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Prepping – for Nuke War

Posted by Maya @ 17:28 on April 6, 2019  

Another blog I read has some .mil types warning that an Indo-Pak nuclear exchange is becoming more and more likely.  So prepping should include some Iodide tablets and a geiger counter.  So then on to the ‘comments’ section we see:

Comment:  “Methinks, we talk too easily about nuclear war ,
and if you have a geiger counter, then what?????”

Reply:”Then, when it goes all-red, you know you still have time to kiss yer bottomside “goodbye” before your lips fall off…”  😉


Floridagold – BTW

Posted by Buygold @ 16:28 on April 6, 2019  

I had so much success early in life and made a ton of money – I thought I was invincible.

Turns out, I didn’t know anything – especially when it came to investing.

“A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others”

I did neither, and the pain it caused me and my family has been beyond belief.

Thanks for the response!

Hi Floridagold

Posted by Buygold @ 14:18 on April 6, 2019  

I don’t think you got lucky, I think you learned a lifetime of lessons from others – not the least of which was your grandmother!

I like your sayings but at least it sounds like you were playing with “free shares”

“I am a dumbass and should have remembered some of my favorite sayings but did not !!!”

No sir! Again, you had some free shares to play with, and as you mentioned the letter writers are always wrong when they say “this time will be different”

I guess we keep going because I don’t see any other place to invest. If you do, please let me know.

Floridagold-were u hooked on pinball machines? I was! I pestered my Dad

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:04 on April 6, 2019  

to buy one for the house–that was 1954–I was 11 yrs old—for $15 he bought a 1947 D. Gottlieb machine called “AliBaba”–it’s graphics and lights were ENCHANTING-!!! I was thrilled and so were my friends–it had 3 flippers on each side.

Ali-Baba Backglass

Ali-Baba Illuminated Playfield


Posted by Captain Hook @ 10:44 on April 6, 2019  

That’s exactly right.

It’s not too late to disarm the effing bankers — money changers — robber barons.

Stop speculating in the derivatives that are controlled by machines programmed by these slimy bastards.

And buy the real McCoy — and finally make some money.

Greed (one of the Seven Deadly Sins) has consumed gold bugs/speculators minds.

Time to get back to basics in bullion and quality shares.

If this strategy is good enough for Jamie Dimon what does that tell you!

We need to create pressure in the markets that are affected by supply and demand. The derivatives markets are independent with limitless supply, so no matter how much is bought, no demand pressure is created in actual gold, silver, and shares.

Who in their right mind puts hard earned money into such foolery?

Answer: Idiots who get their money too easy.

Time and resources are running out for these fools however as they are bankrupted from years of losses.

Thank God.


Buygold @ 13:00 2003 is probably about right

Posted by Floridagold @ 10:20 on April 6, 2019  

I did get lucky and get in at the right time and had lots of great stocks at very cheap prices and I took profits and had all my original money out by 2006.   Still had lots of free shares and sold more of those along the way and cut back on shares to what I currently hold in 2011.   WISH I had sold everything in 2011 (don’t we ALL) but…………….. got caught up in the  TO THE MOON BS and silver to 100 and gold to 3000 and held on to some shares.   I am a dumbass and should have remembered some of my favorite sayings but did not !!!

When pundits, letterwriters and others say “This time is different” –  it NEVER is !!

IF it is obvious –  it is OBVIOUSLY wrong !

and last but certainly not the least because my Grandmother told me this when I was around 12 years old…..

NEVER  put your money in a machine that backs itself up in a corner and challenges the WORLD !   (she was speaking about pinball machines and slot machines at that time – 1960)  With about 80% or 90% of trading now done by machines I put that in the same catagory now.








The democrats want to make the. U.S. like South Africa or Venezuela-with Bernie Sanders and Al Sharpton

Posted by Richard640 @ 5:42 on April 6, 2019  

telling us what to do and think and grabbing our money…exacting tribute from businesses=

South Africa’s gold reserves are being “looted on an industrial scale”, says the country’s Sunday Times, repeating a claim that formally legal sites now worked and subject to murderous turf-wars by ‘Zama zama’ miners leaves $1bn of metal unaccounted for each year in the official trade statistics.

A separate report says more than 2,300 illegal mining sites now dot the Amazon region of South America, with 245 large-scale projects building “sophisticated infrastructure, tearing down native forests and contaminating rivers with mercury as they dredge for gold and extract diamonds and coltan…used to make mobile phones.”


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