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Posted by Moggy @ 10:28 on April 17, 2019  

I am sorry to hear of your ordeal.  May the following information be of benefit to you:

There is an Ojibwa cancer herbal remedy known as Essiac that has cured many of the disease since given to a Canadian nurse nearly a hundred years ago. I use the ingredients from what I consider to be the best school of herbal healing in the U.S.  Since they cannot use the trademark ‘Essiac’ they call it 4-Herb Tea.  I’ve read testimonials about its efficacy since the mid-80s and keep it on hand.  The Herbal Healer Academy sells the bulk herbs but in my old age have grown lazy and prefer the concentrate.  Here is the site in case you are interested, you can investigate the bulk offering also.


Other information:

Honey and Turmeric and Ginger [Everyone Should Use]

Honey is a Trojan Horse to get microbe-killing substances inside of cancer cells, to revert cancer cells into normal cells.

In two different studies, turmeric (aka curcumin) was the best substance to kill the specific microbe that causes cancer.

Every other day take 2 TEAspoons of honey with 1 TEAspoon of turmeric (or curcumin) Every other day take 2 TEAspoons of honey with 1 TEAspoon of ginger The Ginger and Turmeric are alternated every other day, thus every day you are taking one or the other.

Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, PhD Treatment [everyone should use]

This treatment is the result of decades of cancer research by Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, Ph.D., director of cancer research and former professor of biology at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Twenty years of painstaking work by Sister Eymard and her associates have indicated that a combination of vitamins C and B12 have a powerful effect against tumors. Sister Eymard stated: “We’ve got it down to a point now where, if you do it according to the ‘recipe,’ it will work every time.”

The recipe is a mixture of Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 in a ratio of one part Vitamin B12 to two parts Vitamin C. But this is impractical.

For example, this is more practical: Vitamin B12 – 1,000 microgram (which is 1 milligram which is the size of the pill in some brands so it is one pill) Vitamin C – 2,000 milligrams (which is 2 grams which is two pills)

Note that they are not the same measurements. We don’t have credible enough information to force the units to be the same which would be impractical. In other words, it would be impractical to take 1 gram of Vitamin B12 each day. So we have to assume she was talking about pills instead of measurements and that she did not notice the measurements were different.

For example, Vitamin C is usually sold in “grams” (e.g. take 2 grams) and Vitamin B12 is sold in “milligrams” (e.g. take ONE – 1 milligram pill). Take them at the same time.

She also wanted to see if the C-B12 mixture would prolong the lives of animals already suffering from cancer. To find out, Sister Eymard and her colleagues injected the mixture near the cancerous growths of diseased mice for seven successive days.

Treated animals lived longer than those mice not given C and B12. In fact, all the treated mice outlived the control group. It appeared that the combination of C and B12 not only inhibits the growth of cancer cells, but also prolongs the lives of animals impregnated with cancer.

Rather than using injections we would recommend using MSM to get the Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 to target the cancer cells. For example, see this article (take the Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 at the same time, 1/2 hour after the MSM): MSM FAQhttps://www.cancertutor.com/shrinktumors/

As to grains, give quinoa a try.

Quinoa is extremely high in protein, along with other vitamins and minerals such as calcium, and vitamin E. Deemed a complete protein, quinoa provides all nine essential amino acids. When compared to other grains, quinoa has nearly double the protein content of most, including brown rice, barley, and corn.


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