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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:54 on April 3, 2019  


For eeos… Denver Union Station the way it used to be.

treefrog @ 23:39

Posted by Maya @ 23:52 on April 3, 2019  

Is her name MAXINE, perchance??  🙂

more looney toons!!!!

Posted by treefrog @ 23:39 on April 3, 2019  

chicago, facing bankruptcy, elects a black lesbian to be the new mayor.



Ororeef 10:37

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:44 on April 3, 2019  

Wow! That must have been stressful. Good thing you kept your head and you had some cash in hand.

I love this gold rant from A ZH reader

Posted by Richard640 @ 20:00 on April 3, 2019  
Permabulls love to constantly rip on gold/silver-bugs for “missing out” on the “best bull market ever”.  But you never hear these permabulls mention when they themselves bought all of these amazing stocks, and even more rare, at what point they sold. The people cheering on this gargantuan fraud called the “market” will be the same ones screaming “nobody could have possibly seen this coming” after they lose everything. They’re the same ones who are absolutely baffled as to why there are tens of thousands of homeless people living on the side of the highway.
They will come up with every bullshit excuse in the world, except for the fact that we’re in the middle of a total collapse. These same people give me a Deer-in-the-headlights look whenever I mention the derivatives bomb, the paper-to-metal ratio, the exploding deficits, etc, fucking etc. They truly believe that as long you can drive a BMW on credit, and live in a giant rice paper house (also on credit), buy lots of useless crap on Amazon (on credit too), and go to restaurants that serve all the GMO crap your heart can handle (even that is on credit now), then everything must be perfectly fine, and you’re a nutjob conspiracy whacko for saying any differently. When the average person loses everything, again, I will not have the slightest bit of empathy for them, except for their young children who have no control over the situation.
Meanwhile, Me, Kaiser, and the rest of the family are still accumulating those “useless pet rocks”.

What could possibly go wrong!

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:58 on April 3, 2019  

Price to sales ratio hit 2.17 just a whisker away from the all time high of 2.2 So fill your boots on the most expensive stock market ever when it breaks to new highs. What could possibly go wrong!

More BS from Zuckergoebbels. Trustworthy? Not at all!

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:08 on April 3, 2019  

Beyond Sketchy’: Facebook Demanding Some New Users’ Email Passwords


> Americas Silver Releases Highlights from El Cajón and Zone 120 Pre-Feasibility Study

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:02 on April 3, 2019  


Bitcoins move today

Posted by eeos @ 16:57 on April 3, 2019  

Is a glimpse into reality Where the slime balls in NYC are getting a run for their money. They have a hard time controlling it compared to gold and silver

and of course…

Posted by Buygold @ 15:54 on April 3, 2019  

despite all my optimism…

The last hour shellacking arrives as usual, with the shares getting crushed and crumbling

Weaker USD was a huge help today.


The Corbett Report. Hope you’ll watch and expand your mind on the pitfalls and traps now being presented as the solution to the worlds problems, but it’s actually just another name for Agenda 2030

Posted by silverngold @ 14:48 on April 3, 2019  

When the SHTF ,ya better know…..(1987 crash)

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:10 on April 3, 2019  

where your cash is,because they are coming for it….I had a very small account at a local brokerage during this time, because I knew the broker .I was unhappy with this local broker and decided to move the account to another local broker.There was one stock in the cash account .I told the receiving broker I was concerned that a market drop might occur before he could  receive the stock ..I ordered an acats transfer telling the receiving broker I was going to sell the stock when he received it .He suggested I sell it short the 1000 shares at $28.00 and when the ACATS transfer took place he would cover it with the stock still in transport between brokers. Normally thats not a problem..Problem ..when the market crashed everybody grabbed  and froze accounts until they each decided what was in their best interest.The guy that shorted the stock had $28,000 of MY money ,but demanded I put up margin money until he received the stock…I pointed out he shorted the stock at $28 ,its now $11 after the crash ,but he’s got $28,000 cash Whats your Fucking Problem ! I said….you …idiot. The ACATS transfer was basicly in lockdown .nothing was going to give ..just wait till the transfer finalizes…He kept calling and demanding money for no reason,he had the CASH …Finally neither one of these idiot local brokers would co operate with each other.

