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Hi R640 I have wondered for a long time if one of us would contact you regarding your help with a macrobiotic diet sheet.

Posted by Portugeezer @ 6:52 on April 17, 2019  

Well, wonder no more.  It’s me and I have two tumours in and around my pancreas. Not the worst (very aggressive) kind but probably benign cysts that have merged and become malignant to some degree. It has also crept into the nodes.

So, I would appreciate any guidance you can give. I have already been on a red meat and sugar free diet for several months and I have lost about 25  lbs since November due to what appeared to be diabetes. Luckily for me, the Doctor insisted that I was checked for other stomach disorders despite the fact that I had little or no pain and no indication of any other problem – none!

My sugar levels were way up at 250 two months ago but now it is regularly 140ish. In control and tested three times a day.

I have read a bit on the web about macrobiotics but it is very repetitive and not particularly focused on containing or reducing the growth of these tumour/cysts.

My uncertainties: It is baffling to me that I am supposed to try to eat 60% whole grain products. Can I eat whole-grain bread and Ryvita crisp breads?  What spreads can I use? I have porridge in the morning, made with water and enhanced with a little sugar free strawberry preserve.  What else can I do with whole grains?

I bought two books on macrobiotics about nine years ago when you first brought it to our attention but I did not follow it up and I can’t find the books, given the state of this hotel project(still soldiering on after the bank (Banco Popular) went bankrupt.

Now I need to change our shopping list and introduce the food on this chart:




















Other things like onions for example. I would make onion bhajis if I could eat onions but I could replace it with cauliflower or bell peppers or other vegetables. I don’t know.

So, there it is. I’m reaching out because I am a bit scared but I will ask the surgeon to allow me a little extra time to try this before he gets his knife or radiology gear out. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. My aim is to try to reduce the size of the tumours to allow my pancreas to start working again and extend my life as much as I can.

Regards to all, but let’s not linger too much on this; yet.  Rich


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.