce Definitive Combination Agreement

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:22 on April 1, 2019  



Posted by Richard640 @ 10:04 on April 1, 2019  
(“APRIL SETS-UP FOR A BULL RUN IN SPX…BUT WITH A CAVEAT”), April seasonality for US Equities is a powerful phenomenon: April has posted the best avg monthly return for the S&P over the past 30 years (+1.64%) and actually posts the second-highest % hit-rate of “positive return instances” of any month over the past 90 years
More granularly, the first two weeks of April (dating back to 1994) have shown to be particularly “pro-cyclical” / “reflationary” in nature across seasonal US Equities sectors- and factor- behavior (Sectors: Materials +1.4% on the median over the first 2w of April; Fins +1.2%; Energy +0.8%; Discretionary +0.7%; Factors: Beta L/S +0.5%, Size L/S +0.5%; Cross-Asset: Crude +1.7%)
Perhaps the largest tailwind now for Equities is under-positioning from within the Leveraged Fund universe:
  • Long-Short Hedge Fund “Beta to SPX” remains just 15th %ile, while “Beta to Beta Factor” too is just 14th %ile 

April begins like March ended

Posted by Buygold @ 7:52 on April 1, 2019  

SM soaring, rates rising a little metals down a little, USD down a little

surely you jest…

Image result for surely you jest pictures

Plunge Protection team is working hard…

Posted by Maya @ 4:11 on April 1, 2019  



Posted by Maya @ 4:01 on April 1, 2019  

Hey!  Since the volcano stopped erupting, I gotta find something else exciting to keep me busy.  Lately it’s been ham radio as the 40 meter band is open around the pacific and to the mainland around sundown here.  New Caledonia, New Zealand, California, Oregon, Arizona bagged in the last couple days on SSB.

Almost nightly I hear Bill in South Africa on 40m. An hour before his sunrise, and an hour before my sunset, we get grey-line propagation to my Antipode on the globe.

Maya needs to post the train outside the roundhouse plunging…

Posted by macroman3 @ 0:39 on April 1, 2019  

That is if he isn’t too busy surfing, lolly-gagging or grafting equisetum plants (since 20:41) for the gold content…

And where the H is commish!!!

I’m getting more shakes…

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