I finally called a GUY at Smith Barney in NY that had be pestering me for some business,I said look I shorted a stock at this guy ,and have not received the stock from the other guy because they froze everything. If you can force these other two guys to obey the law and do what they are supposed to do I ‘ll give you some business.WELL he did it and that how  it got squared away. Ill never do business with Local companies again….NY only for me..

MORAL of the story ,know where your cash is all the time ,dont give in to demands for money when your right.

I didnt owe any of these idiots any money ! It was a cash account.!


Economic fundamentals have been divorced completely from stocks because stocks can’t be manipulated by the second with reality.

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:02 on April 3, 2019  
ZH readers comment:
Skynet does what Skynet does because Skynet doesn’t know any different.
There is no purpose to the market other than turning one number into a different number. 
Economic fundamentals have been divorced completely from stocks because stocks can’t be manipulated by the second with reality.
Profits from contract churn must continually flow, real economy be damned.

Folks forget that the FED printed up Trillions. They can’t wrap their heads around how big that is and how long it’ll take to burn off that much money in hookers, blow, and stawks. The collapse, will of course, be epic.


facefuck up $15 in 3 days tells me all I need to know about this fraud market

Watch silver! It’s creeping up…The $ is down .338…It’s hard to see gold as a liquidating asset under the conditions I have so eloquently and brilliantly outlined (snigger!)…

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:33 on April 3, 2019  

we all know there is official sector interference in the gold mkt…that said…there has been an accumulation of gold bullish macro factors lately–the most gold bullish of all of them is the throwing in of the towel by ALL the world CBs and the no longer covert policy of unlimited quanitative easing…so all I am saying, is with that set up…plus going into a potential weak jobs report…the risk/reward to being long some PM exposure is good currently…I said 2 days ago when I issued to the world my R640 buy signal to the world (snigger!), that I expected gold to “get its footing”…which it has been doing yesterday and today…then take off on some king of rally…maybe that will happen. Friday…also stocks are stretched to the upside…and if they sell off on Friday, that would only help gold…this is not a high confidence call…but if I wait for technical confirmation, then 40% of the move would be over…

When ya add this report to the long list of bullish reasons to own gold, maybe, just maybe, this would touch off a rally that wouldn’t reverse in a few days

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:28 on April 3, 2019  

-good news! This should pop gold=but the bad news: every jobs report gold pop gets reversed in a few days=different this time?

ADP Shows Weakest Job Gains Since Sept 2017 As Manufacturing, Construction Shrink

Following last month’s weak ADP print which front-ran the dismal “must be an outlier due to weather, shutdown, or anything else” payrolls data, expectations were for a slightly weaker ADP employment headline in March.

However, despite the apparent emergence of ‘green shoots’ around the world, ADP disappointed, adding just 129k jobs in March (well below the expected +175k and only just above the 125k lowest estimate of analysts). This is the weakest growth in employment since Sept 2017…

[LET’S PUT IT THIS WAY: if this report is correct…and one took some positions on Thursday, I’d think there’d be little risk of the downside/gold liquidating…the only question would be how much upside would there be before “someone” dropped a zillion contract sell order on the Comex?]

more on Basel III

Posted by aurum @ 12:27 on April 3, 2019  




Basel III

Posted by aurum @ 11:55 on April 3, 2019  

I think it was ororeef who had doubts about how Basel III would affect gold.  His scepticism of the many pumps on sites about it’s effect on gold lead me to a little research.

Gold will be Tier 1 but only with an 85% hedge.  The current hedge is 50%.

Will Basel III Send Gold to the Moon, Report 2 Apr




Ororeef great story about your business and investments

Posted by Warren @ 11:25 on April 3, 2019  

My wife and I started a business 40 years ago that we are still running . I think we are a little smaller than your scale, ha, about a dozen employees. Your last comment about keeping control of the cash is a good lesson for all gold bugs. Just substitute physical gold for cash; nobody else gets control of the physical. Wouldn’t it be nice to have so much that we had to use a vault, dreaming.

Ipso, Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 11:16 on April 3, 2019  

Ipso – yeah, I know – hard to believe I perform a job where I have to be an optimist…:)

Maddog – I’m afraid to look at the pm charts, somehow I’m guessing that all those golden crosses we saw a month ago have since been negated. To be sure, they can never let the SM go down again, it’s just too important to the pension system. I wish I had realized that 10 years ago.

They also can never let pm’s run to the upside either because that would indicate a crisis of confidence.

I’d like a complete do over on my life…

goldielocks @ 10:08 on April 3, 2019

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:37 on April 3, 2019  

Dear Goldie,The Margin call was a story by itself….I was having problems with my Franchise Co. They had the Company for sale and would guarentee a 15 % net to the proposed buyer in order to get the promised 300 million price.They were pushing Franchisees to the breaking point trying to extract as much as possible from them.

I had a $10,000 savings that was to be used to make a once a year additional rent payment .They were being a bunch of pricks with me ,so I used thier rent payment to buy some time with the broker. Wesley said “If you can send me some money ,I can buy some time with all the confusion going on in Wall ST…Everybody was grabbing cash anywhere they could.That led to the plan..I had one hour to wire the money to Alex Brown INC the Broker in NYC or I would be sold out .I ran out of the business.. to the Bank and asked the Manager to WIRE them the $10,000 I had saved for the rent payment before noon .the Bank manager said he could get it there.He was well aware of what was going on in Wall st.,but didnt know why I had the $10,000 saved.Withen minutes Wesley called me back ,,we bought some time ,he said hope for a bounce off the bottom ,then be prepared to start selling and raising cash to get back to required Margin amounts..It worked ! I got a bounce back and started selling .. I had 50,000 various shares in a few companies.Every point up was $50,000 …..at one point ,I got there  ! Finally I said to myself…IMMM BACKKKKK…  I chuckled at the thought of my preditory Franchisor fighting with the Broker who wanted to sell me out at the bottom. for the $10,000….I figured screw both of them,they were both willing to sell me out at the worst possible time. My plan worked  ,in the end everybody got paid….because I kept control of the cash.

ISIS claims kidnapping and killing Canadian geologist in Burkina Faso

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:31 on April 3, 2019  

The Islamic State, or ISIS, has claimed it kidnapped and killed a Canadian geologist in Burkina Faso three months ago, according to the latest issue of the propaganda newsletter Al-Naba, circulated last week.

Halifax, Nova Scotia-based Kirk Woodman, vice-president of exploration for private gold explorer Progress Minerals, was found dead on Jan. 16 in rural Burkina Faso, after having been abducted a day earlier.

ISIS claims kidnapping and killing Canadian geologist in Burkina Faso

Incredible! The Demos want to destroy America

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:20 on April 3, 2019  

“Breathtakingly Terrible Idea”: Top Democrat Proposes Taxing Unrealized Capital Gains



Posted by goldielocks @ 10:08 on April 3, 2019  

That was somewild ride. I’m glad you were up to it. You should write a book on it. I’d buy it. I don’t understand how you survived the margin call without losing everything. Sad about your broker, he sounded like a good guy. Perhaps he was on blood thinners. The levels have to be watched frequently. If I were a scientist I’d figure out a finger stick method they could do every week.
I think all men over 50 should get a EKG and blood work up every year. They don’t do any physicals anymore either. If they did they would of caught my brother before he died of congestive heart failed they didn’t even notice two months prior. He was going too much weight. I could see it in a picture when he was doing community service collecting donations for Christmas picture. His color wasn’t good. Tell them to see a doctor NOW you have to tell them to ask the doctor what to check! You go to the doctor you won’t get much and might not even read the results of any blood tests.
If they don’t do a ekg on you yearly tell them your having heart palpations.
I have a test for circulation and it came back no circulation problems, I go to the doctor and had another doctor they come and go from other countries and she says so you have circulation issues. I said no, I had a test and asked her if she read the results??!!


Posted by Maddog @ 9:53 on April 3, 2019  

Monday saw a Dow Theory Buy signal, thus cancelling the December Sell signal. Yesterday the Nasdaq almost saw a Golden cross, but is well on one today, so that completes the Dow and S&P…the dow crossed 19 Mch and S&P 1 Apr…..so yes all systems go !!!!!


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:52 on April 3, 2019  

You’re such an incurable optimist!

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